Download WhatsApp Red WhatsApp Red 2021 With A Direct Link

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Description: Download WhatsApp Plus Red WhatsApp Red v9.60 for Android with a direct link from Mediafire, the latest version of 2021, in order to enjoy a new an
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Download WhatsApp Red WhatsApp Red 2021 With A Direct Link
Download WhatsApp Red 2022


Download  WhatsApp Plus Red WhatsApp Red v9.60 for Android with a direct link from Mediafire, the  latest version of 2021, in order to enjoy a new and unique communication experience. Open Duration.

The download WhatsApp Red  gives you more advantages of multiple add - ons, so you can Instant most privacy, it is much like Watts August golden and whatsapp blue  , but possess some of the qualities and characteristics that make the experience of Instant through going very familiar.

Despite the fact that  downloading WhatsApp Plus Red is  a modern application, it has been very popular, and its use has been shared among many users around the world, due to the various and multiple advantages that this application has, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is its small size on the phone, as it does not need a large space To download it, and you will not need a high-powered device in order to install WhatsApp Red,  as you can get it for free without paying any fees or subscription.

An introduction to WhatsApp Red Plus 2021

The red WhatsApp is an upgraded and modified version of the normal green WhatsApp application , and it was developed by the Arab programmer Abu Arab, to become a more distinguished version of the original WhatsApp version available within the Google Play Store, and he sought a large selection of the most skilled developers and programmers to obtain a free, unpaid application in a small size Elegant shape to meet the needs of users.

Where the red WhatsApp gives you an ideal communication experience with many friends inside and outside the country with the ability to watch and coexist with them, in addition to many stickers so that its users do not get bored, and the latest update contains many advantages available within the green WhatsApp application and between the versions of WhatsApp Plus.

Information about the WhatsApp Plus Red 2021 download file, the latest version

Is Watts Red upgraded version against the ban, as it contains many shapes and designs inside as you can change the application icon itself to enjoy the many other forms, with the control in the form of notices in addition to more of the other benefits that you will receive them as soon  as download whatsapp Plus Red 2021 on your Android smartphone.

Advantages of the latest update of WhatsApp Plus Red version v9.60

  • Update release date 08/20/2021.
  • Red WhatsApp is against the ban.
  • Update the version of WhatsApp Market to v2.21.11.17.
  • Addition: Send and display photos and videos only once.
  • Add feature: Change the location of archived conversations up or down.
  • Add status sticker feature.
  • Add edit photos and videos in conversations.
  • Back to the old plugin format.
  • View the features above.
  • Addition: The feature of playing voice messages at more than speed.
  • Adding a new form of add-ons for ease of use of the application.
  • Added a new format for archived conversations.
  • Adding the feature to delete old messages for WhatsApp.
  • Added new options to download statuses.
  • Add translation feature within conversations.
  • Solve the problem of not adding stickers to WhatsApp.
  • Fix the problem of delaying sending and receiving messages.
  • Fixed a crash when changing the wallpaper in groups.
  • Fix hard full backup not working on Android 11+.
  • Fixed the crash issue when cutting the video immediately.
  • Improving sending a message to an unregistered number.
  • Various additions and fixes within the application.

Note: You can install the new update from WhatsApp Plus Red V9.60 directly after downloading without deleting the old version.

How to download and install the red WhatsApp program on Android phones?

  • You can  download WhatsApp Plus Red  with a direct link in the apk format for Android from Media Fire from the links at the end of the article.
  • Click on the Download button after making sure to scan all versions of WhatsApp available on the device so that the download and work efficiently.
  • After downloading the red WhatsApp , click on the Next button until you reach the installation stage, click on Install and wait for a while until the installation is complete.

How to use WhatsApp Red plus?

  • After downloading and  installing the red WhatsApp Plus , click on Agree and Continue. If you want to keep the previous number data on the WhatsApp platform, click on Restore data.
  • After that, write down the phone number that you want to work on WhatsApp, wait until a text message is sent to the phone number and write the 6-digit code in the field designated for it.
  • Write your name on the red WhatsApp platform and choose a personal picture to appear to other users for a better communication experience, and then start using the application.

Features of WhatsApp Red Plus, latest version 2021

WhatsApp Red, the latest version, is characterized by many advantages that make it an important messaging application to be on the throne of many applications related to communicating with friends for free. Among the most important advantages that WhatsApp Red enjoys are:

Alwats Alwats characterized by a small size

WhatsApp Red Abu Arab enjoys being small in size on smart phones, so you may not need a very large space to download it, and enjoy it inside the phone, even if you have a phone with simple capabilities. The Red WhatsApp application works effectively anywhere and on any device, regardless of its capabilities. .

Free Unpaid

  • Downloading WhatsApp Plus Red is completely free and does not contain any purchase contents, and this feature is one of the best features of the application, as most users are always looking for an application that achieves their goal without being paid or with a subscription, and this is what is provided within the WhatsApp program Red Plus.

Multiple privacy additions

For more privacy, many options have been added that enable you to enjoy the application experience for chatting and communication, and among the most important additions that you can enjoy within the application are:

  • Hide online mode now: You can now be inside the red WhatsApp platform without anyone noticing you and without other users seeing you, and it is a stealth mode in which you can be present without appearing to anyone.
  • Hide the time and date of appearance: By clicking on this setting, you can hide the time of your activity on the platform, and therefore no one can monitor your movements or the times of your presence on WhatsApp, while you can see the last time that others appeared on the platform.
  • Read icon and receive icon: You will simply be able through the red WhatsApp program to hide the blue-colored reading icon of the sender, so you can read all messages without the user knowing, in addition to hiding the receipt icon, so the sender will not know that you have received the message to show him a check mark gray one.
  • Hide seeing friends' statuses: In the normal green WhatsApp, all users will definitely know that you have seen them, but with Red WhatsApp, the owners of cases will not be able to know that you have seen them at all.

There are many themes

The download of WhatsApp Plus Red includes an infinite number of new themes that give the application an elegant and wonderful appearance, and you can download many themes through the official website of the program or you can enjoy downloading some themes that users like you created and uploaded to the platform, and you can get On it by clicking on the three vertical dots, from which to download new themes.

Just turn off the wifi from the app

Among the most important and most prominent advantages of downloading WhatsApp Plus Red is that you can suspend the Internet and turn off the Wi-Fi from the platform only, while the Internet remains connected to the rest of the phone applications in a very natural way, and this gives you the ability to work on the phone completely freely away from some annoying messages that may disturb you While working, you can click on the Wi-Fi sign available at the top of the screen, and to return the Internet, you can click on it again and the program will do a restart automatically.

Translate some messages

By tapping on some messages sent to you by some friends in a different language than the original language of the phone or app, you can make an instant translation of the phrases that were sent to you.

Change icon color and notification color

Through the Red WhatsApp application, you can change the color of the application’s icon and place it briefly on the phone’s home screen, in addition to controlling the color of notifications and choosing from a long list of many shapes of notification icons to choose the one you want and which you feel comfortable with.

Schedule important messages

Now with the Red WhatsApp application, you can keep important messages, and not only that, but you can keep some text messages and specify the time and date of sending, and this is done by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top of the screen and from there to the scheduled messages, and you have to choose one of the contacts you want to send Automatically, jotting the message text, specifying the time and date of sending and the number of times it was sent, and leave the rest of the task on the application.

Lock app or chat

To close some applications with a lock or a code, you have to download the recognized security applications, but with the WhatsApp Red Plus application, you do not need to download such programs because the program includes a lock for the application from prying eyes, in addition to the ability to set a lock with a code or a code consisting of 4 numbers or letters for important conversations that you want no one to see inside, and this feature saves space and saves problems that will result in intrusion and knowledge of the privacy of some on your phone.

Download friends' statuses

You can download many cases of friends on your phone easily without the knowledge of the owner in the red WhatsApp, and you can do this by clicking on the three vertical dots available at the top of the application screen and then click on the download option, and wait a little while until you see all the cases And purify them as you want to download it.

Possibility to hide some conversations

A completely new feature is available within the  download of WhatsApp Plus Red, the latest version, which you may not find in all versions of the WhatsApp application, whether Blue Plus, Gold or Oge, which is to hide some conversations that you want no one to see, and to restore the vision of that conversation you can click on the word WhatsApp Available in-app WhatsApp at the top of the screen to see the conversation you've hidden.

A detailed explanation about the application settings from the inside

WhatsApp Red is very similar in its settings to the WhatsApp Gold application in particular, as it will appear in the settings box that starts from the three points, which are divided into the following:

Privacy settings

It can be accessed by clicking on the top three dots on the far left of the screen, with which you will be able to adjust all the following settings:

  • Set privacy for everyone in Hide Appear Time and Hide Offline Mode now.
  • Prevent friends and senders from deleting their messages after they reach you without the sender's knowledge.
  • Hide the word converted message from the messages you are resending.
  • Control not seeing friends because you saw their status.
  • Hide the receipt and reading health from the sender.
  • The ability to hide that you have listened to the recording sent to you by the friend within individual or group conversations.
  • Hide the status that an audio clip is being recorded and the recipient is being written.
  • All of these things are controlled by the privacy setting, whether for group messages, group messages, or individual chat messages.

Red WhatsApp Add-ons

It can be accessed by clicking on the three vertical dots on the top of the screen and from there you can see all of the following things:

  • The possibility of linking your personal account on the WhatsApp Red Plus application to the Telegram and Twitter application so that you can follow the latest events at all times and at any time.
  • See the latest updates provided by the application so that you can update the program from the original and correct source of the application itself, without resorting to other links that may be wrong or loaded with some malware.
  • Knowing Frequently Asked Questions about this application with comprehensive and comprehensive answers that satisfy the curiosity of all users and answer all their questions, by clicking on Frequently Asked Questions it will take you to the web page of the application to see what you want to know.
  • Download some new WhatsApp stickers to add fun, luxury and a more fun atmosphere to the conversations and chat between the two parties.
  • Download some new themes and backgrounds that give the red WhatsApp an elegant and new look so that you do not get bored while dealing with the application.
  • The ability to send your own status on the red WhatsApp platform, which you can choose distinct and large videos of more than 30 seconds, which gives the opportunity for users to express themselves better.
  • The possibility of setting a lock or a security code, secret and password for the application from the inside, and this of course completely eliminates the need to download any additional programs so that you can maintain the confidentiality of the application from the inside and no intruder will be able to see or read your conversations without knowing.
  • Make a backup of all your data, and this is a very important feature, as you can save all the data. by mistake.
  • Share the application with friends so that they can download WhatsApp Plus Red from the official and correct website.
  • The ability to report any problem that you may encounter while browsing within the application, and a dedicated team of programmers will respond to all users' inquiries.

New Group

By clicking on this option, you can create a group you own and choose what you want from your contacts and create your own group. You can talk, send and receive many media and recordings with the ability to make many conference calls with more than one person.

New group message

You can send a group message to more than one user that you choose yourself, and through this you will be able to send any message with one click to reach all the individuals and contacts you have chosen, but this option will not force you to put them all within one group package, but rather individual messages that will reach each user It's just him.

Starred Messages

With this option, you can see all the messages that you have starred next to, as the list of messages you have starred can be accessed through this flag.

Internal settings

Through these settings, you can control many of the internal characteristics of the red WhatsApp, and you will find those settings are the same as those available within the original WhatsApp application available on the Google Play Store, which are as follows:

Account Control

  • Through the account, you can control the privacy of the application by controlling the appearance of the latest activity time on the platform for everyone, friends or only you, not only that, but you can control the appearance of personal photos, status and all your news to friends, to everyone or to no one, moreover You can block some annoying contacts and you can also unblock them.
  • You can also change the number and add any new number you want to create the red WhatsApp against the 2021 ban  on it without the need to download WhatsApp again, with the ability to delete the account at any time, and these settings are similar to the green WhatsApp application.

Control chat settings

  • Through this setting, you can control the loading of media, videos and music clips to the internal phone memory, and of course this saves you a lot and a lot of phone space while not crowding the media that negatively affects the random memory of the phone.
  • Control the font size of sent and incoming text messages by downloading WhatsApp Plus Red  If you do not have a strong view, you can increase or decrease the font if your eyesight is strong and you do not want intruders to see your messages.
  • You can also choose a wallpaper or make chat logs.

Control your notification settings

With this setting, you can control the sound of notifications received by individual conversations and control the vibration of the phone when a message arrives and flashes in group or individual messages.
Control the selection of some ringtones and tones for application calls, and it is better to choose a tone different from the original phone ring tone so that the matter does not mix between the two tones so that you know the source of the incoming call specifically.

The difference between the red WhatsApp and the official green WhatsApp

  • The size of the green WhatsApp application is about 44 MB, which is considered relatively large compared to the download size of the red WhatsApp Plus, which does not exceed 49 MB.
  • You can send a video clip to the user's status so that it does not exceed 30 seconds in the green WhatsApp, while you can send a video clip of the status with a larger size and a time distance of more than 30 seconds.
  • Not being able to see the messages deleted by some friends, what has been deleted you will not be able to see it completely in the green WhatsApp, while in the red WhatsApp you can see all the messages sent to you even the deleted ones.
  • Not being able to block the sender's vision that you have seen the message, whether you received it or read it in red, while this command is not available permanently within the official WhatsApp application.
  • The ability to send more than 90 photos with one click to any friend in the red WhatsApp, while you will only be able to send 30 photos at once in the green WhatsApp.
  • Appearances can be hidden in both applications, but only the red WhatsApp can hide an online status now.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Red Plus 2021

We had to list some shortcomings within the WhatsApp Red Plus program that some users have reported and complained about, and the most prominent of these shortcomings are:

  • Although it has many advantages, it will not yet be able to match the golden WhatsApp and the blue WhatsApp Plus , and it still needs further development and modernization.
  • The percentage of security and protection within the application may be relatively low, especially if it is compared to the various Plus applications, which is a matter in the process of reaching a solution.
  • The version is not available on the Google Play Store, so downloading the red WhatsApp update has become relatively difficult to obtain.
  • You may encounter a problem downloading WhatsApp Plus Red, as it is from an unknown and ambiguous source for Android phones, so before downloading it, you must go to the phone settings and open the download door from unknown sources, and this of course may negatively affect the security, data and privacy of the phone.

Is WhatsApp Plus Red 2021 WhatsApp Red against the ban?

Yes, in the latest update of the red WhatsApp, the application has become against the ban and is very safe on Android phones.

Is WhatsApp Red Plus safe on the privacy and data of individuals?

It is download whatsapp Plus Red security and no fear of it on the privacy of the data so far, but do not forget that family multicast applications Alwats up and like that of their business, but may turn some programmers unscrupulous and who are looking for profit targets illegal, from planting some malicious software Within the application which have the goal of snooping and spying on users' data of unknown significance.

Download WhatsApp Red v9.60 with a direct link 2021

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