Eggs And its Vitamins.. Prolongs Women's Hair And Makes it More Shiny

Eggs And its Vitamins.. Prolongs Women's Hair And Makes it More Shiny
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The Poultry Development Association has published several scientific studies confirming the vital importance of taking vitamin B7, as it helps in improving hair growth and protecting it from hair loss.

We can get biotin from several food sources, the most important and cheapest of all is eggs as a good source of vitamin B7, so nutrition experts recommend eating it on a daily basis in order to get healthy and attractive hair.

Biotin is necessary for the production of a hair protein called keratin, which is the essential protein for the safety and strength of hair because hair follicles are mainly composed of keratin protein, which increases the rate of growth of follicles,

Eggs also contain high levels of protein, minerals and complex vitamins, which maintain the renewal of keratin in the hair follicles. These nutritional components also stimulate hair growth and renewal, and give it more beauty and density. In addition to the fats in eggs that act as a natural conditioner, it gives your hair the desired texture.

The health benefits of eggs do not end with the vitamin biotin, but they are a great source of zinc, selenium and other healthy nutrients for hair, making it the best food to keep in mind for more vibrant and attractive hair.

Researchers have found that one hard-boiled egg provides up to 10 micrograms of vitamin B7, so make sure to eat an egg daily and you will notice that your hair grows about 1.25 cm per month and 15 cm annually.