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Love Cases For Whatsapp #3

Friday, August 13, 2021

Love Cases For Whatsapp #3
Love Cases For Whatsapp #3


Welcome. Are you looking for love cases for WhatsApp? Today we offer you short love cases that are suitable for your case on WhatsApp. You can now change your status on the WhatsApp program to express the love and romance that you own or that express the reality of love that you live. By changing the status of WhatsApp Love, you will draw attention to the lover, beloved, husband or wife, and express your great love towards him in a technologically romantic way.

Cases of love for WhatsApp:

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  • I don't want them to come close to you, tell them my crazy ones are jealous.
  • Speck Mvtthm once and God I love you.
  • I mourn myself for your absence.
  • You are the happiness that fills my heart.
  • You are a disease that I do not want to recover from.
  • I'm still close but far away.
  • This is a scent for you, with the blackness of your eyes, my home, oh refuge of the heart.
  • My love is similar to human beings in the universe, but the rose is similar to it.
  • I got addicted to you.
  • Because I love you, re-read your messages and smile.
  • What luck is it that made me love you and not see you.
  • She was smiling and her heart was beating in her face.
  • A quarter of my love is equivalent to all who love you and half of my love to you is what your mother loved you.
  • I got into my head again. I love you so much.
  • The most beautiful thing is when you think that your lover is busy with you, and suddenly you receive a message telling you I love you.
  • Love is to give her a rose.
  • And whenever I saw two lovers, I wished you with me.
  • Sometimes there are words within us that do not need an ear to hear, but rather a heart that feels it.
  • true love.
  • In my constitution, dignity first, then love.
  • If I had a homeland, your face is my homeland, and I had a home, so your love is my home.
  • Oh dream come true.
  • You are the happiness that fills my heart.
  • Don't wither when the world used to see you flowering.
  • What if the heart that you have wronged loves God.
  • Any love story complete with marriage, I know that behind it a man who proved his masculinity.
  • I love you and I live with your love.
  • Don't neglect your flower so that others don't water it.
  • I like a heavy man who is only tempted by his beloved.
  • You are mine alone.
  • I love you as I love chocolate.
  • I wasn't going to love him, but his laugh forced the Tayeb to lean.
  • Love for Asmara.
  • I love you happiness I could not describe.
  • I miss you so much.
  • All joy is joy only by your side or with you.
  • And may Matfrqna envious invitation.
  • In your eyes there is something of magic and beauty and an unfailing talk.
  • Your presence forces my sorrows to die.
  • I noticed that one yearns for it.
  • Love at first sight.
  • Many of us live insensitive.
  • I see in you a beauty that never tires my eyes.
  • Hide me with your heart and close the door of your heart.
  • I was wary of everyone but you.
  • I am satisfied with the distance, but I do not like anyone else.
  • God knows that I love you and your father.
  • The house of first love is destroyed, it remains alive until we die.
  • How do I love companionship when I wake up on his voice.
  • I love to visit you with my eyes.
  • Good luck that you are physically present.
  • My desire to hug you is endless.
  • Your picture of me, the world is a paradise, my heart returned to you.
  • It is amazing how your dog is carrying a frank and I am my dog ​​in your absence, it is necessary for several.
  • And you gave me a rose.
  • I loved you and the rest wish.
  • I love you, thank God very much.
  • It's not just the road that hides me.
  • Your eyes are sweet.
  • Nor in the love of Masari.
  • Rich to my eyes.
  • You love her, kidnap her. 
  • I fell in love, so I got stuck, and I lost, so I knew that love is not worthy of me.
  • Most of the problems of love are not from the parties, but from the audience.
  • The gloss of the tearful eye is harsher than its descent.
  • It is my vein that hurt my heart and cried.
  • So your eyes are a conspiracy of beauty.
  • A strong man can only be defeated by a woman he loves.
  • She is Madridista, if she is a queen.
  • I stumbled in your eyes and my heart fell.
  • Whoever loves a woman does not cry at all.
  • Lonely, not because I am alone, but because they are all around me except you.
  • You are beautiful and they are your leftovers.
  • My eyes that love you, I swear to you, they cried so much because of you.
  • You know the last news that came out that I am a moon.
  • Don't argue with me about my rights, you're mine and it's over.
  • What do you know about love ending block.
  • I'm a chasm, love me, Jean, a pill.
  • Thouda love absent prayer.
  • Majitk futility, God that you are the health of my heart.
  • God redressed a longing heart, so he prayed.
  • Sometimes we fall in love with an entire city and the reason is one person.
  • I thought of you as I burned all night.
  • I wish you would realize, piece of my heart, that inside me is a big world inhabited only by one person whose name is you.
  • I keep my promise and I will always love you.
  • I am jealous that someone is closer to your heart than me.
  • And you are with me Basmati Mamtgep.
  • The one who loves you how you didn't make you and Jack you need another person.
  • Beautiful love whatsapp conversation.
  • I love you unconditionally.
  • Every year you are half to my soul.
  • See I miss you.
  • You are your eyes beyond love.
  • Other than seeing you, I think I have my hopes again.
  • Tell me what's wrong with you.
  • Your smile is sweet hero, you hide it.
  • And you are a piece of me if the harm catches me.
  • You know what it means to love you.
  • The most beautiful thing said with love, do not hurt me in Aisha.
  • If satisfaction hugs you get upset without reason.

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