Download GB WhatsApp Pro 2021 Latest Version With A Direct Link GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

Download GB WhatsApp Pro 2021 Latest Version With A Direct Link GB WhatsApp Pro Apk
Download GB WhatsApp Pro 2021


gb whatsapp for android gbwhatsapp 2021

Despite the wide popularity of WhatsApp, and its downloads that exceeded one billion users, users are looking for downloading gbwhatsapp pro because GBWhatsApp Pro contains many great features that the regular WhatsApp lacks, such as downloading status, hiding appearance, changing the shape of WhatsApp and many more, follow us This article is to get a link to download gb whatsapp pro, install gb whatsapp, and learn about the features of gb whatsapp pro.

Download WhatsApp GB Pro 2021 with direct link Apk

You can download gbwhatsapp pro latest version v13.50 for android from the following download button:

gbwhatsapp pro download information latest version v13.50

  • The application works on Android versions 4 and above.
  • Application version v13.5.
  • It works on rooted or non-rooted devices.
  • The installation of the application from unknown sources must be enabled, which we will explain in the next paragraph.

How to install gbwhatsapp pro

To run GBWhatsApp on your phone without problems, follow the basic steps below to install GBWhatsApp green.

First: Go to your Android device settings and choose Biometrics and Security.

Second: Enable the installation of applications from untrusted sources.

Third: Download GB WhatsApp Pro from the previous download button.

Fourth: After the download process is completed, you will find the attachment in the list of downloads, go to it.

Fifth: Choose the gbwhatsapp pro Apk file and click the install button and wait for the process to complete.

Sixth: Enter your second WhatsApp account number if you want to have WhatsApp GB Pro running two numbers on the same phone and wait for the activation code.

Seventh: Enter the verification code and phone number, and add your name.

GB WhatsApp update latest version 2021

GB WhatsApp Pro must be updated every once in a while, and the other is at least 3 months old, because the market version on which the GB WhatsApp Pro version was built stops constantly, so it must be updated periodically and the version does not stop working completely.

Once you download the green WhatsApp GB from the download button at the top and install the application as we explained previously, you will be entered into WhatsApp Pro 2021 without the need to log in

New additions after updating WhatsApp Pro gbwhatsapp

  • The market base has been updated to
  • Add the feature of scheduling a message and automatic reply in WhatsApp gb.
  • You can now save the profile picture.
  • Dark mode is now activated within the chat table.
  • Adding the new normal WhatsApp features, such as audio acceleration and image display for one time only. (The three previous advantages are combined in the following image)

Features of gb whatsapp pro 2021 gb whatsapp pro

Home page in WhatsApp gb pro

As we mentioned previously, WhatsApp Pro GB is different from the regular WhatsApp, as there are many additions that are not available in the regular WhatsApp, the most important of which are:

  • The possibility of activating the night mode in WhatsApp Pro GB.
  • Activate DND, which is to stop the internet on WhatsApp Pro only, while keeping it working on the rest of the applications.
  • A new group tab separates individual chats from group chats.
  • A floating button that facilitates access to many additions, such as showing the last seen, access to contacts, restarting gb whatsapp pro, and others.
  • A circle appears next to the name who is now connected in WhatsApp.

Message contacts who are not registered in WhatsApp gb

As you know in the normal WhatsApp, it is not possible to message any contact without saving it on the phone, but there is no need for that anymore. WhatsApp Pro provides the feature of messaging a number that is not saved or registered and you access it from the side menu.

gb whatsapp pro privacy

One of the most important additions in the blue GB WhatsApp is the privacy settings, which you can access through the three vertical dots >> Alex Mods,  then the following settings will appear for you, choose from them  protection and privacy.

  1. Last seen : You can hide your last seen on WhatsApp from everyone, but you can see your friends' last seen.
  2. Sahih blue reading:  No one will know that you read the letter.
  3. Valid Receipt:  No one will know that you received the message.
  4. Writing in progress: You can write and talk to friends without the phrase “writing in progress” appearing.
  5. Hide Recording Audio:  The phrase “Recording in progress” will not appear to anyone when recording an audio clip.
  6. Blue microphone mark:  The other party will not know that you have heard the audio recording sent to you.

  • Prevent friends from deleting messages in your conversations .
  • Lock WhatsApp by fingerprint or pattern.

save status in whatsapp pro gb

Added a new option in the gbwhatsapp pro story download button, to copy or share the text.

Control the look of the main screen of WhatsApp GB Pro

The most important advantages of downloading gbwhatsapp pro is that you can control the form of WhatsApp where you can get the iPhone theme and activate the cases to be as in the Instagram application.

gb whatsapp pro themes store

gbwhatsapp pro is characterized by the presence of a theme store that contains thousands of new and wonderful themes, you can change the whatsapp theme daily.

Change widget in GB WhatsApp

To change the widget in WhatsApp GB, do the following steps:

  1. Click on the three horizontal dots at the top left of the screen.
  2. gb whatsapp settings
  3. Choose the widget and then control all its settings and change the colors as you like.

Other exclusive features in WhatsApp GB Pro

  • Share 100 photos at once, and this is not available in the normal WhatsApp, which only allows 10 photos.
  • The ability to share files up to 50 MB instead of 15.
  • Share audio files up to 100MB in size with other contacts.
  • The ability to install 1000 chats on the home page.
  • Awesome Fonts: You can switch between a number of fonts available in WhatsApp Plus.
  • The possibility of downloading and copying the status also by downloading GBWhatsapp .
  • Control the shape of the bubbles, the reading tray, and the font size.
  • Long pressing on the status text to copy it stops working, and goes to the download button.
  • A circle has been placed next to the name to see if it is online now or not.
  • An option to increase the forwarded message limit to 250 people instead of 10.
  • Adding an option to hide the privacy policy of WhatsApp that appears from time to time, you can stop the message from appearing by going to settings og then settings and design then settings and then hide the privacy policy Hide Green Privacy Msg.

Exclusive features of gbwhatsapp pro

There are many great advantages that G WhatsApp Pro users prefer over other WhatsApp Plus versions, we mention the most prominent of them as follows:

Ease of use

GB Pro WhatsApp is characterized by interfaces with a distinctive and streamlined design that is easy for users to use. The quality of the designs will not be found in any other version of WhatsApp Plus, in order to provide users with the best user experience ever.

Great control settings

It is also characterized by the presence of many control tools where you can control the themes, the shape of fonts and icons, control widgets and many more, and you can change the application interfaces by downloading what you want from the wonderful themes.

More accurate privacy settings

No one will be able to see that you are online, where you can see the appearance of others and no one will be able to see your last seen, and you can control the privacy settings for people, groups, or the public.

Without ads It is an ad -free version, because ads are annoying to users.

Frequently asked questions about downloading GBWhatsApp Pro for Android latest version

Is WhatsApp Pro green safe?

Personally, I have been using GB WhatsApp Pro for Android for two years and have never had any problems with it.

Is it possible to download WhatsApp gb green for iPhone?

No, unfortunately, a copy of WhatsApp GB Pro for iPhone has not yet been provided.

How do I backup chat in GB WhatsApp?

The backup in the green WhatsApp GB is the same as the normal WhatsApp, from the settings, choose Chats, including Backup.

Is there a blue GB WhatsApp version?

Yes, the developer Alex has designed two versions of WhatsApp other than the green WhatsApp Pro version, which are WhatsApp Plus blue and WhatsApp or GG gray.

Is it possible to download the old gbwhatsapp pro?

I often find users looking for gbwhatsapp pro v8.75, version 8.25 or version 9.00, but unfortunately all the old versions do not work at all, and you have to stop the market version of the official WhatsApp company.

Download gbwhatsapp WhatsApp GB Pro 2021


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