How To Use The Hoover Carpet Cleaner

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Description: If you have carpets in your home or apartment that need cleaning, you can use a Hoover Carpet Cleaner to easily wash and rinse your carpets. Using a c
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How To Use The Hoover Carpet Cleaner
Carpet cleaning method

If you have carpets in your home or apartment that need cleaning, you can use a Hoover Carpet Cleaner to easily wash and rinse your carpets. Using a carpet cleaner, whether you buy or rent it, will help avoid damaging your carpets and furniture. Carpets should be cleaned with a carpet cleaner at least once a year to keep the carpets clean. Although the carpet cleaner looks like a regular Hoover vacuum cleaner, it uses water and a carpet cleaning solution to remove dirt and material build up on carpets. The rug will look like new after cleaning it.

Prepare floors for cleaning

1-Purchase a carpet cleaning solution that matches your needs. 

Various types of Hoover carpet cleaning solutions are available for a variety of uses. Some of them are recommended for certain models of scrubbers. You can choose a solution that treats pet stains and odors, another that removes tough food stains, or one for general cleaning

  • You'll probably use a different brand of carpet solution, but Hoover recommends using their own brand of solutions for a more effective cleaning. 
  • Do not use household solutions, such as vinegar and baking soda, as it is best to use the recommended detergent instead.

2-Move all furniture out of the area. 

Make sure that you are able to leave the room without walking on the clean floor later. If you can't move all the furniture, clear out half the room and clean it up first. You will move the furniture on this part when it is dry and then clean the other part.

  • If you can't move a piece of furniture, wrap the legs in cling film to keep them from getting wet and prevent wood stain or paint from dripping onto damp carpet.
  • Tie long curtains in a loose knot so they don't hang over damp carpets.

3-Vacuum the area before using the carpet cleaner. 

Use a regular vacuum cleaner as a carpet cleaner is not used as a dry carpet vacuum. A regular vacuum cleaner will be able to remove hair, dust, and small particles from the carpet before the carpet cleaner does its job.

  • If you need to treat stains with a specific solution first, do so after vacuuming them. Follow the stain treatment instructions and allow it enough time to work before cleaning the carpet.

 method 2 device filling

1- Place the carpet cleaner on a tile floor to avoid spills. 

Liquid may spill while you fill or empty the tank. Placing it on a tile or linoleum floor will help clean up spills with ease.
  • Do not apply the cleaner to hard floors, which may be damaged by water or detergent spills. 

2-Fill the water tank with hot tap water. 

All Hoover carpet cleaners contain a clean water tank and a dirty water tank. Remove the water tank on the top by pressing the lock on the handle. Twist the cap and fill the tank with water until you reach the fill line. 

3-Add the cleaning solution to the solution compartment or water tank.

 Depending on the device model, you will measure the cleaning solution on the cap on the water tank or in the separate solution compartment. Follow the solution's instructions for the recommended amount of solution to use.

  • Hoover Elite, Hoover Deluxe, and Max Extract have separate cleaning solution compartments. 
  • Other models, such as The Hoover SmartWash+, Hoover PowerDash, and Hoover SteamVac, use a measuring cup which pours the solution directly into the water tank. 

4-Return the filled tank to its place.

 Place the bottom edge of the tank full of water on the carpet cleaner first, then tilt it back toward the handle, and you should be able to slide it into place. Ensure that the edge of the water tank is closed and properly parallel to the base to avoid leaks. 

method 3 Washing carpets with cleaning solution

1-Depress the pedal to lower the handle. 

 Set the scrubber to the wash setting if the appliance has multiple wash and rinse settings. Make sure you are further from the exit so that you can work towards it without walking on clean carpets when you leave. Turn on the cleaning device.

2- Depress the trigger as you slowly push the cleaner forward.

 This releases the cleaning solution and is called a 'wet blow'. Move more slowly than you would when vacuuming, and clean an area of ​​30cm.

  • Do not flood the area. This will cause the carpet and liner to soak in the solution and take days to dry

3- Pull the scrubber over the same area while pressing the trigger.

 This is the second wet stroke that allows the scrubber to remove dirt and debris stuck in the rug.
  • If you have very tough spots, run another wet pass forward and one pass back. 

4- Push the device back and forth without pressing the trigger to finish that area. 

Dry movements will help remove the remaining dirt and dirty water from the carpet. Move the appliance over the same area back and forth again until you see a little water seeping into the dirty water tank. 
  • Always finish with a wet stroke and two dry strokes.

5- Start a new row by passing the scrubber overlapping the previous row.

 Overlap of the cleaning lines by about 1 inch (2.5 cm) will prevent dirt lines from appearing between clean rows of the rug. Repeat the process until you can complete the area using two wet and two dry motions to clean each part.
  • Refill the clean water tank with water and cleaning solution as needed.

6- Refill the water tank to keep the machine running. 

If you start to lose suction or the appliance starts to make a different sound, the dirty water tank may be full. Press the handle down or the latch on top to empty the dirty water. Empty and rinse it once in the sink before putting it back in place.

method 4 Rinse and dry the rug

1-Switch the scrubber setup to rinsing if it has one. 

Some carpet cleaners have a rinse setting that is separate from the wash. If this is your model, switch to the rinse setting and you will not need to refill the clean water tank if the appliance has that setting.

2- Refill the tank with warm water if the appliance does not have a rinse setting. 

You can set up to fill the tank with clean warm water for the rinse step instead of using the rinse setting. Remove the tank, empty it into the sink, and rinse it a few times before filling it with warm water. Put it back in place.

3- Rinse the rug by repeating the wet and dry swipe method.

 Go over the carpet again using two wet and two dry motions. This step removes the cleaning solution from the carpet because you will only be using water or you have switched to the rinse setting on your model.

4- Leave the rug two to three hours to dry completely.

 You can reduce the drying period by using a large fan directed towards the rug. Make sure the rug is completely dry before walking on it or returning the furniture. Walking on it or moving furniture too early could stain it a second time.

Helpful ideas

Clean and dry the cabinets well after use; This helps prevent bacterial growth and a buildup of cleaning solutions that can dry out and clog the interior of your carpet cleaner.

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