Occupation Dragons Have Arrived to Conquer | Our Exclusive Press interview With The Founder of Team Occupy

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Description: During the first week of July 2021, the esports scene ignited with the announcement of the Occupy electronic games team , and the announcement came th
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Occupation Dragons Have Arrived to Conquer | Our Exclusive Press interview With The Founder of Team Occupy
Team Occupy

During the first week of July 2021, the esports scene ignited with the announcement of the Occupy electronic games team , and the announcement came through an excellent musical song that shows the great level of professionalism in the team.

The scene flared up after the team was announced because there is now an organized and large third team in Egypt after Anubis and Raad, which paves the way for more competition and not limiting local confrontations and championships between two teams only.

The Occupy team is a team affiliated with the Ahl Masr Press Foundation, and despite the fame of the organization the team is affiliated with, there are many questions and information that we would like to know about the new team. Fortunately, the Arab Hardware team had a press interview with “Abdul Rahman Al-Shamy” founder Occupy team During the dialogue, we touched on many topics related to the team and the e-sports scene in general in Egypt, and here, dear reader, is our interview with the founder of the team.

In the beginning, we are pleased to get to know the founder of the team more, who is Abdul Rahman Al-Shami?

Well, I am Abdel Rahman El-Shamy, born in Port Said, Egypt. I graduated and studied media at the British University, Department of Radio and Television. I am also one of the partners in the Ahl Masr newspaper, which is my father’s newspaper. Internet.

Why did you decide to enter the esports community?

Team Occupy
Team Occupy

I decided to enter the field of esports in general because I am already passionate about electronic games, personally I love games like PUBG Steam and Call of Duty Warzone.

I am also very distinguished in FIFA and was considered well-known in the FIFA community, especially since there is a famous situation for me with EA, where I contacted them in an attempt to make the Egyptian rating recognized, as the player in Egypt was getting a rating but he could not participate in it. Any world championship.

From this step, I established AFG to develop and support electronic games in Egypt and to communicate with EA, and this is my entry point into the world of esports.

According to AFG, it currently owns the FIFA Pro Club Championship, which is an official tournament documented by the Egyptian Federation of Electronic Games, and this tournament is the first FIFA game league documented by the Egyptian Federation of Electronic Sports.

You belong to a journalistic family in the first place, so why didn't you enter the field as a news or journalist and decided to enter as a competitive team?

Team Occupy
Team Occupy

Well, there have been many attempts to cover the scene in a news form, but there is always little interest because the community is still limited, so I decided to enter the field by establishing a large entity to reach the players and spread esports in general in the community.

Through Team Occupy, we are trying to greatly develop and expand the field, and to eliminate the idea of ​​Al-Ahly and Zamalek between the Anubis and Thunder team, which I think has been achieved. Currently, we cannot say that the scene contains only Anubis and Thunder.

So far, the team was established about a month ago, and with that, the team managed to reach the final of the Competitors League for the Arab Champions League, and the team reached the semi-finals in the National Pubg Championship, as well as a number of Fortnite players who have an excellent rating in Egypt, So he considered that the scene has already changed and the team is coming stronger and it only needs time.

The reveal of the team came very professionally and personally, I think it was the best announcement among all the teams on the scene, so how did the idea for the song come about?

We mainly address young people and young people are currently interested in rap songs so the idea came to announce the team through a rap song, at first I tried to communicate with some famous singers in the field of rap, but most of them were busy because of the summer schedule.

We discussed within the group together, and in the end we agreed to hire two friends who start their lives in the field of rap, and the final product was the song that we followed, and the truth is the end result was creative and wonderful and I think that if I had collaborated with a more famous singer, the song would not be better than what we have.

The song was also distinguished by the words, because the lyrics of the song contain a reference to each game, which made it more desirable for young people, because every young man loves a particular game and will find a clip for it inside the song.

You are currently known by the name of the occupation dragons, so how did you invent this name?

In fact, this name is inspired by the famous series "Game of Thrones", where dragons were used in war and battles, and we preferred to use the verb Occupy because it means "to occupy", which gives players great enthusiasm.

The players are now the dragons, and we say to them: Occupy the podiums. Going back to the announcement song, we will find that we have put the phrase “This is an occupation, my friend, J Okibee” to emphasize the idea of ​​occupying the podiums.

After this excellent announcement, we were all surprised by the departure of Roster Valorante from the team , so what happened?

Team Occupy
Team Occupy

At first I would like to express my great respect and love for the team members, they all have a very high level in Valorant, but they could not continue with Team Occupy due to the incompatibility.

The team was suffering from incompatibility issues between them, and the decision to leave was from Roster himself, not from the management of Team Occupy, and when Roster asked me to leave, I agreed because I would not make people play against their will.

Have you used any legal action against them?

There are already registered contracts, but I did not implement the penalty clause in appreciation of the circumstances and conditions, especially as we are talking about young people and some of them are friends

By the way, the decision to announce the departure was very difficult, especially since it was a day after the team was revealed, and it also came after the defeat in the Valorant Strike Arabia tournament, which made many link the decision to leave with the outcome of the tournament, so many advised me to postpone the decision to announce the departure, but I saw It is better to announce and reveal the team's decision.

With the departure of Roster Valorant, what is the future of Valorant for Team Occupy?

After the decision to leave, many saw that participation in tournaments could be suspended for the next year, but in the end I decided to continue competing and open the door to progress to join the team.

By the way, we now have a Valoran Rooster who is the best in Egypt and they did not have the opportunity and we are here to give them the opportunity, so far I have not revealed the current team, but I will reveal it during the coming period through a video clip because they really deserve to be revealed in this way.

There is also another team for the game Wild Rift that will also be announced with a video clip, in conjunction with the unveiling of the Valorant team roost.

What are the main obstacles facing the team at the moment?

The scene is still very limited, the available numbers of professional players are very few in Egypt in various games, and at the same time we find the major teams seeking to include all the distinctive elements even if they are redundant for their needs, and by the way, this thinking I do not attack but rather consider it logical and correct Each team wants to include all the prominent elements of the scene in general.

This is the biggest obstacle I encounter and so far we are trying to overcome it by adding one or two elements of experience to each team so that the elements of expertise develop and improve the rest of the team.

How does Team Occupy try to provide the best atmosphere and train its players?

Team Occupy
Team Occupy

In the beginning we have the gaming house, which is completely dedicated to the accommodation of the players, and it contains all the entertainment facilities such as the PlayStation 5, table tennis, billiards and a swimming pool.

The Gyming House also has an integrated gym to train team members. We do not aim for training in the game only, but we also aim for mental and physical training as well, which we do through the training program in the club, in addition to the players’ diet that focuses heavily on proteins. It provides a complete and healthy meal for each player according to his needs.

Returning to the coaches, we have used a foreign training team at the highest level in all the teams, even the games where there is a national team, we have used the foreign coaches responsible for training the team.

Here, I would like to thank every manager in the team: Mohamed Khattab, the former CEO of Spectrum, Amr Ehab, Hazem Hashish, Mohamed Magdy, Amr Hazem and Ali Ayman for their high and completely professional efforts.

How does Team Occupy intend to develop the esports landscape?

I mentioned before that every team has one or two elements of experience and we want to use this to push the scene forward, so we're going to open an educational academy based in Gaming House and it's completely free.

The academy will provide lessons to the players from the coaching and coaching of the expert player we talked about, and if he sees a new talent worthy of joining the team, we will include it with us, it is very similar to the talent discovery academies.

We also decided that the lessons and the academy's residency should be in the Gyming House so that the trainee sees the size of the team and relates to it.

Finally, how do you see the scene now, and what do you expect to happen in the future?

Team Occupy
Team Occupy

At the present time, the scene is still very limited, because the sponsors are very few, and here we specialize in telecommunications companies. So far we have only one telecommunications company in the scene, and we greatly need the entry of the rest of the companies in the scene.

We need to invest more in the industry and invest in the players as well, because the current number of players we do not guarantee their continuation after the completion of the study, in light of the current wages, the player is at a crossroads after graduation, and the teams must provide distinguished financial opportunities, and this will not happen without sponsors.

As for the future, I think that there will be a great improvement, especially with the awareness role that we are playing, in addition to the great effort made under the leadership of Sherif Abdel Baqi, President of the Egyptian Federation of Electronic Games.

Finally, I want to emphasize once again the amount of effort made by the managers of the Occupy team because they are already making a very great effort and professionalism to the utmost degree, and I also want to mention AFG again, as it will be present in the arena very strongly by organizing new tournaments in cooperation with Spectrum.

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