Clever Daily Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


Hello craft lovers! Today we are going to share with you more than 100 daily hacks and crafts to make your life more comfortable! Today we will start with useful tools for your feet. You will learn different ways to keep your feet healthy. Then we'll show you how to keep your shoes cleaner for longer. Try the balloon trick when it's raining or the roads are dirty outside. We'll also turn old flip-flops into multi-layered shoes that help you reach the high shelves.

If you love beauty tricks, we have prepared a Pop-It Palette which you can easily make out of the Pop-It game and put eyeshadow and lipstick in it. Stay with us and see a variety of hacks you can use at home, amazing tools for pet owners, and cooking hacks.


00:25 - Balloon trick for shoes

01:49 - Pop It . painting

03:46 - Natural lipstick

10:09 - Pop it to play with kids

17:44 - How to clean a rug

22:25 - DIY Pop It earrings

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