Full Story Zoom Was Fined about $58 For Privacy issues

Full Story Zoom Was Fined about $58 For Privacy issues

Video calling app Zoom is facing more consequences for its past privacy and security lapses, with reports suggesting that Zoom has agreed to pay $85 million to settle a lawsuit accusing the video chat giant of violating privacy and enabling "Zoombombing" (meaning trolls' access to other people's conversations).

The beginning of the crisis

The initial settlement also requires stricter security measures, such as warning participants with third-party apps and offering special privacy-oriented training for Zoom employees, and Judge Lucy Koh said the company was largely shielded from zombie allegations thanks to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act safeguards against liability. about the actions of users.


The settlement can also result in payments if the lawsuit achieves the status of a proposed class action, but don't expect windfall, subscribers will receive a refund of 15 percent or $25, whichever is greater, while others will receive up to $15, and attorneys plan to collect Up to $21.25 million in legal costs.

Zoom Reply

In a statement, Zoom denied wrongdoing and said privacy and security were a "top priority." The company had previously agreed to settle an FTC complaint about similar privacy issues, including a persistent web server installed on Macs.

Zoom was quick to boost security for its video chats after an increase in use linked to the pandemic drew attention to vulnerabilities in its software and services. It started rolling out end-to-end encryption in October 2020, and has made revisions and made Zoombombing more difficult.

The improvements have been too late for some users, however, and it's safe to say the compromise is a warning to companies tightening security late for their apps.

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