Meaningful Educational Stories For Children Written

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Description: Purposeful educational children's stories that we present to you in the form that you can use to develop your children's creative and imaginative thin
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Meaningful Educational Stories For Children Written
Meaningful Educational Stories For Children Written

Purposeful educational children's stories that we present to you in the form that you can use to develop your children's creative and imaginative thinking.

Parents take advantage of the golden opportunity to read  beautiful and useful children 's stories to  their children before bed because it is the most warm and loving time they share with their children.

Every day a new and useful story  and a   variety of wonderful children's stories  we share with you in order to teach your child manners and develop intelligence through sequential events  that carry many benefits.

Meaningful educational stories for children  on our featured site  Story Me Children's stories ,  develop intelligence, develop imaginative abilities and make the child realize in each story a value and creation.

And always the best way to evaluate a child's behavior is to read  children's stories  appropriate for his age and thought.

For more   educational and purposeful children's  stories for children , browse  our  distinguished website and you will find what satisfies you and your children from valuable and purposeful tales and stories. 

A purposeful educational story for children

The story of the arrogant Soso

There was a naughty little chick named Soso, and despite his young age, he never stopped fighting his brothers and couldn't stand staying at home.

Umm Soso used to warn him not to go out alone and always tell him that outside is dangerous for him, and that he should not go out alone so as not to be harmed by fierce animals and large birds. 

But Soso did not hear his mother's words and went out of the house alone without seeing him. 

Soso said to himself: It is true that I am small and weak, but I am able to go out on my own. I will prove to my mother that I am brave and bold.

The little chick met a big goose and stood in front of it, steady to show his courage, the goose stretched its neck and said: Wow.. Wow.. 

The little chick said to her: I am not afraid of you..

And the chick walked and completed his way, then the chick met the dog, and the chick stood in front of the dog, showing that he was brave and strong, and said to him: I am not afraid of you..

Then the little chick Soso walked and left the dog behind and completed his way and then met the donkey, the chick said to the donkey: It is true that you are older than the dog, but I do not fear you, as you can see I am strong and brave

So the donkey brayed, but the chick didn't care about him and didn't feel afraid, so he left, and then the chick met a big camel and called the chick at the top of his voice saying: You camel, you are bigger than the goose, the dog and the donkey, but I don't fear you..

The chick walked happy and happy because no one would dare to confront him, all the birds and animals he met turned away from him and did not harm him because they frightened his boldness.

The chick passed by the bee's house, and he entered it steady and reassuring. Suddenly the chick heard an annoying buzzing, and all the bees attacked him while he was crying and running, and the bees behind him were chasing after him until he entered the house and closed the door on himself.

Little Soso chick's mother said to him, "Maybe the big animals didn't hurt you, but the little ones did."

The chick said to his mother: I have defied all the adults, but this little bee has known me as much as myself.

The chick learned a lesson and since that time the chick is soso that he did not go out of his house unless accompanied by his mother for fear of harming large and small animals.

 I am fully aware that boldness and courage do not work in all situations, but what works in all cases is guarding and taking caution.

A short educational story

The story of the lazy goalkeeper

Rami is a goalkeeper for a team but he is a lazy and idle boy and all his friends work hard except him

 Ramy has been sleeping all the time and all his friends are working to win and reach the World Cup except him

 He only dreams about winning and doesn't work on it and doesn't care what they say and is oblivious to what they're doing

But when a match with another club came, everyone trained except for Rami, who was asleep and idly dreaming of winning without doing any effort.

The match approached, but Rami did not continue training as a goalkeeper, but remained asleep and all his friends trained well and prepared for the match in order to win.

The match came and Rami did not train for his work. He remained in the match, leaning against the wall and sleeping. Then his friend Nour came and said to him: Rami woke up, this is not the time for bed, don't you see that we are in the match!?

Rami heard the words of his friend Nour and woke up, but quickly fell asleep again and continued in this way until the opposing team became eight goals and they are zero.

The coach was very angry about Rami's reckless actions and took him out of the field and entered the player Wissam in his place because he is energetic and lively as usual.

The new team played and scored many goals until the opposing team became six and they were eight, and the situation continued until the match ended with nine goals against eight.

The coach rejoiced at Wissam's wonderful performance and rewarded him and all the players for their efforts.

As for Ramy, the coach dismissed him because of his recklessness and embarrassment for the team. Rami deeply regretted it and decided to change his behavior and become more skilled and more diligent.

 Ramy worked hard and trained a lot until he became a good player, better than others. He gained many skills from his continuous training and became a great player.

 After a while, Rami returned to the coach and asked him to join the team, but the coach refused because of Rami's laziness and recklessness.

But Rami assured the coach that he has become a good player, that his skills have improved a lot, and that his recklessness will not return to him and he will never be lazy after today.

Coach Rami believed him and trusted him and agreed to join him. All the players were amazed by Rami's skills, seriousness and diligence. Thanks to him, the team won many matches and won many trophies, and Rami was famous all over the world.

Rami learned a lesson from his experience, which is that hard work, diligence, and work always bring victory and success, while laziness, recklessness and negligence only lead to loss and failure.

purposeful educational stories for children 

The story of the auspicious monkey 

There was a monkey named Maimon who lived in the forest and was known to get up every morning early in the morning before everyone else. 

And every time Maymoon woke up in the morning, he went out of his house to search for his food on the trees, such as coconuts, bananas, etc., and then returned to his house carrying with him what he had collected

Then he eats something from what he collected and then goes out to play with his friends and enjoy his time with them

The monkey Maimon was making a great effort at his work while collecting coconuts on top of the huge trees and when he went to the lake to drink water and to carry some of it to keep in his home, and Maimun was known for his hard work and discipline. 

One day a heavy rain fell, and pools of water gathered on the forest floor and caused some tree branches to curl, causing their fruits to fall to the ground. 

The monkey Maimon, as usual, went outside early in the morning and found water pooling in front of his house. 

The monkey Maimon drank some of that water and carried some to his house to keep

He also found fruits lying on the ground, so he gathered a large amount of them and brought them to his house so that he could store them for the coming days.

 The monkey Maimon sat down to rest a little, then he said to himself: I will rest this week and will not do any work because I have enough food and drink for a whole week. 

A week later, the food supply for the auspicious monkey ran out, and he went out again to collect the fruits again

The monkey Maimon found workers carrying coconuts, so he carried what he could and what would suffice for a whole week, then went to his house. 

The monkey Maimon remained in this condition for another week, and when he ran out of food, he went out again to collect the fruits, but he found nothing but the bad fruits that the workers had thrown.

The next morning, the monkey Maimon went out to collect his food, but he found nothing to collect

Maimon wandered in the woods, walking, looking for something to eat. Suddenly, he met his friend, an energetic monkey. 

Maimon said to his active friend: Hello, my friend is active

Two activists replied: Welcome, my friend, auspicious

The monkey Maimon said to him: I find good and fresh fruits in you, but as for me, the fruits that I have are bad and not suitable for eating.

Two activists told him why your fruits are bad? The trees are full of fresh and delicious fruits

The monkey Maimon said to him: I gather the fruits that are left for the workers

Two activists said to him: Why don't you collect them from trees as we do?

The monkey Maimon said to him: I am used to rest, and laziness has left me weak and sick. I want a doctor to treat me so that I can recover my activity. 

Two activists told him: Your remedy is to climb above the trees and gather the fruits as you used to do. 

Maimon acted on Sahlan's advice and went back to climbing the trees and picking up the fruits, thus his health and vitality returned to him. 

The auspicious monkey learned that work is a duty, and that we get tired a little today so that we can rest a lot tomorrow.

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