Sad Love Whatsapp Status #4

Turbo August 13, 2021 August 13, 2021
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Description: Today we present to you sad love WhatsApp statuses that you can use now on your WhatsApp. We also offer it to you in the form of short sad cases to fi
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Sad Love Whatsapp Status #4
Sad Love Whatsapp Status #4


Today we present to you sad love WhatsApp statuses that you can use now on your WhatsApp. We also offer it to you in the form of short sad cases to fit the size of WhatsApp cases. You can now change your status in a sad way for the lover. 

sad love whatsapp status:

  • I gave the man I loved to another woman with my hand.
  • Kill me and save me from this I hated my life.
  • But you lose your friend when you give him a debt.
  • My heart hurts so much I can't take it anymore.
  • The tears of your eyes, my tears, the pain of your heart.
  • Take from me two words you miss and attic.
  • Everyone I love disappears.
  • Just cry like a fool.
  • Originally, the guilt is on those who wait for kindness from a woodpecker like you.
  • Life is one day and it is this day.
  • The world is still an unbearable place and life is still very bad.
  • I can't find words to describe this pain we are going through.
  • It is very difficult for a person to see the man she loves in this condition.
  • You cannot wipe your tears.
  • It is easy to die for my dear friend.
  • We will see good days.
  • Nothing will separate us.
  • My heart has not learned how to grow old.
  • I am only afraid of people.
  • I loved you and trusted you, and now you broke me.
  • No matter how hard I try, I keep falling into the gutter.
  • All you need is one companion.
  • Everyone has what they are waiting for, hoping to come back someday.
  • My mother entertains everything with her, despite what her hands are rough.
  • I don't want to see anyone now, by God, I don't even want to see myself.
  • The most tiring thing is that you are not sad.
  • You smile and your eyes are full of tears, Jamal Kalbaj, the patient.
  • Thank you very much, Minnie, thank you very much.
  • Nothing hurts me, it only hurts so much when I see you for someone else.
  • That is, is there anything more beautiful than love for space creatures.
  • I love you so much I found in you everything I'm looking for.
  • I am not an octopus, grandmother.
  • Do you miss them?
  • You and I just know there's no need to know anyone else.
  • Life is sometimes lost in the middle of those who never sinned.
  • That's how things will always be fine with me.
  • How quick men are.
  • If God does not provide a servant with anything, either because he is evil or because he will provide him with something better than him.
  • And life is too obsessive to amaze you.
  • I went and promised and if your scattered.
  • You cannot choose where to go.
  • Basically life is a scandal.
  • I stayed outside.
  • If a spaceship fell on my head, I would not be surprised.
  • We all write a correct answer and change.
  • And you see facts like me, we can't be together, you know like me.
  • Pay attention to your denial, there is a heart that you have a pulse.
  • The smile of my heart you are the title.
  • You have no justice, O world, on the basis that he who loves loves.
  • Love is the most beautiful thing in this world.
  • Have you ever felt that every step you took in your life was wrong?
  • I love you girl with big eyes.
  • I love this man so much I love him so much.
  • When I close my eyes, a face always comes before my eyes.
  • I came to take you.
  • Love is the madly fear of losing.
  • It's hard to kiss your lips while I still love you.
  • God loves you so much, my crazy family.
  • I know you still love me.
  • burn in hell for my love
  • I couldn't get enough of my love for you.
  • I mean, how can I not find someone to love?
  • Adoration Game I am a doll.
  • I'm jealous of you to the point of madness and I want to hug you in front of them so that they know your mother is mine alone.
  • I love you, the reason for everything beautiful and the most beautiful of all.
  • Love is something that a person passes once.
  • If you are good to me, may God bless you for years.
  • Your voice, your tenderness, your laughter, and your fear of my absence. This is what I need to tell my heart that I am alive.

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