New Bedtime Stories For Kids: The Two Best Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Description: New children's bedtime stories: Welcome my friends again with stories and tales that spark your imagination in a world that is all benefit and through
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New Bedtime Stories For Kids: The Two Best Bedtime Stories For Kids
Children's bedtime stories

New children's bedtime stories: Welcome my friends again with stories and tales that spark your imagination in a world that is all benefit and through.

Don't forget a glass of milk and a fun read :)

New children's bedtime stories: The story of the brave girl 

In a private middle school, a little girl comes home from school and after arriving home, the mother notices that her daughter is sad.

I asked her why are you sad and her mother told her that my teacher who always complains of headaches and gets angry a lot for no reason.

She threatened to expel me from school because of my long clothes because she didn't want to see me in them.

The mother said, but these are the clothes that God wants, my daughter, the teacher wants, and God wants, so who do we obey?

Do you obey God, who created you and created you in the most beautiful form and bestowed upon you many blessings, or do you obey your teacher, who is a creature like you who does not have for herself any benefit or harm.

The girl said, but I obey God Almighty. The next day the girl got into her long clothes and when her teacher saw her she was severely reprimanded.

The little girl could not stand the scolding that was accompanied by the looks of her friends at her, so she burst into tears.

Then she said to her teacher big words that have great meaning. By God, I do not know who to obey. Are you the mother of God Almighty?

Do I obey you and wear what you want and disobey God, or do I obey Him and please Him and disobey you?

But I decided, and I will not go back on my decision, even if I get expelled from school, so I will obey God Almighty.

But I advise you, for the sake of God, to wear the hijab and long dress until you are satisfied with God and His Messenger who commanded us.

And he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “Whoever among you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand, and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue, and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart, and that is the weakest of faith . ”

After the young girl chose to abide by and obey the commands of the One Almighty God and advised her teacher, the teacher was very surprised.

She remained silent for a long time without speaking and then asked the student to bring her mother the next day. And in the morning the mother came thinking about giving the teacher a hard lesson.

And if the teacher says your daughter gave me the greatest sermon I've ever heard. Although I studied pedagogy and took quite a bit of science.

Greetings to you, who instilled in your daughter the love of God and His Messenger, and God influenced your daughter a lot. Until yesterday I came back from school crying while I was praying and promised God that I would respect His commandments. I would never disobey him and asked him to forgive me.

And after the commitment of the teacher and wearing the veil and long clothes. By doing everything that pleases God Almighty, she was completely cured of the headache that had been accompanying her throughout the day.

And provide them with more than a preacher and after her marriage she was telling a student t ha always how much I love you who completely changed my life. Thanks to God and thanks to following his commandments, my affairs are corrected.

 New Children's Bedtime Stories: The Struggling Widow's Story

A poor, righteous widow in her late forties. She raised her two daughters on good morals and observing God in all their actions.

Because of her poverty and pride in her dignity, no one felt her condition. When preparing her eldest daughter she had to buy some simple things from a merchant for a thousand pounds.

She signed a receipt that she would pay him sixty pounds a month. She continued to pay her for five months and then circumstances occurred that prevented her from paying her for two months.

The merchant refused to wait and presented the receipt to the court. I was surprised that the amount written in the receipt was seven thousand pounds. So I went to the unjust merchant and reminded him of the hadith of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, beware of injustice, for injustice will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection.

But the merchant did not care about her words and continued to complain. On the night of the last session, she prayed at night and cried and prayed to God to protect her and even to release her in an amount until she marries her daughter.

In the morning the widow came to court and presented the case to one of the honorable judges. Which if he had ever put women inside the cage.

 The honorable judge asked her: Why didn't you pay the seven thousand pounds to the merchant? She said in a voice close to a faint cry. That the amount was only five thousand pounds, and that the merchant was the father of the lawyer present at the hearing.

The judge turned to the lawyer and asked her politely whether what the lady was saying was true or not, and the lawyer denied her knowledge of the truth.

The judge looked at the accused and asked her about her condition. He knew that she was a widow and was working on raising her two daughters. He looked at her and said to her: She will be resolved, God willing.

Then the session was adjourned, and before the judge entered the deliberation room, he addressed the lawyers with his words and said: I know that you are virtuous and good and you will not delay in doing good.

Then he took out a handkerchief that was in his pocket, put it on the platform, and took out five hundred pounds. He said, "This is all I have, and it is my first participation in the payment of this lady's debts, and I do not know which of you will participate with me."

Then he thanked those present and entered the deliberation room. At this moment the lawyers scrambled to vie for payment until eight thousand pounds were collected in the handkerchief.

Before that, lawyer Bint Sahibuddin had left the court to call her father and tell him what had happened.

The lawyer returned to the hall and was called when the widow entered the deliberation room. The judge looked at the lawyer and said that this handkerchief had more than the required amount.

You can take seven thousand pounds and reconcile with the widow to go home. In the meantime, there was a surprise, as the lawyer said that her father told her that his money does not exceed seven hundred pounds.

He ordered her not to take more than five hundred pounds, so the judge thanked her and smiled at the lawyers who filled the deliberation room.

He said, "I think that the lawyer took the five hundred pounds that I paid, and I think that you do not want God to deprive you of the participation fee."

And at the voice of the supporting lawyers, he looked at the widow and gave her the handkerchief and said: This is from God for you.

She said to the judge, I swear to you that my daughter's wedding was postponed because we needed eight thousand pounds, and I only mentioned that to God alone. Vrzkni you and the best lawyers.

When the widow came out, she was surprised that the lawyer embraced her and apologized to her. She asks her to forgive her father, she gave her the five hundred pounds as a gift from her father.

She said to her, "  Then the sum is eight thousand, set a date for your daughter's wedding, and I will be the first to attend."

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