Download YouTube For PC on Desktop in More Than One Way 2021

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Description: Some users need to download YouTube for PC on the desktop in order to give something of customization to the YouTube platform away from the normal br
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Download YouTube For PC on Desktop in More Than One Way 2021
YouTube For PC on Desktop


 Some users need to download YouTube for PC on the desktop in order to give something of customization to the YouTube platform away from the normal browser of any kind. When using YouTube as a standalone program on the computer, it will be easier and better.

It is known that the YouTube platform does not have a program dedicated to the Windows system, but Google has added some touches that made downloading YouTube for the computer become easier in more than one way, including making YouTube an independent addition that works without a browser, including by using the emulator that activates the use of Android applications on Computer.

Features of Download YouTube for PC on Desktop 2021

The use and download of YouTube for the computer has several advantages that make you abandon the use of the browser when you open the YouTube platform and use any method of downloading YouTube for the computer instead, and among the most important advantages of downloading YouTube for the computer are the following:

  • YouTube for PC is an add-on that makes the YouTube platform independent of the browser, which reduces the device’s hardware consumption by the browser, especially the Google Chrome browser.
  • You can open many accounts simultaneously without conflict.
  • You will notice the same look as the YouTube app on Android but on the computer, with greater clarity.
  • Download youtube for a small computer that works on a split between the browser and the YouTube platform. This reduces the size of the browser's consumption.
  • Keeps all the features of YouTube Android on Windows.

And many other advantages that you will discover for yourself about YouTube Downloader for Windows 10 PC .

How to download YouTube for PC from browser

There are multiple ways to download YouTube for PC . If you want to enjoy YouTube on your computer as if you were working on a real YouTube program like the one on Android, here is the way:

  • Go to YouTube and then click on this icon in the address bar of your browser like this image.

 Click on the Open button to open the YouTube program in its own window away from the browser, and this program is very similar to the YouTube application for Android in terms of customization, as it works away from the browser even if you close the browser as in the following picture.

You'll also find the YouTube Download for PC icon on the Start menu next to your installed programs.

Finally, you can watch YouTube on your computer as if it were on a mobile phone, using the YouTube browser designated for it.

You can download the browser you want through these articles.

Download google chrome browser for pc

Download Tor Browser

Download Firefox 2021 Firefox

Download opera browser for pc

Download YouTube for PC from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has supported a large number of games and applications from the Play Store and the Android system on Windows without emulators, through the Microsoft Store, especially after the release of Windows 10 and Windows 11 this year, and you can download Windows 11 through this link that provides you with direct links to download Windows 11 .

Download Windows 11 windows full version with a direct link

Download windows 10 iso from microsoft

You can download YOUTUBE for PC through the Microsoft Store by entering the following link.

Log in to your Hotmail account and then click the Get YouTube button on your computer.

To start downloading YouTube to the computer , then you will find the YouTube icon on the Windows desktop and in the Start menu.

*Note: You can download YouTube for PC through Microsoft Store for Windows 10 or Windows 11 only.

You can also download the YouTuBrowser app for PC via this link.

YouTube for PC can be downloaded for free in the other ways if you are using older Windows operating systems such as Windows 7.

Download YouTube for PC via Android Emulator

You can download YouTube for computer and work with it on the computer by using an emulator that helps run Android applications on the computer.

You can check out these articles to choose one of the emulators that help you download YouTube to PC.

After downloading one of these emulators, all you have to do is enter the YouTube download link and then upload it directly to the emulator. You can download YouTube with all its official and modified versions through these articles.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Downloader for PC 2021

These are some of the questions that some may ask when downloading YouTube for PC .

Is there a YouTube Downloader for PC?

Google has not allocated a program to manage and watch YouTube on Windows except through the Microsoft Store, as we mentioned before, but there are other legitimate ways to download YouTube to the computer for free through the Microsoft Store

Is YouTube Download for PC Legitimate?

Yes, the use and download of YouTube on the computer is completely legal due to the support of Microsoft and Google in different ways, so there is no harm that will happen when using and downloading YouTube for the computer.

How to save YouTube Premium videos to computer?

YouTube Premium has many great features. It has the ability to download videos to watch offline without any other software.

In order to download any clip from YouTube with YouTube Premium, you must first start watching any video, then click on the "Download" button below the video and then choose the quality.

Once you download the video from YouTube, you can easily find it in the Account tab or your library. You must be logged into your Gmail account to view the clips offline.

Or you can use YouTube Premium services by using older versions of YouTube software if you want to make it work on mobile or on the emulator.

What is the benefit of downloading YouTube for PC?

The benefit of downloading YouTube on the computer is that you are working on a fully customized platform on its own program instead of dealing with a browser that consumes a lot of device hardware unnecessarily, in addition to the ease of switching between accounts without the slightest problem or conflict on other platforms, such as when using the browser.

How to download YouTube to PC directly?

You can read the article to learn how to download YouTube to the computer in more than one way.

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