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Food That "kills" The Pancreas

Monday, August 2, 2021
Food That "kills" The Pancreas


Dr. Zahra Pavlova, an endocrinologist at the Moscow University Medical Clinic, revealed nutrients that are very harmful to the pancreas.

In an interview with the newspaper "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", the specialist notes that eating a large amount of sweets, or foods containing a high percentage of calories, not only causes the accumulation of fatty tissue, but also leads to the death of pancreatic cells .

She says, "Inevitably, in the accumulated adipose tissue, inflammation occurs with oxidative stress, against which insulin resistance develops, and pancreatic cells, including those producing the hormone insulin, die."

The doctor advises that there should be a break of no less than three hours between meals, and she says, "The person should eat food again, no less than three hours after eating the previous meal, and no more than five hours."

Pavlova stresses that there is no need to abstain from eating for more than five hours. Because in this case, the hormone "lipoprotein lipase", which is responsible for monitoring the level of nutrients in the blood, is active in the fatty tissue, which leads to an increase in fat accumulation.

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