Important Tips for Overcoming Nervousness


Important Tips for Overcoming Nervousness
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Some may suffer from nervousness, which varies from person to person, and is a mixture of anxiety, dread and excitement at once, and here your hands may sweat, your heart rate may increase, and you may feel stomach pain .

According to healthline , anything that causes anxiety or fear can lead to a feeling of stress, and it can result from good and negative experiences, such as a first date, a job interview or attending a funeral .

Nervousness is a common feeling caused by your body's stress response, and it involves a series of hormonal and physiological responses that help prepare you to deal with a perceived or imagined threat .

What you can do to overcome nervousness

Nervousness is a natural reaction to certain situations, and with these tips and a little practice you can learn how to keep your nerves from getting better .

1: In uncomfortable situations, remind yourself that stress is normal and can also be helpful .

2: You can't always predict or plan for whatever life throws your way. However, there are some social and work situations that you can prepare for in advance. These include :

Rehearse for a scheduled work presentation or meeting.

Take a friend or family member to an event or date.

Allow extra time to prepare for work, appointments, or other social events.

3: Talk to someone

Call your mom, best friend, or someone else you trust. Sharing your feelings with someone you feel comfortable with helps put things in perspective. They can help you see the situation from a more rational perspective .

4: Try the relaxation technique

Relaxation is important for overcoming nervousness and managing stress in general. Breathing exercises are just one way to practice relaxation. Deep breathing works quickly. It can be practiced anytime and anywhere you feel stressed. There are different types of breathing exercises that may help.


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