Lf Your Weight is Low, Simple Methods Will help You Treat Thinness

Lf Your Weight is Low, Simple Methods Will help You Treat Thinness
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“I want to smoke and control my body” is a sentence we hear from many, whether men or women, not all problems are weight loss, but many suffer from extreme thinness and not knowing the reason, and according to what the insider website mentioned, the cause of thinness must be known first before treating it, as this may be the result of anemia or other problems. Hypothyroidism, diabetes and other health problems.

There are some simple ways to help you gain weight:


1: To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn

On average, you'd need 3,550 extra calories to safely gain body weight. If you're looking to gain one pound per week, that's about 500 extra calories per day .

Weight gain goals vary for each person and should be discussed with your doctor or registered dietitian, but in general, weight gain of about half to one pound per week is considered safe.

2: Choose high-calorie fruits and vegetables

Whether you are trying to gain, lose or maintain your weight, eating a good diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains is key to getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, including raisins, dates, beans, bananas.

3: Eat energy-rich foods

Eating more energy-rich foods, including

Avocado (240 calories per fruit).

Nuts, such as almonds (180 calories in half a cup).

Olive oil (120 calories in one tablespoon).

Dried fruit such as apricots (90 calories for about five pieces).

4: Drinks such as smoothies or protein-packed shakes can help add calories to your daily intake. Some examples of high-calorie drinks include :

Smoothie with peanut butter, chia seeds, fruit, yogurt, and whole milk .

100% fruit juice contains more calories than whole fruit. Healthy people can have 100% juice daily as one of their servings of fruit .

Unsweetened protein powder, which can be added to drinks, oatmeal or yogurt .

Spread peanut butter (about 190 calories per two tablespoons) or almond butter (about 190 calories per two tablespoons) on toast or pancakes .

5: Increase your protein intake

Muscle is made of protein, so eating more protein during strength training ensures that those extra calories go toward building muscle, not fat .

-Smk salmon (29 grams of protein in five ounces) .

Eggs (6 grams of protein per egg) .

-Alvasolaa (6 grams of protein per cup of black) beans .

Nuts (6 grams of protein per half a cup) .

Excess protein can increase the chance of dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water when increasing your protein intake.

6: Pay attention to exercise

Strength training can help you gain weight by building muscle and doing different exercises.

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