Download The Famous Football Game PES 2021 For Android | Download The New Pes 2021 For Free | The Latest Version of eFootball PES 2021

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Description: Every year, Konami releases a new version of the famous game PES, and in this version some changes have been added to the game, the database of all pl
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Download The Famous Football Game PES 2021 For Android | Download The New Pes 2021 For Free | The Latest Version of eFootball PES 2021
eFootball PES 2021


What's new in PES 2021 for Android

Every year, Konami releases a new version of the famous game PES, and in this version some changes have been added to the game, the database of all players has been updated and their energies and abilities have been updated, and some methods of playing in matches have been improved and the response of players has increased, and if you are playing PES 2020 You can update easily and keep your balance and your playing progress.

Preparing the game for the first time and choosing basic items

When you download the game for the first time, you will have to prepare a set of elements, in the beginning choose the language of the interface and your geographical location, then choose the appropriate playing style, then choose the team you want to manage from any of the international leagues, then choose the coach with the appropriate style for the team, and after Team composition The names of the team players with whom you will start your career will be displayed.

Learn about the different modes of playing matches

As is customary in PES 2021, there are many different modes for playing matches. The diversity of types of play gives the game a great distinction and gives the user an opportunity to compete in several ways. We will now learn about the different game modes in PES 2021:

Competition against players online eFootball:

In this mode you will be able to play against random players online, and you can test your skills in playing against a player in a friendly match.

Play in continuously renewed Events Event Mode:

There are many events that are launched for a limited time only, during this period you can accept challenges and complete them quickly, after the event duration is over it is stopped and a new event starts immediately, event requests vary such as scoring a specific number of goals or winning on specific teams and others. 

Play games against friends Friend Match:

This mode is intended for competition between friends in the game, you can add friends and confront them online, or you can play against a friend on the same local network, through the establishment of one of the players create the game and the other join, are recorded the results of all friendly matches with friends.

Compete in the short season matches Campaign: To

play in a short tournament of 10 matches, you will get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss. After the mini-tournament ends, you will get a lot of rewards. It can be played with player control or only simulation and coach role only .

Manage your team in all respects Club House

The beauty of PES 2021 is managing your team completely, as there are many options to control the team's shape and develop it to become stronger, and to manage the team you must take several steps, including:

Choosing the best squad for players Squad Management:

To choose the best way to distribute the players on the field, get to know the capabilities of the players in your team in detail, and some substitutions can be made between the starting and reserve players, when you make the correct substitutions, your team’s overall strength increases.

Manage all My Team members:

to view all the people related to the club, such as the list of all the players in the team, the coach and the scout squad that is looking for players, as well as selecting some players to give them personalized training and increase their strength.

Practice playing skills:

This mode is intended for training in different skills in the match, and a free mode can be started to play a match without an opponent and to practice passes and shots towards the goal.

Recruiting new players to strengthen the team

One of the very important things to build a strong team is hiring professional players. You can search for available players to move and include them in your team in several ways that we will explain as follows:

Contracting players through Agents:

The agent displays a group of players that can be hired, these players may be famous stars or regular players, and the position can be chosen in the team that you need a player in, in addition to offers for a limited time.

Use Scouts to search for players Scout:

Scouts search for young and unknown players who have a great future, and more Scouts can get from match prizes.

Auction Players:

A group of players is offered by auction, these offers last for a short period during which you must choose the right offer for you, by participating in the auction at a competitive price to obtain the player.

Customize game settings with a lot of options

The game settings include a lot of options that can be customized, in order to improve the gaming experience and get the most comfortable way that suits you, there are special options for changing the functions of the buttons on the screen, and options related to volume for fans, music, etc., you can also download a new commentator for the game in several different languages, as well as choose Player control style.

Types of player control methods in the match

The game supports the ability to control players in the match in two different ways, and you can choose the appropriate method for you or change to the other method at any time, and we will now explain the method of controlling the match in PES 2021:

Classical style:

In this style, a set of different buttons are displayed in the functions, the functions of these buttons are changed according to attack or defense, and to choose a command such as passing or shooting, you must press the appropriate button.

Advanced mode:

No button is displayed in the advanced mode, players can be controlled by swiping or tapping on the screen only, such as double tap and aim to shoot, swipe toward player to pass and so on.

Features of eFootball PES 2021

  1. Very high graphics with great attention to detail.
  2. Improve players' performance and increase the realism of gameplay and movements.
  3. Compete in online matches against random players.
  4. Play against friends online or over the local network.
  5. Several rolling events during varied periods.
  6. Manage the entire team and choose the best possible lineup.
  7. Increase team strength by hiring new players.
  8. Train and develop players to constantly increase their strength.
  9. Support to control players on the field in more than one style.

Download eFootball PES 2021 latest version

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