New Written Whatsapp Status #1

Turbo August 10, 2021 August 13, 2021
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Description: Today we will put written cases for WhatsApp for you. You can now change your status on your WhatsApp now. These phrases from the cases that we have s
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New Written Whatsapp Status #1
New Written Whatsapp Status

Today we will put written cases for WhatsApp for you. You can now change your status on your WhatsApp now. These phrases from the cases that we have set may be similar or similar to sadness and expressive and influential words, or especially cases about life. It has also been diversified to find what you are looking for and benefit more from it for your WhatsApp.

Written cases for WhatsApp:

  • Ok, and from your wound, I began to recover. There is only a little left, thank God.
  • I don't love you, I don't hate you, you are a beautiful period of my life and it is over.
  • Recall his conversation, letter, letter, be a child, he just knew how to read.
  • Put a paste and see what the last thing is copying.
  • And as usual, my capital from your last appearance.
  • For the time after a million, I will not abandon anyone except because of a family. If you do not appreciate my existence, then I will sing about you.
  • I don't know what to write to you, but I know that I wrote what answers you, and I did not come.
  • Do not write and wipe write and wipe the word that you want to say say it.
  • Hunger Halqt tougher than longing.
  • I'm afraid to get used to being close to you, and I'm all close to anything that goes away.
  • Before they were not eating, they say they named now pictures.
  • Every time I decide to arrange my life and work, I choose where to start and return to slumber.
  • Missed me, please, I mean, what happens to my existence and non-existence of one.
  • It is a single conversation. If you disappear, you will feel that you are poor, friends and loved ones.
  • Intruder God is not hard on people who love you.
  • There is neither sadness nor joy, but such a feeling full of calm, a feeling exhausted from this life.
  • Whoever says the past is better than the next, the lack of fate of the next person becomes the past.
  • U say to my eyes I did not wish to meet you to slaughter it longing and you are far from it.
  • He is one person who convinced me that coincidences are sometimes a blessing in general that God has entrusted.
  • By God, I have longing for what is not said.
  • Even when I am happy and relaxed, I am not told I am good and recovering.
  • And whoever sees our children and does not remember God, He makes eyes for blindness, then blindness, and then blindness.
  • You are a blessing that came from my Lord, and in your presence I do not need anyone.
  • By God, I am one of the people, and time is suffocating, and the worries are in my chest, I am unable to remove them.
  • He found him a heart from the bottom of my blood, a villain like me, from the group alone.
  • The blow that hurts your heart makes your mind bigger.
  • Probably a lot of words that come out of me and I felt that I said the words I was supposed to say.
  • After you, my life Kalboha Tsahel home and permanence, memories and a poem.
  • Minds turn gray and hearts are still children who love joy and have the least need to cry.
  • Now we wear silence and sleep with our hearts full of nostalgia and wishes.

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