How Does Crying Affect Your Psychological and Mental Health?

How Does Crying Affect Your Psychological and Mental Health?


In sadness and joy, we resort to expressing our feelings by crying, but did you know that crying has many health benefits on your psyche and health?.. This is what we will learn about during this report, according to the “ thehealthy ” website , including:

Crying reduces stress

Crying helps you get rid of psychological and mental tension, and it also causes the body to restore the psychological balance of the person who resorts to crying.

Crying improves mood

Crying helps you get rid of the negative feelings you feel, so after crying you feel a great improvement in your psychological state, and you feel psychological comfort and calm.

Crying improves your communication with others

Sometimes crying helps you communicate with others, and also contributes greatly to your communication with others.

Crying saves you from psychological problems

Biochemist William Fry conducted research on crying in the late seventies and early eighties, and proved that crying helps rid the body of psychological toxins.

Crying kills bacteria

Crying greatly contributes to killing bacteria in the body, because tears contain lysozyme, which contributes to sterilizing and purifying the body.

Tears keep the eyes healthy

Tears lubricate the eyes and reduce the incidence of dry eyes.

Crying affects hormones

Crying increases the release of endorphins, a hormone that gives the body a feeling of happiness.

Crying helps relax the body

When you feel sad or happy, you secrete many different hormones, most notably the hormone adrenaline, and then you feel the relaxation of the body and psychological calm.


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