Iraqi Love Whatsapp Status #5

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Description: Today we offer you short Iraqi love WhatsApp cases that are perfectly suited to your WhatsApp status size. All of these cases are romantic in the Iraq
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Iraqi Love Whatsapp Status #5
Iraqi Love Whatsapp Status #5


Today we offer you short Iraqi love WhatsApp cases that are perfectly suited to your WhatsApp status size. All of these cases are romantic in the Iraqi dialect. You can now flirt with your lover in your own dialect or in the beautiful Iraqi dialect. Who among us has not heard the Iraqi dialect and did not like it. I am especially fond of the Iraqi dialect, especially the words of love and spinning in this dialect. You can now change the status of your WhatsApp with it to draw the attention of your lover, lover, or even married people.

Iraqi love WhatsApp cases:

The sweetest love in the whole world, my Lord, for each other.

Alwahs Almabe your laughter Aufah Athjili me.

On the road to Al-Ashk Ahna sweeter two.

People have goals, and you are my darling.

Sdk Anto Halikm if we stay together.

Douna age withers and asked me love me.

My love, you are my money.

Lord save me my princess and do not analyze for a female but me.

Fdwa Al-Hajik Shaked craves passion, enters your wilderness, gets tidy.

Aachkna Shahlath if Halal Issir.

I called you a pulse and changed what I want, and I called you the same, my eyes and a look.

And for the sake of love, there is a soul that I will not regret loving it.

So, the halal nest was surrounded by a circle that brought them together.

And your laughter is an example to God.

When I think of you, I pray to God to bring us together with you and me.

Love was created for you and me.

My soul is mine, if you want it, and I swear to God, it will be difficult for you.

You are one of those things that call the pleasure of life.

Khdnk homeland and the universe from several strange.

Wayne Alka like you, Hui Black, and God is your sister.

And on the night of fate, I will wait for you to be my destiny.

Mkhblni Bs Shswy him loved ones.

Every life and you are my love every minute and every month.

God is my mother.

As long as there is a beat in my heart, it is for you and for you.

Love is not for the first lover.

I don't give a damn about you. I like you and I love your eyes.

Never leave me but you stay Dom and Yay.

I am elegant in you and charming for you and a princess in your hands and a queen when I am in charge of the throne of your heart.

People have goals, and you are my darling, I don't want to be happy.

I adore my phone when the screen lights up with your name.

I need your hug, your letters are no longer enough.

It is sold as a game of wasi with my dog, and I was given a fadwa.

i love you

Your voice is beautiful or my ears are in love.

The dream of my world if Smoug is my mother's paradise.

Yul I love you.

Halal member considering anah once he is halal.

It is not my fault if my comfort is always linked to you.

Hide me in the crookedness of your rib forever, there is my homeland.

I love you for a thousand talk I parked in my chest.

I love you like my mom and dad.

He loves my eyes and I hinder his laughter.

Laila is Qaisi and I am in the nest for the night.

Yaoel my heart fascinates dimples.

Pay attention to yourself, there is a heart that you have a pulse.

You are the only place where my heart breathes.

I have the right to go crazy as long as I have a heart like yours.

You got used to making you forget.

Other than it purely and I took it from the parents because it is settled by divination and brings together all my lovers.

You are my heaven, my grace and all my beautiful things.

I satisfied you with all your shortcomings, I see you complete and satisfied with you.

I adore you as much as your beautiful presence in my mind.

An egg and counted as a mole Tar Aoily.

From the eye of human beings, my Lord is a facade of my innovation, guard us.

I'm going to give you a chance.

The share has been done and you are alone.

Intruder God Shkber pill I live Shamma heartbeat.

Tricks are jealous of me from Assulf Beck.

With your eyes, the magic of Pharaoh's death is me.

I will hug you carelessly and tell you that you are only mine.

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