Download Facebook 2022, The Latest Version For Free

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Description: Download the Arabic Facebook Apk 2021 program, the latest free update for Android, iPhone and computer with a direct link, as Facebook is the first
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Download Facebook 2022, The Latest Version For Free
Facebook 2022


Download the Arabic  Facebook Apk 2022 program, the  latest free update for Android, iPhone and computer with a direct link, as Facebook is the first social networking application in the world, around which a large group of young people have gathered and recently joined a very large group of elderly people due to their need to occupy their spare time, As downloading the Facebook program is very entertaining, it makes you spend long hours in front of it, and a light version called the Facebook Lite program has been issued to suit weak and medium devices, as well as weak Internet owners.

Although downloading FacebookIt is large in size on smart phones, but many users have downloaded and used it, as it is a very easy application and does not require a professional to use it, all you have to do is create your own account, and put a profile picture so that others can identify you.

 The Facebook program also gives you continuous identification and communication with many friends you know or getting to know new friends, as it allows the messaging feature through its own messages, or you can download Facebook Messenger and it also includes many stickers and emojis by launching some comments, You can also share comic photos and videos to add more fun to the Facebook program, in addition to the possibility of appearing in a live broadcast live and receiving many comments and responding to them live. Detailed in the following lines.

An introduction to the Facebook program Facebook 2022

Facebook appeared at the beginning in 2004 AD, about 15 years ago, and was founded by an ordinary American youth named Mark Zuckerberg, who gained international fame as a result of this application within a few years. The study, but soon after several years, it developed into a social networking application that includes many age groups.

And then smart phones appeared that work according to the Android and IOS systems, and it was necessary for Facebook to have updates in order to keep pace with the technological era and the emergence of these modern tablets and smartphones, and indeed the Facebook application was releasedTo work faster instead of having to open the browser to log in to it, and thus the social networking application has become globally, with the number of its users reaching more than 5 billion users around the world, a huge number that no social networking application has reached so far.

Mark has established his own company, and appointed a group of the largest programmers and developers to advance it and maintain the rank it reached, and Mark confirmed that he made huge profits, so he went to buy the WhatsApp program and the Instagram application in the recent period, and then went to buy Telegram recently as well.

Technical information about the Facebook download file for Facebook 2022

Download the Facebook program  includes a very distinctive interface that enables you to put a lot of information about you so that others can learn about your interests, your home and the nature of your work, in addition to your date of birth so that others can greet you and send some publications that include the most beautiful hearty congratulations, and for these reasons, Facebook Black has a download rate It reaches more than 5 billion users and many of them praised it to the point that they gave it a very high rating of 4.1 out of 5 and the Facebook upload information was as follows:

How to download Facebook for Android and iPhone latest version 2022?

  • You can download Facebook  through the direct download link at the end of the article.
  • After opening the Facebook page on the Google Play Store, click on the Install button.
  • Wait a while for the installation to complete.
  • Click on the Open button to be able to create an account, which we will explain the steps in the next paragraph, and then you can start using the application.

How to create a new Facebook account with pictures 2022?

  • First: Click on the Facebook application that you downloaded from the Google Play Store or from the direct link at the end of the topic.
  • Second:  The application interface will appear to welcome you to register your new Facebook. You can click on Next.
  • Third: Allow for application Facebook Facebook access tophone and your contact points so that youeasily find your friends.
  • Fourth: You will be required to enter your first and last name, write them down, and then click on the Next button.
  • Fifth: You must enter your date of birth, and this is done by swiping your finger until you reach the year, month and day, then you can click on the Next button.
  • Sixth: Choose the gender, and you have three options that are either female or male, or you can click on the third option if you do not want to specify your gender for users.
  • Seventh: Put your phone number in order to sync between your personal account and the phone number, which is a very important step as if you do not remember your password, you can enter the phone number and receive the code to enter the personal account via SMS text message.
  • Eighth: Choose the password and make sure that it is a strong password. It is better that it contains numbers, letters and symbols, and completely stay away from anything that belongs to you so that it is not easy for intruders to know, such as your date of birth or your phone number, while also making sure that it is easy to remember.
  • Ninth: You can click on Sign Up aftercompletion of all the previous steps, and thus may have agreed toprivacy policy for Facebook Facebook  aftermale you can waitlittle until you create your account.
  • Tenth: ask Facebook if you want to save your passwordso that you access the account without having to recordphone number and password each time, and this is Congratulations you have successfully set up Facebook account and you can now search for your friends by Put their names in the top search box, and you can also set a personal photo either by taking a live photo directly or uploading a photo saved in the phone storage.

Features of the Facebook program, the latest version for free, Facebook 2022

The Facebook program is free and there is no intention of being paid

Download the Facebook program as free and can be obtained safely from the official stores for Android phones and iPhones, and it is not limited to sitting hours, meaning that you will be able to use it at any time without having to pay any monthly subscription or an amount in exchange for it, and it is worth noting that it has There was a rumor within the Arab Republic of Egypt, that it would be a paid service, but Mark confirmed that this platform will not become either now or in the future a paid platform and that the Facebook program will remain a free service for communication and acquaintance without ever compromising the free application.

Facebook is a platform for interaction and comments

By downloading Facebook on your phone, you can browse all your friends’ posts and you can also see their photos that they publish, with the ability to interact with them, whether by clicking on the heart sign, admiring or laughing according to the topic of the post, and you can also launch some comments that It includes some emojis to express the written text that you have written on the post, and from it others will comment or respond to your comment, and from here the interaction and sharing between friends and each other begins.

Facebook gives you the most privacy

By downloading the Facebook program,  you can enjoy the greatest degree of privacy, as it enables you to stay away from your posts from some annoying people by publishing some posts and pictures to all friends with the ability to adjust who sees the post and who can't post, moreover you can close comments You can also set the privacy of the profile picture by setting a sandbox through which you will be able to not allow any user to keep it or take a screenshot of the screenshot. Not only that, but you can also block some people from your page completely by making a block, in which case you will not be able to see their posts or their profile, as well as the same for him. 

You can also close friend requests by everyone and only allow friends of friends to send friend requests, and you will also be able to hide requests to send some messages from people you may not know and who are not among your friends and to ensure greater privacy you can hide the names of all your friends from any user even though from a list of your friends, in addition to many of the privacy settings that will ensure you experience -to- use application Facebook Facebook more fun and privacy.

The ability to create many groups and pages

Facebook gives you the ability to create many groups with the ability to choose a picture that fits the group topic and put a suitable name for it, and you can invite many friends to join that group or page, and this feature has greatly helped business owners who want to promote their products and goods more widely. On the Facebook program that is followed by millions, it is very valid for those who do not have enough capital to open a place of their own.

Groups and pages will not be limited to this, but the group or page can be made in order to spread a specific activity or idea, in which thousands of users meet by interacting with each other with many comments.

Make a tag or tag a friend

You may want to publish a post that you mean to a specific person, or several friends, but from where does this person know that you mean him, the method is very easy, all you have to do is click on the @ symbol and then you can type the name of the friend with his username on Facebook, So that the name appears automatically and then you can click on it and make a space and then type what you want, and it will appear in its notifications that you have mentioned or mentioned it in a post for him to see.

In addition to the ability to tag more than one friend on a photo, post or video clip by writing down the name of the friends, as soon as you type the first two letters of the friend’s name, all the friends will appear for you to choose from them the friend you want to tag, and then you can choose it and click on it to appear next to the post in a font Bold or thick, you can do that in the comments too.

Manage your time on Facebook

It is a modern feature that was introduced in the latest version, as it has become like an addiction among teenagers and young people who waste a lot of time staying in front of the Facebook program for hours and forget their duties and daily tasks, which resulted in the parents’ dissatisfaction with this program and they submitted many complaints to the application management, and because of this matter The Facebook administration decided to put a new feature, which is the time management feature within the platform, so that no user can forget and forget his situation in front of the platform in hours, and this matter was welcomed by a large group of parents, as it enables them to know the time spent in front of the platform that their children spent.

Explore feature

It is a new feature that was included within the Facebook platform in the latest version of 2022, as many social media platforms are using it and it aims to explore the world and all the videos that have been included and received the largest number of participation or the largest number of likes, and this exploratory platform full of entertaining videos can be accessed And you can click on the video icon available in the top blue bar at the top of the Facebook program interface , or you can click on the top three bars that adjoin it, and from there to click on the video format and from there to see the videos on Watch.

A detailed explanation of your account settings on the Facebook platform

The application possess tremendous amount of settings that will help you to experience the best use for  Facebook Facebook as it is unique application makes you manage your account wisely according to your breeze and gives you a great deal of privacy in communicating with others, the you love to closing yourself with some friends who know you can do so, though If you want to meet new friends, the Facebook program can also do that, and to explain how to use each setting, read the following lines:

The most important point in the settings of the Facebook program is the privacy and account area, in which the following can be set:

Account settings

  • Personal information: You can adjust all the personal settings for your profile in terms of username or email address change. You can also change the account phone number. You can also go to confirm your identity in case you want to publish some ads that include some political content. Or things about elections, you must click on Confirm Identity in order to use the secure Facebook program, as well as the ability to manage your account in terms of activating or deactivating it for a temporary period.
  • Translate posts: There is a very good feature within the Facebook application, which is the ability to translate some posts that include some content in languages ​​​​other than the language you speak, all you have to do is click on Translate posts, and then go to the language settings and choose the language you want to translate all You can also choose some languages ​​for which you want any translation to appear, and you can also choose some languages ​​that you do not want to be translated automatically.
  • Payments: Due to the spread of the world of e-commerce, which has become a feature of the current era, and payments are made online, like online purchases, the Facebook program provides more than one payment method, either through a PayPal account or any type of credit card, with the provision of many One of the security criteria for withdrawing money is either by fingerprint or a PIN code that no one knows but you.

Security Settings

  • Security and Facebook login: You can choose one or two accounts for two of your trusted friends, which you can refer to in case the account is closed or you are banned due to any movement on the platform, which is a very important step as many users are exposed to the problem of account closure and account recovery You can use the two friends as an identification tool that this account is yours, and you can refer to them so that they restore your personal account.
  • The place you logged in from: You can see the place you logged in from, and you can also know the type of device used that you logged into the Facebook program from, in addition to listing all the devices fromwhich you loggedinto the account as well, not just one device, This is an important feature as it provides you with maximum security standards, as if an intruder is logged in, you will be notified through Facebook notifications, and when you enter this setting, it will inform you of the type of device and the time.
  • Facebook login: You can change the password from this box. The application experts and senior programmers recommend to you that it is necessary to change your account password from time to time so that a hacker cannot access your password, and it is necessary to retype the password and set the new password and return it for confirmation, and then you can activate the new password by clicking on Save Changes.
  • Safe Browsing: You can browse through different web networks, but you can ask Facebook to warn you if this browser is not secure and may harm your phone. We recommend that you activate it to ensure the security of browsing operations.

Privacy settings

  • Manage your profile: Through the privacy settings profile, you can control the profile of your personal account so that it appears to users as to your satisfaction. You can add the nature of work, the name of the college and school, in addition to the place of residence, adding the most important information for contacts, date of birth, your most important interests and other things The most important thing you want to share with others.
  • Your activity: You can control many ofthings youron the program Facebook Facebook whichthe most importantthose who control sees your publications on your profilewhether future or past, as you can those who control see your friends or seepages and groups that yousubscribedthem,addition topossibilitythose who control sees Your story has all this and more inside the privacy settings.
  • How to communicate and find friends: Through this setting, you can control who will see your friend request feature so that he can send you a friend request, and you can control who sees your friends through your profile, and you will control who can search for you by email or phone number your.

Diary and bookmarks settings

  • Diary: With this option, you can control who can publish some posts, photos or some videos on your profile page, and you can control who friends will see what is posted on your page by other friends, not only that, but you can also control who You will allow them to share some of your posts on their stories.
  • Mentions: With this option, you can control who will be able to see the posts you are tagged in on your profile page, and you can also control who you can add to your post that some other friends have tagged you in.
  • Review: You can control the review of the mentions that some people add to your daily posts before any mentions appear on Facebook, and you can control the appearance of posts made by a friend on your own page to review before placing them on your private profile.

General post settings

  • Who can follow me: You can control by setting public posts who can follow you and see the contents of your profile page and see all your information, you can choose between public or friends who are added through you, which is a very important feature and will work with users who want to keep as much From privacy, but this does not apply to your posts in the Market Place, and you can also control later on who sees your posts among these people, where you can click on the three dots available inside the post to appear on some friends except for some others, or to appear to certain people of them.
  • Comments on public posts: You can also control who comments on your posts. If you want to leave the comment open to the public, you must open your profile to the public as well, and you can control whether the comments are open to the public, to friends, or to friends of friends.
  • Public Profile Information: You can control who sees all your personal information on your profile page, you can also control who likes or comments on one of your information, and you can control who follows your profile to see the latest updates you make on your profile and you can choose Among friends, friends of friends, or the general public.
  • Classification Comments: You can control the comments on each publication is published onprofileyour own page on Facebook Application Facebook by showingpriority ofcomments thatspecify whether to friends or topublic or friendsfriends.

Block settings

It is through which you can browse the block list of any annoying friends or some people who have harassed you, and you can also unblock some friends by clicking on Unblock available next to the friend’s name, and you can click on the + sign in case you want to add some people to block list.

Activity Status Settings

This setting gives you a lot of privacy as you can control the appearance of the time and date of your last appearance on the Facebook platform. The timing of your friends’ activity as well, nor the date of their appearance, and you can slide the cursor to the right if you want to show the timing of your activity on the platform to friends.

Stories settings

You can control who sees your story among your friends list, and you will control who can share some of the stories that you put on their daily posts or within their different stories, and you can keep the stories automatically, with the ability to control the most prominent stories and who can see them in addition to The hidden stories you can control too.

Notification settings

  • Your notification settings: You can control the settings for your notifications and how they are received. Do you want to receive notifications for comments, mentions, reminders, friend updates, friend requests, friends' birthdays, marketplace, groups, and more via text, email, or only on Facebook app notifications.
  • Text messaging: It is through which you can control receiving some messages that will come to you through the Facebook program via your phone number that you entered when establishing your personal account on the platform.

How to recover Facebook account by name?

  • You must log in to Facebook from another Facebook account.
  • After logging in, go to the search box within Facebook and search for your name within the Facebook account that you want to recover.
  • You will find many names with the same name and keep searching until you find your name and your Facebook account.
  • When you enter your personal page from the browser you are using, you will find the link to your account as follows: - pramgplus .
  • You will notice that there are letters and numbers after "/" and this is your Facebook username.
  • Copy the letters and numbers after the "/" symbol and go to the Facebook login link from here .
  • Paste the username in the login space like the following image.
  • Click on the "Login without password" button, and you will see a picture of your account, then enter your password and click on "Login" again to be transferred to the home page of Facebook.

How to delete a Facebook account permanently Facebook?

If you want to delete your personal account on Facebook,  you can follow these steps:

  • The first step is to open the account with the username and password of the personal account that you want to delete and remove.
  • Then go to the account deletion page from the settings or you can click on this link .
  • Then you can click on Delete My Account which you will find at the bottom of the Settings page.
  • After that, the application will require you to set the password for the Facebook 2022 program  for the personal account to be removed.
  • After that, you will be required to enter the code that will arrive on the phone number that you registered for your personal account to be removed, and after the appearance of the code consisting of numbers and letters, enter it in the field designated for that.
  • Click on the OK button, then the application will ask you as a confirmation to permanently delete the account. When you click on the approval button, you will have completed the tasks of completing the deletion of the Facebook account permanently.
Important note: You can recover the account that you just deleted on the condition that the deletion period has not exceeded one month. All you have to do is access the deleted account before the 30 days have passed, and then you can click on the Undelete button and thus you can restore the account with all the recorded data on him.

How to stop the activity of my account on Facebook for a temporary period?

At some point, you may want to close your Facebook account , but you want to go back to it again. You just want to stop it for a short period of time. All you can do is follow these steps:

  • All you have to do is open your account that you wish to deactivate and suspend for a temporary period of time.
  • Then you can go to the settings page by clicking on the three horizontal bars available inside the blue bar at the top of the application interface.
  • Then go to Settings and then to Account and Privacy Settings.
  • After clicking on the account, click on the account management option, which will take you to another page where your account name is written and next to it is the phrase “Deactivate”, after clicking on it, you may have been able to stop the application for a temporary period, and therefore no other user will be able to see your personal profile However, you can use the Facebook Messenger app normally.
Important Note: You can restore activate a personal account that you disabled temporarily at any time all you have to do is log in to the account via Facebook Facebook access to the same previous settings and then you can login to disable deactivation and back again to use the account.

How to open a closed Facebook account?

You can open a Facebook account that was deleted less than 30 days ago, through the following:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account 30 days before it was deleted.
  2. Click on the option to cancel the reservation.

Disadvantages of the Facebook application Facebook suffered by many users 2022

  • The application is very large in size and takes up a large part of the free space of the phone, which annoyed many users as its basic area is 45 MB and after downloading it doubles and with the increase in use it may reach 300 MB and more.
  • Frequent use of it leads to the battery draining quickly, as every minute you spend browsing inside it leads to a loss of 1% of battery power, so be careful during use.
  • Is a program Facebook platform is honest on the privacy and data of individuals.
  • You may also have seen the idea that when you talk to anyone about something you intend to buy, whether you say it in writing or audio, you find that all the advertising materials presented to you on the platform while browsing have a strong connection to what you intend to search for and buy, and this indicates that the platform targets the interests and intentions of customers vocally This is of course very suspicious as they are using customers as a target material for their advertising material.
  • The application eats a lot of time, and after a few days of using it, it turns into an addiction. Many parents complained that their children spend hours on it too long, which hinders their progress and studying times, as it is an attractive application that you cannot do without.
  • An automatic account logout sometimes occurs when a glitch occurs within Facebook.
  • In some accounts it is not possible to share photos in the stories within Facebook.
  • Sudden ban of many accounts is happening which causes some boredom from users.
  • Many annoying ads inside the Facebook program, especially when watching videos.
  • The Facebook app works only on Android 6.0 and above.

Links to download the Facebook program, Facebook, with a direct link, for free, latest version 2022

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