Distinctive Religious Cases Written For WhatsApp #10

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Description: The most wonderful and distinctive religious cases written for your WhatsApp have been written in which it is good for you and supplication and advice
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Distinctive Religious Cases Written For WhatsApp #10
Distinctive Religious Cases Written For WhatsApp #10


The most wonderful and distinctive religious cases written for your WhatsApp have been written in which it is good for you and supplication and advice for those around you in a variety of ways. WhatsApp cases are the most widespread always. They may express what a person feels inside and how many expressions there are, so we have composed beautiful short religious cases that fit the size of the cases anywhere, but it carries meanings greater than its size, which many Muslim people are looking for in order to pray and obtain a great reward and reward. Beautiful religious writing, do not miss it.

Distinguished religious cases written

Religion instills in our souls happiness and psychological comfort. There are sources of happiness that you can publish for many people to read from special written religious cases, you can share them on WhatsApp cases.

  • Listen to the Qur'an as much as you want from happiness, comfort your hearing.
  • Always say O Allah, keep me busy with your remembrance of every remembrance.
  • Your Lord is living and eternal, so rest assured and know that closeness to God is a refuge, security and sufficiency.
  • Be in life as a player and not as a referee, because the first is looking for a goal and the other is looking for a mistake.
  • People don't need clean streets to be respectable, but streets need decent people to be clean.
  • Success is not measured by what you have achieved, but by the difficulties you have overcome.
  • Of everything if you waste it instead, and there is nothing from God if you waste it instead.
  • Perhaps you are weeping, and God is calling His angels in heaven to relieve your need.
  • Praise Him to restore life to your souls “Glory be to God and praise be to Him, glory be to God the Great.”
  • Whoever buys the house in Paradise, fills it with a rak`ah in the darkness of the night, he hides it.
  • More than hearing the Qur'an, with it the demise of worries.
  • The servant has a Lord whom he meets, and a house he resides in, so he should seek to please his Lord before meeting him, and renovate his house before moving to it.
  • “Glory be to the One who is so kind, we are not severely affected by anguish except that it will be weakened by the kindness of God.”
  • Oh God, I seek refuge in You from oppression that hurts me while they grieve me and thoughts that worry me.
  • Talking to God in magic awakens your aching heart.
  • The blessing of your day begins with the dawn prayer, so be careful and keep it.
  • Moisten your tongue with the remembrance of God. Glory be to God. Praise be to God. There is no god but God. God is the greatest.
  • Oh God, you are a generous pardon, you love forgiveness, so forgive our parents.
  • Hallelujah and praise, the number of his creation, and the same satisfaction, and the weight of his throne, and his words outrigger.
  • People have different moods, different behaviors, so why are we so upset as they are?
  • The best pious women of righteousness with righteousness and living chastity.
  • The Qur'an is the light in the darkness. By it the believer sees the true path, O God, increase us in light.
  • Nothing is more beneficial to the believer than the words of his Lord, for it is a spirit that revives the heart of the servant.

Religious cases in writing

We offer you distinct religious cases, written or written, religion is reassurance, as it issues us security and safety, and it unites our hearts with strong love, for the love of Islam and adherence to it, it is nice to share these beautiful cases on WhatsApp so that most people can benefit from it with you.

  • Our thirsty hearts have no food but the remembrance of God.
  • The Sunnah of the Duha prayer, the prayer of the faithful, be a forerunner to your Lord.
  • The Qur'an is not only letters recited, but a spirit and a light.
  • “Laughing with joy” Oh God, make us among her family.
  • Hearts if touched near God bloomed.
  • Talking to God in magic awakens your aching heart.
  • “If you are thankful, I will increase you.” Praise be to God, a praise that sustains blessings.
  • He will honor us and give us as one day we wished.
  • The Prophet ﷺ said, “The example of the one who remembers his Lord and the one who does not remember his Lord is that of the living and the dead.”
  • Oh God, protect our tongues from the worlds, and make our book in the highest.
  • Whoever buys the house in Paradise fills it with a rak`ah in the darkness of the night, hiding it.
  • When God commands us to do something and He begins with Himself, know that it is a great thing.
  • Do not be afraid of your world that God is in charge of it.
  • Not a day goes by without you having provided something that will benefit you for the Hereafter.
  • The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding.
  • Whenever a servant is pleased with his solitude between himself and God, God is pleased with his solitude in his grave.
  • We neglect the remembrance of God, and we ask what is wrong with our souls in constant distress, remember God.
  • Two unknown blessings: health and safety.
  • The Qur’an is a steadfastness for us in times of temptation.
  • Asceticism in this world is asceticism in people, and the first of that is your asceticism in yourself.
  • Do not sit with the people of desires, for sitting with them is pathogenic to the heart.
  • The Almighty said, “And the remembrance of God is greater.” And the Almighty said, “So remember Me, I will remember you.”
  • I don't know what kind of suffering you have, but I know that the Qur'an is the cure for every trouble.
  • Happy people know that sadness does nothing for them, so they smiled.

Distinctive religious cases

We include for you some of the distinctive written religious cases, which are cases of WhatsApp. The supplication is a link between a Muslim and his Muslim brother in supplications and words. It is classy. It is better to do it on WhatsApp cases, or you can share it on all WhatsApp groups, and this is considered a double wage, so take advantage of this wage .

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  • Oh God, O bright morning, and make the Qur’an the greatest clarification, protect my loved ones every morning and grant them paradise and prosperity.
  • All your wishes are in the sky, rain them down with forgiveness and prayers
  • The slave’s repentance from his sin and his return to his Lord is not the end but rather the beginning.
  • The one who rejoices in meeting God is the one whom God has combined for two things: good conduct and good deeds.
  • Tell me about God, the Merciful, for He forbid that He see the heart of His servant broken and not force him.
  • Do you feel that there is a great distance between you and God, guess who has moved away.
  • There is nothing worth suffering for but sins, so ask God's forgiveness a lot.
  • And the most beautiful love is to leave your bed for Him, Glory be to Him.
  • And if the world narrows you down, pour out your sorrows in prostration.
  • Then all shelters without God are false.
  • I wish to sleep and wake up and find nymphs waiting for me in heaven, how happy I will be.
  • Nstdk supplications overflowed by hearts, so respond to us, O Karim.
  • Here the heart rests, and reliance is good, so who is the one who manages the matter as does the owner of the matter?
  • You know my need, so be gracious to me with it. If I am not worthy, then you are more generous.
  • And if we had been left alone, death would have been the comfort of every living person.
  • And every reason brings you goodness in your heart, your time and your condition with God, so do not affect anyone with it.

Islamic cases written and short

Religion is the true and sincere love that enters our hearts with mercy and compassion, and also fills the hearts of Muslims with generosity among themselves, so we will give you some special written religious cases, in which you share them on WhatsApp cases for others to watch to obtain reward with God.

  • The more you read from the Qur’an, the more happiness will be granted to you.
  • No matter how much you lose, as long as you do not lose God in your heart, I give you great good tidings.
  • It is a very great feeling to shake your hands and heart from people and entrust everything to God.
  • If distress or distress descended upon him, he would say, O live, O Qayyum, with your mercy, I seek help.
  • The ascending calls to heaven will bring more than they go, and more than they hope and hope.
  • “And ask God of His bounty,” said Sufyan bin Aya, our Lord did not command us to ask except to give us.
  • Hearing the Qur'an is a safety for your exhausted heart.
  • Do not give up, the arrows of your supplication are about to be hit.
  • All those who had tears in their eyes to God laughed.
  • Any prolonged leaning on other than God will drown you.
  • The believer does not fall, and if he falls, he is found reclining, and the reclining is God’s mercy.
  • If you truly believe in God as Lord and Ruler, then please cancel the word “impossible” and repeat with certainty that my Lord has power over all things.
  • Whoever precedes in this world to good deeds, he is the first in the Hereafter to Paradise.
  • A soul does not thirst, the Qur’an was its provision, for it narrates it and gathers its scattered parts.
  • No one can pat your heart or give you complete reassurance like the Qur’an.
  • My son, if a day and a night passes you in which your religion, your body, your money, and your children are safe, give more thanks to God Almighty.
  • If a rak'ah is too heavy in the middle of the night, do not be too heavy to say on your bed, I ask forgiveness of God.
  • If our grief continues, the mercy of the Most Merciful is greater.
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Cases of Watts, a prayer, written

Supplication is a source of Zakat for our souls, so we have put supplications for you from the supplications of WhatsApp. Share now cases and messages of supplications for WhatsApp. Here is a group of very short supplications, but it has greater meanings, choose what you want and share it with those around you.

  • May Allah have mercy on our mothers and fathers, may Allah have mercy on them as they raised us when we were young, may Allah make their reward heaven and bliss.
  • Oh God, make our mothers among the ladies of the people of Paradise, and make the basin a resource for them and the Messenger as an intercessor for them.
  • O Lord, keep us busy with longing for you, with longing for others, and with longing for your paradise, with longing for the heavens of the world.
  • Oh God, mocked for us the most beautiful fates and the most complete happiness.
  • O Allah, I seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit, action that is not lifted, a heart that does not fear, and speech that is not heard.
  • Oh God, make our hearts beat with your love, fill us with your satisfaction, and make us among your loved ones.
  • O Allah, occupy me with your remembrance of every remembrance and your obedience for every obedience.
  • Oh God, you gave us life without asking us, so grant us Paradise, and we hope for it from you.
  • Oh God, grant me the sweetness of the tongue, the magic of eloquence, and the fluency in elucidation, and untie the knot from my tongue.
  • My Lord, make me the establisher of prayer and among my offspring, our Lord, and accept my supplication.
  • O Allah, I ask You for Paradise and seek Your protection from the Fire, O Allah, I ask You for Paradise and I seek Your protection from the Fire.
  • O Allah, relieve them of all who are concerned, and pay the debt for every debtor, and release the families of every oppressed prisoner
  • O Allah, make me firm with firm sayings in this life and in the hereafter.
  • Oh God, I seek refuge in You from the dominance of religion, the dominance of the enemy, and the gloating of enemies.
  • Oh God, have mercy on the poor shivering with cold, the sick groaning in pain, and the distressed awaiting relief.
  • Oh God, mocked for us the most beautiful fates and the most complete happiness.
  • Oh God, make our hearts beat with your love, fill us with your satisfaction, and make us among your loved ones.
  • Oh God, grant me a soul reassured, certain of Your promise, surrender to Your command, and be satisfied with Your decree.

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