For Diabetics.. Know The Best Types of Diet To Lose Weight

For Diabetics.. Know The Best Types of Diet To Lose Weight
Weight loss for diabetics


Maintaining a healthy weight is an important goal if you have type 1 diabetes . Obesity is a major risk factor for developing insulin resistance, and a major obstacle to achieving long-term glycemic control, and weight loss can be an effective antidote. the loss of 16% of excess weight can lead to regulate blood sugar levels and help people with diabetes, according to the published site " Clevelandclinic " identify the best diets to lose weight if you have diabetes.

Four diets to lose weight for diabetics

1- Diet Dash

The DASH diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains, and low in fat, sugar, and sodium. For example, on the 1,600-calorie-a-day DASH plan , you can eat :

Grains such as brown rice or oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, nuts, seeds, beans or lentils three servings per week .

2- Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on a lifestyle rather than a "diet", as it is based on the way of eating in Greece, southern France and Italy, it is based on eating a lot of vegetables, nuts and healthy fats .

You should get the majority of your calories from plant foods such as :

 Whole grains .

Vegetables and fruits (at least 2 cups each day) .

Eat beans instead of animal protein a few times a week .

Add dairy products several times a day .

You can eat healthy fats every day, such as those in avocados, nuts, seeds and olive oil, eat fish and seafood per week, choose eggs and poultry more than red meat, and limit sweets to only a few times each week .

3- Vegetarian diet:

Vegetarian diet plans are based on avoiding meat, but allow foods such as eggs and cheese.

4- Low fat diet

This diet involves eating lean protein sources, including beans and lentils. The total fat you consume is about 30% calories from fat, while the saturated fat is 10% or less. At least half of your daily grains should come from whole grains. You should also eat :

vegetables .

fruit .

Low-fat dairy options .

Nuts, seeds and oils are less saturated .

Dietitian Andrea Dunn warned of diets that depend on reducing carbohydrates and intermittent fasting, explaining that these systems can expose diabetes to serious health problems.

Diets to avoid:

1- Low or no-carb diet

Using insulin or taking sulfonylureas (a class of hypoglycemic drugs) while avoiding carbohydrates may put you at risk of low blood sugar. If you want to follow this type of diet to lose weight, consult your doctor first .

2- Intermittent fasting and reducing calories

Any diet that encourages prolonged fasting can cause low blood sugar. Even if you are not taking diabetes medications, it is important to maintain consistent eating patterns to manage weight and control blood sugar. Pay attention to how much you eat at any time to avoid High blood sugar .

Any weight loss diet that prescribes a very low calorie intake (800 calories or less per day) can also increase the risk of low blood sugar and low muscle mass.


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