Learn About Mental Disorders Caused by Alcohol

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Description: The physical disasters that follow the continued use of intoxicating drinks are sad enough, and horrific enough; But the accompanying mental, moral, a
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Learn About Mental Disorders Caused by Alcohol
Alcohol side effects

The physical disasters that follow the continued use of intoxicating drinks are sad enough, and horrific enough; But the accompanying mental, moral, and spiritual catastrophes are certainly sadder and more terrible. If you disturb the health of the brain, which is the physical organ through which the mind operates, you disturb the mind. It will not have the same clarity of perception as before; They do not have the same rational control over impulses and emotions. 

Heavenly arrangement in the body.

In order to understand a subject clearly, some general laws or principles must be looked at and recognized. And here we suppose, as a general fact, that health in the human body is a natural heavenly system on the material plane of life, and that any disturbance in this system exposes man to destructive influences, evil and infernal in its character. Above the natural and physical level, and resting upon it, while man lives in this world, is the mental and spiritual level, or the degree of life. This degree is in heavenly order when the cause is clear, and lusts and whims are under their wise control. But, if for any reason this delicate balance should be disturbed or lost, a way will be opened for the flow of evil influences more subtle than those that invade the body, for they have the power to act according to the mind and the whims.

We know for sure how a loss of physical health leads to a mental disorder. If the disease center is far from the brain, the disturbance is usually minor; But it increases as the problem gets closer and closer to that organ, and manifests itself in polymorphic ways according to the inherited character, temperament, or character; But almost always in the predominance of what is evil rather than good. There would be anxiety, or ill-natured, or selfish compulsion, or mental ambiguity, or irrational demands, or it might be wicked and cruel inclinations, where, when the brain was undisturbed by disease, the mind was judged by patience and love. sympathy. If the disease that has affected the brain continues to increase, then the mental illness resulting from organic disorder or deterioration, will also increase.


Therefore, it is very dangerous for a person to take into his body any substance that, upon reaching that wonderful thin organ, leads the brain to a diseased work; For, diseased mental work is sure to follow. A fever is a fever whether it is mild or very burning. And so any disturbance of the rational equilibrium is madness, whether it is in the simplest form of temporary obscurity, or in the middle of the night of a completely dark mind. 

We do not write in the interests of any particular theory or in the spirit of partisanship. But with a serious desire to show the truth. You should not accept anything just because we say it, but because it sees it right. Now, regarding this madness, let him think calmly. The word is what shocks us. And as we hear it, we thank God almost involuntarily for the good gift of a balanced mind. What, if for whatever reason this beautiful balance is disturbed and the mind loses its ability to think clearly, or to control lower emotions? Are we going beyond the truth if we say that the man in whom this takes place is only so insane that he has lost his rational self-control; And that he recovers when he regains that control? 

From this point of view, the question of the harm of alcoholic beverages assumes a new and more serious aspect. Do they disturb the brain when they come into contact with its substance? And its deterioration if the connection lasts for a long time? Fact, observation, experience, and scientific inquiry all say an emphatically yes; And we know that if the brain is disturbed, it will also be disturbed; A troubled mind is a crazy mind. It is clear, then, that to the degree to which a man weakens or harms his brain temporarily or continuously to this degree, his mind is unbalanced; At this point he is not a really rational and sane man. 

We are sticking to your thoughts here only that you may have time to reflect, and consider the question in light of common sense and logic. In so far as he does this, will he be able to feel the strength of such evidence which we shall infer in what follows, and grasp their true meaning. 

Other substances besides alcohol act harmful to the brain. But nothing compares to this in the extent, variety, and demonic aspect of the mental aberration that follows its use. We don't speak lightly or violently. But just to say a truth so well known to every observing man, that every man, especially those who take this substance in any form, must hide deeply. Why should such horrible and destructive forms of insanity follow, as they do, the use of alcohol that we should not say. They're following it, we know, and we're sticking to the truth in an official warning. 

Another consideration, which must bear weight with each person, is that no human being can tell us what might be the character of the inheritance he received from his ancestors. He may have an inheritance of latent forces of evil, passed down through many generations, and which are just waiting for a few favorite opportunities to rise to life and work. As long as he maintains rational restraint, and the health system of his life is not disturbed, they may continue to be calm; But if his brain loses its balance, becomes injured or weakened, a sick psychological state may occur and latent evil forces accelerate to life. 

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