Download The New WhatsApp 2022, The Latest Update, For Free, With A Direct Link

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Description: Download Watts Green WhatsApp August 2022 the latest version allows you to messaging and communicate with many friends with a single click as well as
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Download The New WhatsApp 2022, The Latest Update, For Free, With A Direct Link
WhatsApp 2022


Download Watts Green WhatsApp August 2022  the latest version allows you to messaging and communicate with many friends with a single click as well as a button for distinctive and many settings that gives you chat experience very enjoyable, moreover, the application of calculating green is easy to use and is light in size as it allows users to communicate voice Image via free phone calls and video calls using high-quality technology.

Hence came the popularity of WhatsApp, which reached the countries of the whole world, although Samsung phones provided a similar application, which is Hangout, but most users abandoned it and decided to download WhatsApp Apk  to enjoy its multiple advantages as it takes you to a new unique experience to communicate faster and easier, whether through Written texts or send and receive live images and videos, live or stored within the phone.

An introduction to the green WhatsApp, the latest version of 2022

WhatsApp Messenger apk is one of the most famous chatting and social networking programs that has achieved great success and fame, and in terms of the number of downloading WhatsApp, it reached more than one billion users around the world and received a high rating of 4.1 out of 5 degrees, and WhatsApp enables you to communicate and know the last appearance of friends In addition to sending and receiving written messages or receiving photos and videos by the event, moreover, it is possible to create several groups and control the settings of the same group in a different way from the way you control friends chat pages.

and became whatsapp apk One of the best applications that topped the list of communication programs, and since its star rose, Facebook decided to buy it to include it in the list of communication platforms it owns. .

Information about the WhatsApp download file, latest update 2022

Is loaded Watts Green August of the best communication where the options that a simple application and personal security exactly where it uses high messages quality encryption techniques, it also applied free unpaid can be obtained free of charge only what you need is a phone connection to the Internet to start using it.

Latest Updates of Whatsapp V

  • Reducing the size of the WhatsApp download in the new update to about 34 MB.
  • You can now send photos and videos, view them only once and then erase them automatically.
  • Archived conversations now remain archived and muted even when new messages are received.
  • You can leave and join group calls from the call tab while it's still in progress.
  • Accelerate voice messages in WhatsApp while listening at different speeds 1 x, 1.5 x or 2 x while the message is playing.
  • Update photo and video previews.
  • The ability to view media such as photos and videos within the chat.
  • When you activate the feature of self-hiding messages, messages will disappear after 7 days.
  • Add decorations and accessories to your photos and videos.
  • Search your WhatsApp sticker collection using text or emojis.
  • Group calls support picture-in-picture to complete tasks quickly and in an easy way.
  • Add animated stickers.
  • General improvements and fixes for the application in the new update of WhatsApp.

How to download and install WhatsApp on iPhone and Android phones?

To download Whatsapp on Android phones, do the following:

  • In order to download WhatsApp on Android phones for free from Google Play or APK from the direct link at the end of the article.
  • Click the Install button inside a green rectangle.
  • Make sure your Android phone is connected to a strong Wifi network, and wait for a while until the download is completed and the app is opened from the Open button.

And in order to access WhatsApp Web from the computer, follow the following:

  1. All you have to do to enjoy the WhatsApp Web application on your computer and laptop is to go to the official website of the program or you can click here to download WhatsApp Web .
  2. Click on the download WhatsApp button for free, and after downloading, bring the smartphone so that they can be linked with the same phone number.
  3. Open the application WhatsApp on your phone and click on the three points and the top of them can go to the settings and to them whatsapp Web (WhatsApp Web).
  4. The previous option will take you to the Kodi box, and you will be required to scan this box on the green circle that will appear after clicking on the WhatsApp application located inside the computer, and from here a sync will be made between the application on the phone and the application on the computer.

Download WhatsApp Web 2022 for PC

And in order to download WhatsApp on iPhone phones, follow the following:-

  1. Go to the App Store and open it from the direct link at the end of the article.
  2. Write down the name of the application in one of the two languages ​​in the search box of the store to appear in the first search engines.
  3. Click on the install button of the application or the Get button and wait for a while until the download is completed.
  4. Open the application from the Open button or the application can be opened from the program icon that will appear on the phone's home screen.

How to start using WhatsApp 2022?

  1. After downloading WhatsApp  , click on the open button, and then it will ask you for your number, and the application will ask you for some permissions, the most important of which is to allow the application to enter contacts so that it downloads all the contacts on the phone and at the same time they use the application.
  2. Allow the app to send message notifications at the top of the phone screen.
  3. If this is not your first time on the application, you must click on the Back Up button in order to re-download the text messages that were between you and your friends before deleting the application.
  4. The last step is to click on the Agree to App Privacy and Policy button.
  5. It is waiting for an SMS message to do two-factor authentication between the application and the phone number, as the message includes a code that you must enter inside the application.
  6. It is to create your own account on the new WhatsApp application, by adding your username and a live image directly or from one of the images available on your phone, in addition to registering a case that expresses you, so that the application is ready for messaging and chatting with friends.

Features of WhatsApp 2022, latest version

The WhatsApp application is characterized by many advantages that make it the number one application among many messaging and communication applications with friends, and the most prominent of these advantages are:

Download the new WhatsApp for free and not paid

The WhatsApp download is freely available, and there is no need to pay a subscription or any money to get it, as it is available on Google Play and the App Store for free, in addition to the availability of the basic version for personal computers and laptops through the company’s official website.

Compatible with many operating systems

The company that developed the WhatsApp application has taken into account the release of several modified versions of it in order to work effectively and efficiently with many technological devices, whether phones or tablets that run on the Android or iOS system, and not only that, but it works effectively and synchronizes with personal computers that It works according to Windows or Mac system, and therefore it is available and available for all devices so that its users from all over the world can use it and enjoy a unique communication experience.

Multilingual version of the app

WhatsApp download supports  about 42 languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish, Japanese and other languages, so that users who prefer to deal with WhatsApp can deal with it in the language that they understand and love to deal with.

Make a profile picture or video stories

You can add a personal photo on your personal profile on the WhatsApp platform , and it is worth noting that you can take a live photo directly or upload a photo from those photos saved inside the phone, as well as the ability to add a video clip consisting of many photos and memorial snapshots that you want to share with friends For a period of 24 hours, you can also put a music clip on your personal page on WhatsApp.

And the feature to choose the stories for your profile allows you to see and follow who has seen your story, and you can also add some expressive phrases that express your situation now with some expressive words either wisdom or the words of a song you like, with the ability to add an emoji or an emoji next to it. Status.

Uses high quality encryption techniques

Enjoy Lotus August Messenger using the maximum security and safety standards as well as the privacy enjoyed by users as most of the users are lists tales of personal problems or things related to them personally or some of their task Alwats new is to keep the secrets of the users even Alwats August management will not be able to see Those messages because they use fully encrypted servers in order to achieve the main goal behind the application, which is the arrival of the message to the recipient directly and quickly.

Periodic updates and constant modifications

The download of  WhatsApp Arabic enjoys many periodic and continuous improvements and modifications, and therefore those in charge of the application constantly observe the comments and complaints of users so that they can fix all errors from one update to another.

The ability to make phone and video calls

WhatsApp allows you to make phone calls through the platform by clicking on the headset icon that is above the chat page between you and friends, but it does not allow to make group calls only free individual calls, unlimited duration, and you can call visually by clicking on the video icon The one next to the phone icon so that the two parties can see each other clearly and purely due to the use of the green WhatsApp application for high-quality technologies, bearing in mind that the service does not work well if the web is weak or less than 3g, the communication may be intermittently.

Pictures, text and video can be sent back

You can download the green WhatsApp from messaging friends in an advanced way, as you can forward some messages directly to more than one friend at the same time, and this is done by clicking on more than one picture or written text and then clicking on forwarding to the friend or group of friends who Want to share those messages with them.

Send more than one picture at a time

You can click on more than one image at length to send it to the other party, where you can send about 30 images in one click without having to go back to sending one image after another, which requires you to spend a lot of time and effort, and therefore this is very saving and praised by many users.

Create a group of 250 people

At first, on the new WhatsApp, you were not able to create  a group and send one message that everyone sees at the same time, and after a short period, you can create a group that does not exceed 100 friends, and then the matter developed until the number of friends within one group reached 250 and more with the ability to know Who saw your message and when did they reach it and at what time did they read it, and there are many settings for the group away from the settings of individual conversations, which we will learn about in the next paragraph.

The ability to edit the image before sending

You can make some adjustments to the image if you want to send it. After clicking on the upload pin of the image, you can make many adjustments, such as cutting, adding some colors, or filtering the image without saving it to the phone, as it will only receive the modifications while sending it to this chat only, and this feature will save you A lot of time and effort, instead of going to the photo from inside the phone studio, you can make all the adjustments through the platform and send it directly.

Hear the audio clips after another

The latest update came with the ability to hear the voice messages sent and received by friends after each other without having to stop and go to the next clip to click on it to open it. All you have to do is play the first clip and all clips will be played behind each other automatically.

The ability to reply to a specific message in WhatsApp

In some remote areas and places within developing countries, the Internet is very weak, or it may be slow. This may cause slow sending of messages, and the other party may reply to some other messages while he intends to respond to a particular message, and this may cause the two parties to not understand each other. Some, but now you can respond to a specific message by passing the message to the right and writing the desired response, so that the meaning has arrived and the two parties were able to understand each other better.

Remove the wrong message before the user reads it

In the beginning, it was not possible to delete the sent message, even that takes one check mark, that is, that has not reached the user yet, but now you can remove the message that was sent by mistake, provided that it has not been read by the other party, and that it has not been sent for a long time, Otherwise, you can use this feature, and this is done by clicking and holding the text and then scanning from all sides.

WhatsApp latest update 2022

The programmers have added an important update that many users may dream of, which is to preserve the user's privacy so that no relatives, friends, or even children do not intrude and open the application to see messages and privacy between the user and his friends. The latest update is the ability to add a special fingerprint for a modern WhatsApp. To activate this feature, you can go to Settings, then to Account, then Privacy, and then to lock the fingerprint, and it can be canceled whenever you want in the same way.

Settings for the new WhatsApp program WhatsApp 2022

WhatsApp includes 3 main tabs:

  • Camera tag: This is the tag that by clicking on it, you can choose between more than one image available on the phone’s storage memory, and after choosing the image, you can send it to the friend you want the image to access.
  • Chats : This is the tab for all the conversations and messages that you have sent and received.
  • Status : In this tab, you can see all users' stories with the timing of their status, including your story or your profile picture, which can update your profile picture.
  • Calls : With this Calls tab, you can see all the calls that you have received, that you have answered, or that you have called.

whatsapp account settings

You can go to the account settings by clicking on the three vertical dots, and from there to settings, you

 will find the account settings option in the first box, you can click on it to set the following:

  • Privacy settings Contact Us : You can click through onPrivacy Control the following:
  • Who will see your last appearance on the new WhatsApp ?
  • And also control who sees your profile picture.
  • Who will see the status you typed.
  • Who will be able to add you to their groups.
  • Control the location and share it with friends.
  • Ban or unblock some accounts.

  • Safety control Security : You can through this optionmake sure ofsafety and privacyapplication and that it works effectively fully and safely.
  • Adding a code to the application: By downloading WhatsApp, you can add a code to the application, as it will be useful when you want to access your WhatsApp from any other phone or when scanning and re-downloading it.
  • Change the phone number: The application enables you to change the phone number if you wish.
  • Delete Account: If you want to delete the account temporarily or permanently, you can click on this option.

Chat settings

Chat settings is the second option after account settings in which the following can be set:

  • The send button can be controlled if you want the Enter button to be activate the button for that.
  • Controlling the media sent to you This is done by clicking on Agree to upload the most recent media to Phone Studio.
  • Control the font size of the application so that people with weak eyesight can see the written texts sent and received by downloading WhatsApp .
  • Control the background of the application's chat pages, either by color or by a specific image, from within the device studio.
  • Retrieval of messages and save them periodically and continuously.
  • Easily control deleting or archiving messages.

Notification settings

Through this option, you can control many of the messages sent, which are as follows:

  • The ability to control closing or opening the sound of messages sent by the application only.
  • Choose the sound of message notifications among many other tones.
  • Control the vibration and brightness of the phone after the arrival of message notifications.
  • The ability to see messages sent from outside the application by swiping the top of the main phone screen.
  • Choose other ringtones for group notifications and messages.
  • Choose a special tone for incoming calls through the application, with a choice of whether you want the phone to vibrate while receiving the call or not.

Storage settings

These settings enable you to control the media that will be stored on the phone and this is done by controlling the following:

  • You can see your media storage consisting of documents, audio files or videos that you have received and uploaded via the app.
  • It is also possible to control not to download any media coming from some friends unless the phone is connected to WiFi only, and if the phone is connected to data or phone data, the media will not be downloaded.
  • You can also choose what to upload between videos, images only, documents only, or only audio clips.

Add friends

You can add and invite many friends through Invite Friends, where the link for the WhatsApp application will be sent for them to download and communicate with you through the platform with ease.

WhatsApp group settings

Groups have their own management and individual settings that you can control. If you are the owner of the group, you can set the following:

  • Create a group by clicking on the three vertical dots and from there to a new group and after that you can add as many friends as you like on WhatsApp.
  • Control the choice of an admin or another owner who leads the group with you and controls its settings.
  • Control who adds friends.
  • Allow users to add some messages to the group or you can stop sending and limit it to the admin only.
  • If you are a member of the group, you can stop downloading the media, which consists of photos, videos and music coming to you from the group, by clicking on the group name in the upper green box, and then to Media Visibility, and clicking on Deny downloading media to the internal phone storage.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp on Android phones and iPhone 2022

  • Sometimes WhatsApp malfunctions and stops sending messages within the application as a result of malfunctions in the WhatsApp servers.
  • The ability to share videos with more than one person is not available.
  • It is not possible to communicate with friends who do not use WhatsApp on their phones.
  • Some have complained about the latest update of the disappearance of the following from WhatsApp “last seen”, “online now” and “writes”.
  • The user number will appear exposed to any user who adds him if he is a member with him in the heart of the same group, which may cause some inconvenience.
  • The application requires a strong WIFI for easy transmission and reception of at least 3g or at least 4g.
  • The WhatsApp picture on the profile will be seen by all friends or those who add your number on the platform. If you set it up, there is no exception, everyone will see the picture.
  • With the frequent use of the application, the user will feel addicted to it and the inability to leave it or quit it, which is one of the things that annoys the user's family the most.
  • Message encryption technology is available on the application, but it does not reach the encryption of data and important institutions in the country.
  • Through WhatsApp, you will not be able to send large files.
  • The stories that will appear on the WhatsApp application cannot be filtered on the image, as in some other platforms.
  • A new feature has been added to WhatsApp, which is the ability to remove the message after writing and sending it, but if a long time has passed since sending, you will not be able to remove it unlike other applications.
  • Blocking of communication within WhatsApp in some Gulf countries, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait.
  • Poor quality of voice call inside the application and needs a strong internet connection.
  • The duration of the WhatsApp status video is only 30 seconds, and therefore it causes inconvenience to some users, but to solve the problem, you can download WhatsApp Plus .
  • Do not forward messages to more than 5 people only.
  • Sometimes notifications do not reach some phones.
  • WhatsApp number blocked for some users of the application.
  • Problem when forwarding a photo or message There is no group message list within the app.
  • Most of the updates that take place within WhatsApp are not disclosed.
  • There are constant crashes of the application server and the WhatsApp service stops in some countries.

Phones from which WhatsApp service has stopped 2022

  1. Windows Phone 7 phones.
  2. Phones running Android 2.1 and Android 2.2.
  3. iPhones running iOS 8.
  4. Old Nokia phones.
  5. Blackberry phones Blackberry.

Can WhatsApp be hacked?

Certainly, the matter is not so easy, as Facebook has a strong security team that tests loopholes after each update of the application that may cause penetration, and therefore it is difficult to hack WhatsApp according to the opinions of security experts, as it is 100% security.
To increase security and protect your account from hacking, do not open any link that is sent by any unknown person, as well as virus messages that are sent on WhatsApp by your friends, such as “I earn an iPhone”, “Congratulations you won a car” and other fake messages.

How to delete WhatsApp messages from both parties after reading them?

  1. You can select one or more messages by clicking and holding the message to be deleted.
  2. Click on Delete and the trash can icon at the top of the page
  3. Choose Delete For Everyone.

It is worth noting that you can use this method to delete WhatsApp messages from the terminal, whether they have been read or not, as long as no more than 7 minutes have passed on them.

How do I delete WhatsApp messages from both parties after an hour?

  1. Turn off the Internet from the phone, whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  2. Go to the phone settings, then choose the applications and make a forced stop for WhatsApp.
  3. Go back to the phone settings, then go to the options for changing the time and date, and restore the watch to the time before the message was sent.
  4. Open the WhatsApp application and choose the message that you want to delete, then click on it and hold on it. I choose the Delete button or the trash can icon and choose Delete For Everyone.
  5. Turn on the Internet on the phone again and then set the time and date again.
This is the best proven way to delete messages from both parties after reading on WhatsApp 2022.

How to make WhatsApp stickers easily?

This can be done easily through the use of many applications for making WhatsApp stickers for Android phones and iPhones, and we will recommend the best applications for you, and you can download them with a link for free.

Is it possible to run more than one Whatsapp number on the same mobile? 

There are two ways to operate more than one WhatsApp number on the same phone, and they are as follows:-

  • The first method: Download WhatsApp Business for businesses and small businesses, which allows running an additional WhatsApp number on the same phone.
  • The second method: Download one of the modified WhatsApp Plus applications that allows you to run more than 10 WhatsApp numbers on the same phone, and among the best of those applications available for Android phones: - WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Plus Blue application and other other applications that you can try by entering the WhatsApp Plus sectionon our website.

Is it possible to run WhatsApp on more than one device at the same time?

Soon, the feature will be launched to access messages and messages from 5 different devices linked to the same account at the same time and without the need to connect to the Internet with encrypting messages to increase security and privacy. Roll it out on all devices.

Does the WhatsApp application provide you with security, security and privacy standards?

Users of social networking platforms always wonder about the security and safety of WhatsApp before downloading it because this is what matters most to them, and the company’s spokesperson stated that the WhatsApp application has high-quality privacy and security as it uses high encryption techniques, no one can eavesdrop on Messages sent between the two parties, whether written texts, picture messages, or video messages.

Therefore, some users do not have to worry about privacy and security within the WhatsApp program at all. The company has nothing to do with what users tell each other, and the company does not care about the nature of the photos exchanged between friends, so you can deal freely on the WhatsApp application without fear or concern.

WhatsApp applications are available for download:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Green on Android, iPhone and computer 2022

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