Healthy Habits to Promote Digestion.. Eat Fiber and Drink Green Tea

Healthy Habits to Promote Digestion.. Eat Fiber and Drink Green Tea
Healthy habits to keep your intestines working and digesting better

Maintaining the health of the digestive system  is important for the health of the intestines and the distance from chronic diseases, and this can be achieved by following some simple tips to enhance your digestion and stay healthy, according to the “ Healthline ” website .

Eat a diet rich in fiber regularly

Fiber is essential for a good gut. Adding fiber to meals and eating a varied diet is really important, as both men and women should have 25-30 grams of fiber per day.

drink a lot of water

Aside from keeping you hydrated, water also keeps the gut clean and facilitates a good bowel movement, and too little water can lead to dehydration and constipation.

Include probiotics in your diet

Including probiotics in your diet helps the good bacteria in the gut work, and you can get them from yoghurt and yogurt, for example, or through supplements.

Doing physical activities

Your physical activity is as important as your diet, and doing physical activities and making them part of your lifestyle facilitates the work of the digestive system and makes it healthier.

Do not lie down immediately after meals

One of the mistakes that should be completely avoided is lying down immediately after eating, as sleeping or lying down can disturb the digestion process and cause discomfort.

Have more green tea instead of caffeine

For those who are chronically dependent on caffeinated beverages throughout the day, replacing it with green tea benefits the gut. Aside from being rich in antioxidants, limiting caffeine consumption also facilitates digestion and keeps you from problems like acid reflux.

Going to the bathroom enough times a day

 Holding a bowel movement or not going to the bathroom enough times a day is not good, and no matter how uncomfortable you feel as a result, it will also make you tense and give you gut problems.

Take care to clean your teeth

Maintaining the hygiene and health of the teeth and the mouth in general is important to ensure the health of the intestine, many harmful forms of bacteria in the mouth may leak into the intestine and affect its work, so regular brushing and dental hygiene is one of the best ways to avoid problems.


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