Short Love Whatsapp Status #6

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Description: This is a collection of the most beautiful short love cases for WhatsApp, as we have carefully collected them to suit your WhatsApp in a romantic love
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Short Love Whatsapp Status #6
Short Love Whatsapp Status #6

Short love cases:

This is a collection of the most beautiful short love cases for WhatsApp, as we have carefully collected them to suit your WhatsApp in a romantic love way. Also, words of love for WhatsApp have been chosen with the strongest meanings in order to express your love in a short way on the status of WhatsApp. You can now change your WhatsApp status now with one of these love statuses and express your great love in a short way. It also has very big meanings of love and affection to give WhatsApp beauty and splendor as the owner and a good taste in love.

Short love cases for WhatsApp:

  • Loving loved ones Shayeb to the last cluster.
  • Right your love is impossible, but my heart is not inclined to others.
  • As many people breathe in this universe, I love you.
  • Love is a night that started with his heart.
  • You are my joy if sadness touches my heart.
  • Eid Ashofh Bsmtk and taste sense of your laughter.
  • I kept my dog ​​to look at the state's grievance.
  • And my love, I will not love.
  • Eddie m loves the stranger, you want you to be me.
  • But your voice heals my chest pain.
  • And because I love anecdotes, I chose you.
  • Do not argue with me in your rights, you are mine and it is over.
  • He loves me and he loves me, but we must fight every day.
  • The wind makes me ten breeze.
  • Your mother gave birth to you to steal my heart.
  • God does not deprive us of each other.
  • The day of redemption for my beloved became my fiancé.
  • I adore him, he is the one who made me a part of everything that belongs to him.
  • My days are happy, and your days, O Lord, do not let us know that you and I are striving to die, so that we cannot grow old enough.
  • I will have a child who will take from me the beauty of my eyes and my smile, and he will take his heart from his father who chose me.
  • But your eyes have no resemblance to God's creation.
  • Hawaii lovers.
  • Every life and you are my love every minute and every month.
  • I love you love across the sky limit.
  • A flip for the palms of your hands, a flip for your eyes, and another for its usual place.
  • I told her you look like the moon, she said I really look like you.
  • I congratulate you on my mind, I don't have you for people, but your eyes are on my mind.
  • How much do I see you until I feel my face eyes.
  • And you have your voice, Mai Ilbhdi Hajji Anhsb Fatir.
  • Lord Bzfh be Akad.
  • He loves my eyes and my eyes to him.
  • I confess when he talks to me my mind goes numb and the whole earth stops spinning.
  • Where are you? This is because I am dead.
  • Yekli Ha Yamen, I went to Fdwa for this, I played the game of Bey.
  • I'm comfortable with you.
  • Self tends to those who spoil it.
  • Jeal to approach anyone to his heart.
  • Make sure that I love you more than what I say and write.
  • Hug my hand, I need the warmth of your hand.
  • Humans pass through my chest, the passage of breath, and you are alone, as firm as my heart.
  • As many people breathe in this universe, I love you.
  • It is easy for people to forget and love.
  • Lord don't lose me heart I used to close.
  • Come write you, the commander of the mind, come and yummy, your gift is present.
  • I love her with so much air, no, I love her with so much love.
  • When my evening begins with you, nothing compares to its beauty.
  • When I leave you with intolerance and I laugh, God loves you.
  • Do you know how your hand is?
  • I love that next from nothing to be everything.
  • Me and my future wife.
  • The joy of love knocking on the door.
  • I love you and you will die for it.
  • Love is to make it your own.
  • May God protect you for your family and me.
  • In your presence starts biting the lips.
  • Good morning, come on, let me sleep.
  • In hugs she is my child and when I hug her.
  • You are a blessing and I seek refuge in God from the demise of blessings.
  • Who knew everything in the world is sweet.
  • Uncle blooms my roses Bkyato.
  • Beck feel my safety, my comfort and my love.
  • I can't see you, you are upset, my love.
  • Your sweet lips, little nose and tangled eyebrows.
  • Be her a man and you will have four women.
  • Shaked the dog is comfortable for those who see you.
  • Hold me darling to your chest.
  • I'll give you my life, you crazy.
  • Did I tell you that no one can control my smile but you?
  • You are beautiful wishes, you are my life and years.
  • Gfgj episode deserves to be ignorant Bhdnj.
  • You gave me something beautiful that never ends.
  • Mo Bideh I want you Bs to him.
  • I love you as a wish I never expected to come true.
  • I don't want them to come close to you, tell them my crazy is jealous.
  • Invoke the seconds with your voice.
  • With every jar, my love for you increases.
  • It is nice to find in this life a worthy soul that you say is my second half.
  • Safety is to always be next to me, even if the world around me narrowed.
  • Fdwa God Ashkd loved ones entered my dog ​​and became a doctor.
  • Only my husband is worthy of love.
  • I am my fiancé's lover.
  • The stick of jealousy kills me, for I am in love with possession.
  • And you.
  • How can I not love him and if he missed a little I died longing for him.
  • I need you.
  • By the way, I love you so much.
  • Your voice like your love answers wellness.
  • Halal each and his voice is not possible.
  • Love whispers in the hearts of lovers that the features are not changed by the years.
  • Lord, make it halal.
  • There is a soul that knows that I worry about it a lot. Lord, protect it for me.
  • Tomorrow comes and I love you more than yesterday.

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