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How To Unlock The Mobile When You Forget The Samsung Security Code

Thursday, August 26, 2021

How To Unlock The Mobile When You Forget The Samsung Security Code
How To Unlock The Mobile When You Forget The Samsung Security Code

How to unlock mobile phone when you forget Samsung security code How can you unlock phone if you forgot Samsung lock code In very short time many people fall into this problem of forgetting the lock code, password or pattern that privately secures their device, surely this It makes a person confused, anxious and anxious, fearing for the information, data and applications inside the phone, so that you, dear reader, can take a number of smart steps and tricks that we will remind you in order to help you unlock the Samsung mobile device in case you forget the security code, now, so as not to prolong it Let's get to our topic base in this article, so stay tuned so we can fly together on this important topic.

How to unlock mobile phone when you forgot Samsung security code

If you forgot the security pattern you set for your phone and want to unlock your Samsung phone, all you have to do is to enter the recovery mode by pressing and holding the button on the side of the phone i.e. pressing the power button, volume down button and volume up button simultaneously, and hold Pressing until your phone logo appears, remove the power button and the volume down button, and keep holding the volume up button only until you enter the recovery mode, sometimes you do this process does not work the first time, you have to try again with the same steps, and go down through the volume up button To access the button Wipe data / factory, then press the power button and press the button responsible for the volume down to access the power button, then scroll down to the web cache partition and also press it, then confirm it with the power button by pressing Yes, and this is done Format the phone and erase all data on it, wait a little while the device unlocks.Now you have to reset the device settings from the language, terms and conditions, etc.

Forgot your Samsung PIN?

At first you enter the PIN code more than once, and a message appears, you press OK, you will see a message containing Forgot your code, click on this option that confirms that you forgot your code, enter your Gmail and password, click now when logging in The PIN code will be cancelled, and now you can generate a new one, noting that this method will not lose you any information on your Samsung phone.

With this we come to the conclusion. In this topic, we have learned how to unlock a mobile phone when you forget your Samsung security code, as well as how you forgot your Samsung mobile phone PIN code.

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