Joha's Story in school For Young And Old

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Description: Joha's Story in school For Young And Old From Juha's stories before bed, we tell Juha's story in school written One day, Juha decided that his son s
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Joha's Story in school For Young And Old
Joha's Story in school

Joha's Story in school For Young And Old

From Juha's stories before bed, we tell Juha's story in school written

One day, Juha decided that his son should enter school, and he said to himself that his son was diligent and smart

And he will enter engineering after 10 years, and after 4 years of going to school

Ibn Juha came to Juha carrying a paper.

Joha was very happy, and thought that Arne had obtained the full mark in the exams.

And Juha asked his son to read to him what was written on this paper, and when Ibn Juha began to

Reading this paper he could not read a single letter from it, Ibn Juha said to his father, Father, I did not know a letter from what I saw,

So Juha was silent and said to his son, "Eye hit you." Then Juha went to school the next day.

And he met the teacher and said to him: What is in the paper, the teacher replied that it was a summons, so the poor man rejoiced.

The teacher was astonished and said to him: Your son is very weak, for the third time he repeats the first year.

Juha's bedtime stories written

Juha replied: Yes sir, even at home he does not eat food even if he tastes a stick.

The teacher got angry and said to him: Your son is weak in study and not in health.

Juha replied to him, sir, I was not able to do so, so beat him or kill him.

He went out quickly carrying his stick, waving it left and right.

Seven years passed and the child moved to middle school, Ibn Juha attended a lesson in the Arabic language

The grammar branch and the subject was about the subject and the object of it, Juha was happy with his son because he became understood

What the teacher says in the lesson, and he answered without hesitation that he is the doer and Juha calls him

He said: My son, the child came to his father carrying a summons and an order for me.

Juha went to school the next day and met the teacher and asked him what happened.

The teacher said to Juha: Your son assaulted his colleague, and he beat him severely until he passed out.

Juha said: You are right, sir. My son made a mistake, and I apologize to you.

His son replied to him, saying in a loud voice: Father, didn't you tell me that the action is better than the action.

Juha's bedtime stories

Juha paused, and said to the teacher: The one who hits is better than the one who gets hit. The teacher came out hurriedly

As he headed towards his office, he gave Juha a paper and a certificate, and Juha asked the teacher what this was,

The teacher replied: This is a medical certificate and a complaint from the court that he submitted to me

The father of the student who was beaten to give it to you, Juha replied to him with goodness, court!! This is not my son, I could not,

Kill him or beat him, and after 10 years, Ibn Juha graduated and joined the street, and that is why it is said (whoever resembles his father, he is not unjust).

At the conclusion of this story, we must know that reading stories has many benefits. Comedy stories draw a smile

On our faces and make us feel happy, and one of the most famous and wonderful comic stories is Juha's stories. Juha has many who like to read his stories, so we hope you enjoyed this story.

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