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Lyrics of A Song On The Beginning of The New Year

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Lyrics of A Song On The Beginning of The New Year
Year 2022

Lyrics of songs at the beginning of the new year, in the early days of the Islamic New Year, people begin to search for words and phrases of congratulations on the coming of the new year, to send and share among themselves, and there. These are some of the songs that people used to listen to in celebration of the first day of the year, and we notice that many visitors are wondering about the lyrics of a song at the beginning of the new year, so we prepared our article on Urjil. The news site provides it to you in writing and allows you to copy and share it.

New Year's Song Lyrics

Many people are now wondering about a song from the beginning of the year presented by the great artist Abadi Al-Johar, and they do not find anyone who presents it to them through the Google search tool, and they find it written. . Follow the lines of our entire article:

At the beginning of the new year on the front line

Your day is the fragrance of your happy year, your happy year

And I will be with you all my life, sun and moon

And the star lights your way, even if it's far away

Oh my God this journey is long and I am with you

The number of them and the duration of the seasons by which your day calls me

I look forward to meeting you between the years

Is Raza out of her ability to accept?

Today is the birthday of the year and you are in it

The first of the new dream the new dream

Let the surgeon go

I wish you a happy new year Fazza

The dew rose, your hand in mine, let us begin.

In the morning we draw pictures of the shadows of twigs.


All the unfair doubts I gave you

My life is spring and my way is two steps

And if you dread for a moment, you will be lost.

My eyes are two stars that take you to my planet

At the beginning of the new year you are tall

Your heart is happy and I am with you for a year

Say what you want at first

New Year's Eve Capricorn.

New Year's Song Lyrics

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