How Does Nasal Wash With Saline Help in Resisting Upper Respiratory Diseases?

How Does Nasal Wash With Saline Help in Resisting Upper Respiratory Diseases?
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A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine of India ( NCBI ) confirmed that outdoor pollution, especially in large cities, leads to various acute respiratory infections, and also leads to shortness of breath in the case of chronic lung infection, according to " thehealthsite ".

Nasal allergy and respiratory problems

Exposure to pollutants and microbes makes the respiratory system vulnerable, moreover, seasonal allergies, flu germs, pollen, mold spores, damp fungi, etc. can find their way into our body through the nose and affect our respiratory immunity.

Upper respiratory diseases, including acute and chronic sinusitis, viral upper respiratory infection ( URI ), and allergic rhinitis, are common disorders that can significantly affect a patient's health and daily lifestyle in general. One of the most frequent reasons for visiting specialists and primary care physicians.

Furthermore, colds and allergies can cause nasal congestion , and in such circumstances, washing the nose with saline can help clear the nasal passages by getting rid of allergens, mucus and other debris, while also moisturizing the mucous membranes.

Why is washing the nose with saline necessary?

Nasal rinsing with saline helps remove allergens, germs, bacteria and viruses from the nasal cavity. Regular nasal rinsing can reduce the chances of developing serious complications in the nose.

The study, conducted by the National Library of Medicine in India, confirmed that nasal washing is an effective adjuvant treatment for allergic rhinitis as it promotes clearing of the ciliary mucosa by moistening the nasal cavity and removing covering substances and can help treat nasal congestion caused by colds and allergies.

How is the nose washed with saline?

The traditional method of washing the nose with saline requires the use of a clean, sterile syringe or medicine bottle with a saline solution consisting of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate in certain concentrations.

Why do you use lye?

Saline nasal wash is safer and its effects are fast, as it gently cleans the nasal cavity during a cold or allergy situation, washing away excess particles such as pollen and dust and soothing the nasal passage.