“Pink And Attractive Lips” Password: Apple Cider Vinegar

“Pink And Attractive Lips” Password: Apple Cider Vinegar

Because the lips are exposed to a lot of dryness, which causes them to crack, and therefore they need to be exfoliated regularly to give them a natural pink appearance. Apple cider vinegar is one of the effective natural ingredients in supplying and exfoliating the lips, and making them attractive. It is ideal for your lips, so do not dispense with it, and try it yourself.

So.. here is the apple cider vinegar recipe for lip plumping:

It is one of the best natural ingredients that exfoliates the lips naturally, so dip a clean cotton ball in a diluted amount of apple cider vinegar, then put it on your lips for 7 minutes.

Then rinse your lips with lukewarm water, after that repeat this recipe twice a day, and you will get pink and soft lips for the ability of apple cider vinegar to exfoliate the lips.