Short, Purposeful Children's Bedtime Stories

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Description: Here are short children's bedtime stories useful, interesting and meaningful that all children adore. Short, meaningful and entertaining bedtime c
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Short, Purposeful Children's Bedtime Stories
Children's bedtime stories

Here  are  short children's bedtime stories useful, interesting and meaningful that all children adore.

Short, meaningful and entertaining bedtime conversations that your child will love and will bring him closer to you as you tell him these expressive and entertaining stories.

Short bedtime stories for children, written with expressive pictures, that we present on our website.  Children's stories  that contain various distinctive children's stories.

My bedtime stories are short, new and wonderful, which we publish every day. 

short bedtime story

The story of Tariq the cunning and the taxi driver

There was a man named Tariq who had never traveled before, so he decided to try traveling and travel outside his city.

Tariq went and reserved his seat on the bus and rode until he traveled.

Then the bus moved until it reached the other city and everyone on board got out. Tariq got out too and started his journey looking for a taxi until he reached the place he wanted. 

Tariq stood in front of the road in a parking lot, waiting for a taxi to ride, and after a while Tarek found a taxi.

Tariq got into the taxi and the driver drove him to his destination.

Then the driver said to Tariq: We have arrived man, pay me now 

Tariq asked him: What is the cost of the trip?

The driver answered: Two dinars 

The cunning Tariq took out a bag with his money in it, and gave the driver one dinar, and then got out of the car

The driver shouted, "Man! where are you going! You didn't give me the rest of my money

 Tariq the cunning said to him: Why do I give you! Didn't you say that the cost of the trip is two dinars?

The driver said to him: Yes.

Tariq said to him: You and I have taken that trip and the fare is divided between us, a dinar for me and a dinar for you 

The driver kept hitting palm to palm while saying: I am such a stupid driver, I should have taken the fare before the destination..

Since that time, the driver does not take anyone to his destination until he first takes his wages.

A short bedtime story

The story of the good poor farmer

There was a poor farmer named Yahya who lived in a very modest house, and lived a very simple life. This farmer had four sons and a wife who complained a lot. She always complains about the lack of food and the lack of money.

The farmer Yahya would go out every day in the early morning to work hard and earn a living to buy food for his children.

Days and months passed and the matter was the same, every day the poor farmer went out and worked tirelessly, and he thanked God for what God provided for him, and nothing grieved him except the constant complaint of his wife every day.

One day, the farmer worked on a farm until he earned his day, and then he went to the market to buy food for his children with the money he earned.

While Yahya was on the road, he spotted an old woman sitting on the ground complaining about her foot hitting a broken tree.

Yahya rushed to her to reassure her and asked her: Are you okay, madam?

The old man replied: I am in great pain, will you help me!

Yahya said to her: I will certainly help you, it is impossible for me to leave you in this state.

Yahya tried to help the old woman and made her lean on her and took her to the nearest doctor to check on her health.

After the doctor finished the examination, Yahya took the old lady to her house and bought her medicine with his money. The old lady thanked him and prayed to him that God grant him and reward him for what he did.

Yahya was pleased to hear the reassuring old woman’s call and said to her: Amen, thank you.

Then he came home thinking about the food of his children what they will eat!

He had no money left and nowhere to work at that late hour.

When Yahya entered the house, his wife shouted at him: Where are the requirements, and where is the food!

Yahya replied: I couldn't buy food. Wasn't there anything left for the children to eat from yesterday's food?!

Yahya told his wife what had happened while he was aware of what awaited him of reproach and screaming, but he did not care, as he did nothing but his human duty.

The next morning, Yahya went out early, as usual, to look for work, when someone met him, who seemed to be rich and wealthy

The man asked him: Are you Yahya?!

Yahya replied: Yes, this is me. How can I help you?

The man said to him: I have been looking for you since yesterday, I heard that you are a good man and a serious farmer at work, so I came to offer you work on my farm for a weekly wage.

Saad Yahya with the man's offer and he agreed immediately and he praises God and thanks him for what God has provided him with as a result of what he did, for the week's wage was double what he earned in one month.

Short bedtime story

The story of the farmer Mohsoun Al-Tamaa

There was a farmer living a simple life with his wife on his small farm, and the farmer had chickens to sell their eggs and cows to sell their milk so that he could buy with that money what he and his wife would eat.

One day, Mahsoun found three golden eggs among the eggs, laid by a hen.

Mahsoun did not believe himself when he saw the golden eggs in the middle of the eggs and kept closing his eyes and opening them in order to wake up from this beautiful dream, but nothing has changed, and what he sees is real!

Mahsoun ran to his house and shouted to his wife: My wife! my wife! Look what's in my hand...

His wife answered him with astonishment: What are you, Mahsoun? All the neighbors have heard your yell! 

Mahson said to her: You will not believe what is in my hand, they are golden eggs!

His wife was amazed when she saw the golden eggs in Mahsoun's hand: she asked him:

Where did you get these golden eggs, Mahsoun?

Mahsoun answered all her questions as he told her what happened to him and how he found the golden eggs in the middle of the eggs and showed her where the eggs were taken from

Days passed and Mahsoun went to the chicken every day, hoping to find other golden eggs, but to no avail, until he was bored.

After a whole month, Mahsoun went to collect the eggs as usual, and he was surprised by the same three golden eggs.

Mahsoun returned home with the golden eggs and sat with his wife to think with her. They concluded that one of the eggs lays those golden eggs once a month.

Mahsoun's wife was very happy and she kept thanking God for this blessing. Those eggs are enough for them to buy with their price what fills their hunger for a whole month.

As for Mahsoun, he had a different opinion.

Mahsoun said to his wife: Hear what I am going to tell you.

His wife said to him: What is it, Mahsoun? 

He said to her: We now know that one of those hens lays golden eggs.

His wife said to her: Yes, so what?

Mahsoun said to her: If we do that chicken, we will find a lot of gold inside it

His wife said to him, surprised: What are you saying, Mahsoun! Are you thinking of killing all the chickens?!

He said to her: So what! Imagine the riches we will be in when we get the gold in the chicken's belly, we won't need the rest of the chickens that we will slaughter.

His wife said to him with displeasure: Don't forget, Mahsoun, that greed is a bad quality and you may lose everything..

But Mahson did not care what his wife said, and he carried out his plan and slaughtered all the chickens, but he did not find gold inside any of them, and thus Mahsoun lost all the chickens he had.

Mahsoun repented greatly and kept crying and hitting his head and saying: I wish I had heard my wife’s words and kept greed away from me. If it wasn’t for greed, I would have had chickens, and I would get golden eggs every month.

Mahsoun regretted a lot, but remorse does not benefit him in anything, and because of greed, they have tasted all the chickens and eggs and lost the golden eggs that he gets every month.

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