How To Make Your Sleep Easier And Avoid insomnia

How To Make Your Sleep Easier And Avoid insomnia

How to make your sleep easier and avoid insomnia 

sleep in a minute

A person needs deep sleep and good sleep because the body needs that

Here is the easiest way to fall asleep fast  

the food 

Eat early and eat it by 6 pm or four hours before you go to sleep 

If possible, you can walk 81 to 400 blood to and fro this enhances your sleep.


Do not participate in debt because it will reduce the number of hours of sleep and will always remain in your mind, you should beware of this so that you can sleep 

the money

Money, money and money Don't worry yourself because the fear of poverty or aiming to meet someone's needs can cause you anxiety and sadness, you will stop sleeping well 

food and water

Always eat good food, and make sure that you drink enough water, because water is life, and because 90% of the human components are water, so you must drink good water. 


Don't delve into competitive things that you must have by all means. Competing in anything will not only delay you, but end your entire life

The oneness of God

Believe in the oneness of God Almighty in whatever happens to you because this will give you a good rest all the time and live well


Be with good friends daily, it enhances your sleep and makes you fall asleep faster, good friends are very important, if you can't have good friends, it is better to be alone, bad friends cause you to think a lot, because unfortunately good friends are rare

the satisfaction

Don't worry about what you have or don't have because what the human mind can imagine can be achieved, what you want it wants you, no one can exclude you in everything you want to achieve

law of gravitation

The law of attraction does exist, just make sure you have a positive mind and everything you want will be attracted to you

Don't bother anyone 

Do not disturb anyone two or three hours before you go to sleep because a fight before bed is a great pill that can cause you not to sleep 

Get a nice sleep, a deep sleep and a good sleep every night, these are ways to fall asleep fast

Be the best and always enjoy the best 

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