Figs Are Good For Your Health.. It Controls Your Sugar and Contains Magnesium and Vitamin K to Prevent Blood Flow

Figs Are Good For Your Health.. It Controls Your Sugar and Contains Magnesium and Vitamin K to Prevent Blood Flow
Figs boost your health

Figs have a great deal of health benefits that you should take care of in their short season, as they contain calcium, magnesium and potassium, and vitamin K is useful to prevent blood flow to those who suffer from liquidity.

The American Heart Association revealed that the ancient world had a reverential affection for figs, as it is celebrated in both the Bible and the Holy Quran .

"It's a great and underappreciated ingredient that can be used in multiple ways  ," said Christopher Gardner, M.D., professor of nutrition at Stanford University School of Medicine in California. Plus, "it's very easy to snack on ."

Gardner, a nutrition scientist at the Stanford Center for Prevention Research, confirmed that figs can be eaten dried or fresh, according to the US Department of Agriculture, as figs contain about 2.5% of the recommended daily amount of potassium in addition to magnesium (2%), iron (1%) and calcium 1 % .

According to the USDA, 6 dried figs give you about 125 calories, and higher amounts of magnesium (8%), potassium (7%), calcium (6%), and iron (6%) .

The American Heart Association said figs also contain vitamin  K , which can alter the effectiveness of the blood-thinning medication warfarin .

Dried figs also contain healthy phytochemicals (plant nutrients) and antioxidants, "chemicals that can help prevent cell damage," Gardner explained.

The American Heart Association said figs are sweet and delicious, as they contain natural sugar, as 6 dried figs contain about 24 grams.

That's matched by a reasonable amount of fiber, Gardner said, with more than 17 percent of the recommended daily value. This fiber helps slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

The American Heart Association explained that figs are the first fruit cultivated by humans. Actual figs have been used in traditional medicine as a laxative, and recent research confirms this effect. Other studies have looked at figs for a variety of potential uses, fig extracts reduced blood pressure in mice, in Another study in 10 adults who were given a high-sugar drink, fig extracts appeared to control blood sugar levels .

She said figs are part of a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, adding them whole to hearty salads or dicing them as an ingredient in the signature cranberry salad popular with his students. Fresh figs cut in half with walnuts on top are a great snack .

Whether dried or fresh, scientists see figs as a great way to get more plants in your diet while cutting out unhealthy options, so if you tend to reach for a candy bar at times, figs may be the healthiest food for you.

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