Download hao123 For Android and Desktop, The Latest version 2022

Download hao123 For Android and Desktop, The Latest version 2022

The program hao123  or Hao 123 a very distinctive programs that have achieved great fame during the last period, as this site helps you to browse all Arab and foreign sites easily and freely,

The hao123 program has spread widely in the Arab countries, especially the Arab Gulf states and Egypt, in addition to many foreign countries, as it supports many languages ​​of the world in addition to ease of use, as the basic interface of the program is easy and simple. For more about the program, follow this article with us.

The program Hao 123 program number 1 to browse various sites, a program to follow the Chinese company Baidu , which is keen to provide a very distinct program for all customers allowing them to browse easily,

The hao123 program is also equipped with icons for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo, and you can learn about all the news you are looking for through all international newspapers.

Also, the feature of supporting all international languages ​​is a significant feature as it supports the Italian, French, English and Arabic languages, which helped in the rapid spread of the program in all countries of the world,

In addition to the fact that the interface of the hao123 program is easy and simple, which enables you to get acquainted with all global news, moment by moment, it also provides you with complete protection as all browsers are completely safe from harmful viruses and software that cause problems for the device, and most importantly, it does not contain annoying ads .

Do you want to download the Hao123 program for the directory of Arabic sites for different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates and Morocco, the site gives you a directory of sites for each country of them in an organized manner, and if you download the program, it makes the default page for the browser is the site page and in this way you do not need to visit the site or write the name of the site, it will open Automatically by double-clicking on the program, and in this post we will explain how to download hao123 from the official website with pictures.

The Hao 123 website directory program in English (Hao123) is a program produced by baidu company, and Baidu is a search engine used by the state of China as an alternative to the Google search engine. Google search is the largest search engine in the world, but Baidu is the number one site in China, where 95% of its visitors are from China, equivalent to 6 billion visitors, and Hao provides 123 pages for Arab countries and a program that makes these pages are default and open Depending on the country in which you are evaluated, it provides you with many Arabic site directories such as:

global sites

Shopping sites

news sites

Online viewing sites

Online gaming sites

download sites

sports news sites

Song Sites

religious sites

Women's sites

Technology and smartphone sites

Education websites

Banking websites

And more than that, so it needs a lot because it saves a lot of time.

Start browsing from here Your entry to the Internet world hao123 my home page

Hao123 aims to make the Internet faster and easier for you. By making Hao123 your home page, you can browse easily and quickly to access everything you want from news, sports, movies, forums, pictures, games, search engines. Hao123 is a product of Baidu, the world's largest search engine company.

The hao123 program is one of the programs that is easy to use and also to download, so you can download this article from the link on our website or through the application store of your phone, as it is available through the Google Play app store.

All you need to download hao123 is to open a browser such as Google Chrome and then type the name of the hao123 program in the search box, and then click on the download link and it will be downloaded directly or through direct download links below the article.

Advantages of downloading Hao 123 Hao123 Directory

How 123 program is one of the very distinguished programs that provided you with a lot of features, which led to its rapid spread during the last period. Among these features are the following:

This application supports a lot of different operating systems and all versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, 9, as well as Vista and XP.

The program Hao 123 of the free programs that do not require you any costs in exchange for it.

The hao123 program provides you with complete protection while browsing, because it contains an antivirus in addition to the fact that it works to review all programs.

It does not contain any spyware or any advertisements which are annoying to many.

Program Hao 123 small size and does not need much space, and it is light and does not require special program possibilities for action.

hao123 supports many languages ​​of the world, including Arabic, which makes it one of the most preferred programs in Arab countries.

The software is produced by baidu company which previously launched baidu dark browser, and this browser won the first place in China, so hao123 is very professional because the company is always trying to update it.

The interface of the hao123 program is divided into many menus and sections in a distinctive and innovative way, and despite the large number of elements available, it is smoothly formatted and organized, making it easier for beginners to use the program. And without complication.

The program works at a high speed and the company provides the maximum rate of protection and security to prevent intrusion.

The program interface includes many famous programs such as (Facebook - Twitter - Skype ... others) because these programs are widespread, so the program allows the user to type the name of the program in the search engine every time and connect it to the interface for easy access.

The interface also includes many famous news sites such as (Mawzaz Egypt-Masrawy-...) and many news and entertainment sites, government sites and sports sites.

It added the feature of country allocation to the program, which allows the user to follow the news of a particular country in the event of customization, and the user is informed of the latest news and the most famous sites about this country without the need to search.

hao123 has a very accurate and fast search engine, so when you put keywords inside the search rectangle, the search results will appear quickly.

The program supports many languages, including Arabic.

The program supports all Windows systems, 32-bit and 64-bit.

The program is free and is constantly updated by the company.

hao123 is lightweight and does not take up much memory.

hao123 . alternative

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Download hao123 for PC with direct link

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 Download Howe 123 App for Android Direct Link

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