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Description: The Egyptian pyramids and how they were built via the website (Since Few) in detail, talking about the Egyptian pyramids is a controversial topic, as
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How were the Egyptian pyramids built?

The Egyptian pyramids and how they were built via the website (Since Few) in detail, talking about the Egyptian pyramids is a controversial topic, as the three Egyptian pyramids are among the wonders mentioned by history, so they belong to the most famous tourist attractions at all, and are a strong source of attracting tourists from All countries, the pyramids are also distinguished by a huge and distinctive architectural building.

Definition of the pyramids

  • The pyramids are huge models that were built by the ancient Egyptians, which made them belong to the ancient Egyptian civilization.
  • The base of each pyramid is formed in the form of a square, it has four walls in the form of triangles whose vertices meet at the same point, forming the top of the pyramid.
  • The three pyramids were built of square stones. The pyramids were built of very solid stones, with square bases.
  • There is a type of pyramid called the amphitheater, where its walls are in the form of terraces, and the most famous of these pyramids is the Saqqara pyramid.
  • The three pyramids were built between 2630 and 1530 BC.
  • The number of pyramids that have been discovered in Egypt is 135, and some of us may have some questions in our minds, such as how those huge pyramids were built.

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Egyptian pyramids and how they were built

The three pyramids were built to be tombs in which kings were buried after their death, because of the ancient Egyptians' belief in immortality after death.

And that the deceased had to take his precious possessions for a second life, and for this reason those buildings were highly fortified to protect them from theft, and below we will learn how to build the three pyramids:

The genius that appears in the method of building the pyramids is due to the engineering method in which the pyramids were built, which was very precise, for example, the walls of the three pyramids were built in the direction of the four different directions north, south, east and west.

The product of multiplying the height of each pyramid by a billion gives us a number equal to the length of the distance between the earth and the sun, and there is a circular hole in each pyramid to allow the passage of the sun inside the tomb of King Menkaure.

A lot of labor was required, in order to build the three pyramids, noting that the period that took to complete the construction of the pyramids was not short.

For example, the pyramid of King Khufu was built during a period of 23 years, and it took between 20,000 and 30,000 men to be completely built, and I think that whoever was building the pyramids was a slave.

However, there was a contradiction to everything that was mentioned about the fact that the slaves who built the three pyramids were Professor Donald Redford, a professor of ancient Mediterranean studies.

The work of the peasants was done in return for some incentives, such as providing housing, food, and clothes without material consideration, and they were also exempted from paying taxes for this work.

The three pyramids were also built using limestone as a basis for construction, and construction was also done through some different other materials such as basalt that was used in building floors, and granite that was used as a basis in building the internal walls of the pyramids, in addition to other materials.

The workers also used many different tools to enable them to break stones such as shovels and hammers made of granite, and chisels made of copper.

After the stones are crushed, they are transported by boats in the Nile to the places to be built.

It was also transported by a greased beam to the place where it is being built, and this is confirmed by some of the carvings that were present in one of the ancient tombs.

Where a group of men were dragging stones through that greased pillar, and they were lifted by stairs that were made of bricks covered with wax connected to the top.

Reasons for building the Egyptian pyramids

Burial is the main reason that encouraged the ancient Egyptians to build these three pyramids.

A pyramid was being built for each king to be buried inside after death, due to their belief that he would be resurrected again in a second life.

They would bury all his belongings and possessions, many valuable clothes, the best drinks, food, and jewels so that he might enjoy in a second life all that he might need to live.

The pyramids were built in very large sizes, in order to protect them and prevent thieves from stealing them.

The names of the pyramids in Egypt

After we know the answer to what is the definition of the Egyptian pyramids, we will show you what are the names of the three Egyptian pyramids in Egypt, which are considered among the greatest architectural structures that were built in the ancient Pharaonic civilization:

Pyramid of King Khufu

  • The pyramid of King Khufu includes a room in which the king is buried, as well as a group of other rooms, in which there are many passages that prevent thieves from stealing the pyramid.
  • There was also a group of secret chambers, which were built to preserve the jewels and possessions of the deceased king, and next to the king in the pyramid were two of his servants, two of his family and two of his retinue.

Pyramid of King Khafre

  • The pyramid of King Khafre includes a set of corridors leading to the room that was carved in the rock for the burial of the deceased king. It also contains many rooms for the burial of the king's family, his entourage, and his servants.

Pyramid of King Menkaure

  •  The pyramid of King Menkaure includes a series of secret passages and rooms that lead to the chamber of the deceased king.

Pyramids miracles

Modern science has not been able to reach the method of building the Egyptian pyramids until our time, despite the great developments that it has reached at the present time, and among these miracles:

  • Modern science is incapable of how the four directions of the pyramid are similar to the south, north, west and east.
  • Modern science is unable to explain how the sun is permanently perpendicular to the top of the pyramid, allowing the sun to enter the room in which the mummy was buried underground at the center of the pyramid.
  • How to build the three Egyptian pyramids on the same straight.

At the end of our article, which was talking about the Egyptian pyramids, we learned through that article a lot of information, including what the three pyramids were, how they were built, and their names.

And the reasons that called for its construction, and we learned that the pyramids are among the most prominent figures that the Egyptian civilization witnessed, and we hope that our article has won your admiration and that it has benefited you.

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