Scientists Develop Artificial intelligence That Monitors Social Distancing Violations in Public Places

Scientists Develop Artificial intelligence That Monitors Social Distancing Violations in Public Places
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A team of researchers in Australia has created an artificial intelligence system that is integrated into video surveillance software and can monitor social distancing violations in public places such as airports, for example, without violating privacy.

Researcher Diane Tondrongoro from the School of Business at the Australian Griffith University said that maintaining data privacy was one of the most important concerns associated with this technology, as this system must continuously monitor human activities in order to perform its work effectively.


"Our goal is to build a system that is able to analyze video clips and automatically identify violations of social distancing and report them to airport workers," she added, in statements reported by the TechExplore website, which specializes in technology.


The new system was tested at the Australian Gold Coast Airport, which receives 6.5 million passengers annually by 17,000 passengers per day. The airport contains hundreds of cameras covering an area of ​​290,000 square meters, and includes hundreds of stores and more than 40 gates.


As part of the system’s experiment, 3 cameras were used covering the restaurants area, the waiting room and the place for checking bags at the airport, and two people were employed to compare the videos that are recorded and the results of the analysis that the system finds regarding violations, to determine whether the people who are marked in red through the system They have already committed violations of social distancing.


Tondrongoro confirmed that the new system is flexible in a way that allows the human element to follow up on its findings to reduce any errors and improve the transparency of the system during its use, adding that it is possible in the future to make improvements to the work of this system so that it can be used for other purposes related to monitoring work in public places. .


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