Download Telegram Plus Gold New 2022 Free


Download Telegram Plus Gold New 2022 Free
Telegram Plus Gold 2022

About Download Telegram Plus Golden Abu Arab 2022

The Golden Telegram has been modified by the developer Assem Mahgoub, who developed the WhatsApp Gold program, as we mentioned previously, and the program works through any version of Android, starting from Android 2.2 and above, and the application is developed first-hand to suit the rapid development in communications and add more multiple features For the golden telegram Abu Arab.

The Golden Telegram Abu Arab appeared after the request of users who liked the WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab program, which has a lot of huge capabilities that are not found in the official WhatsApp application. In any case, if you want to try the WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab application, you can download it through this article with a direct link .

Download WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab

Features of Telegram Plus Golden Abu Arab

Featuring Golden Allagram Abu Arab  provider has a lot of added features that do not exist in the formal application of Tlagram, and the most important of these features the following:

  • Download the Golden Telegram Abu Arab with a direct link from the Plus Programs website.
  • Download Telegram Gold Abu Arab in a small size of 33 MB and fits all versions of Android, old and new, and on all mobile brands.
  • Run more than one number on the same application for the same Android device.
  • The ability to hide the registered number in Telegram.
  • The ability to switch between themes, in addition to controlling the colors, font size, the color of writing fonts, and the backgrounds of conversations.
  • Create encrypted secret communications between parties through different coding. In addition to changing the privacy.
  • Telegram Golden Abu Arab is a completely free and very light application that does not consume the resources of the device.
  • The ability to control notifications and their floating appearance on the application.
  • A large chat room can be created with 199 members from scratch, and this is one of the features of the application that is not available in the official application of Telegram.
  • Ease of downloading files from the Golden Telegram Abu Arab application with the speed of downloading.
  • The ability to start group video calls with animated wallpapers for the application.
  • The ability to turn on the camera or share the screen image during voice chats in groups.
  • Floating emojis and stickers appear with conversations.
  • The presence of different colored animated backgrounds that are changed for each message separately.
  • The ability to create video chats with up to 30 users and it will increase with the upcoming releases.
  • The ability to activate or deactivate the animation.
  • The presence of many animated backgrounds found in the conversation settings.
  • The ability to create animated wallpapers that are customized by the user in the conversation settings.
  • Possibility to destroy messages at specific times.
  • Download Telegram Gold Abu Arab supports many languages, including Arabic.

The beautiful thing about the Abu Arab telegram plus gold apk is that it has a lot of floating stickers that appear as soon as you type a symbol, feeling, or meaning; To convert writing into expressive emoji. There are also many features that you will discover on your own while downloading the latest version of Telegram Gold Abu Arab.

Explanation of downloading the Golden Telegram Abu Arab latest version

During these lines, we will explain how to download the Golden Telegram Abu Arab, with an explanation of its use through these steps.

  • We download the latest version of the Golden Telegram Abu Arab from the links below this article.
  • We install the Golden Telegram Abu Arab on the mobile.
  • Enter the phone number you want to work with on the Abu Arab Telegram Gold, then receive the activation code through SMS messages and paste the activation code inside the Abu Arab Telegram Gold application.
  • Now we have created a Telegram account, and we can work on it easily by importing the existing contacts.
  • If you have a friend who does not use the Telegram application or does not know the application, you can invite him to download the latest version of the Gold Telegram Abu Arab through the CONTACTES menu by choosing the INVITE FRIENDS item and sending an invitation to your friend to download it so that you can communicate through Telegram so that Telegram sends invitation messages with the download link.
  • One of the advantages of downloading Telegram Gold is that you can send destructible encrypted messages by choosing NEW SECRET CHAT, where there are no restrictions on use and transmission of confidential data. Once done, you can destroy these messages to never get them back.

Frequently asked questions about downloading the Golden telegram 2022 Abu Arab latest version 2022

These are some common questions about downloading and using the latest version of the Golden telegram 2022 Abu Arab, which come to the minds of many users.

What permissions does the latest version of the telegram 2022 Gold Abu Arab application take?

After downloading the Golden telegram 2022 Abu Arab, the latest version, and installing it, it takes from you all the permissions that the official telegram 2022 application takes without increases, and the developer Asim has added the capabilities of the application on the old basis only without increases.

Is the Abu Arab Gold telegram 2022 application the latest version safe to use?

Yes, the application is extremely safe, because at least, as we said, it does not drain any additional permissions, in addition to that it does not use any third party on the servers, but rather depends on the telegram 2022 servers.

What is the download size of telegram 2022 Gold Abu Arab, the latest version of telegram 2022 gold v1.40?

The size of the Abu Arab telegram 2022 application is close to the size of the official telegram 2022, as it has an area of ​​only 33 megabytes.

What is the latest telegram 2022 Abu Arab version number?

The latest developed version of the telegram 2022 Gold Abu Arab application carries the number telegram 2022 gold v1.40 , and when any modern version of the application is released, we will add it, God willing

What are the disadvantages of downloading the Golden telegram 2022 Abu Arab?

There are no significant drawbacks when downloading telegram 2022 Gold Abu Arab simply because it will not cause any exclusion of your account or violation of your device because it works on the same core as the official application.

But the only problem or drawback with it is that the app is unofficial so some people don't like to work on unofficial apps.

Are there additional themes in the telegram 2022 Gold Abu Arab application?

Yes, the application supports a lot of user-customized themes with the ability to modify colors.

Links to download the golden telegram 2022 latest version telegram 2022 gold

You can download Tlagram Golden Abu Arab version last telegram 2022 gold v1.40 through the following link directly.

Download gold telegram from mediafire

Download golden telegram from appsfire