Stories About Space For Children, interesting Fictional Stories

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Description: Children's stories about space, interesting and related to reality, will give the child ideas about space and an idea of ​​the adventures that astron
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Stories About Space For Children, interesting Fictional Stories
Space stories for kids

Children's stories  about space, interesting and related to reality, will give the child ideas about space and an idea of ​​the adventures that astronauts experience in their space flights.

Pictured stories for children about space, wonderfully inspired by imagination, with an artistic, literary, and creative touch that will inspire children and expand their imaginations for wonderful creativity.

In each story about space for children, there is an additional lesson that increases the excitement of children, ideas that will expand their imagination, and the many benefits that each story carries.

Children's  fairy tales about space are distinguished by their dramatic, terrifying, and surprising and exciting plots.

Stories about space written for children. Interesting imaginary stories that have a goal when writing them, which is to keep us away from the world we used to have, to the world of strange imagination with its wonderful and interesting events.

On our site, Story Me Children's Stories, we offer you a   collection of fictional stories about space for children, which we will tell you with love in the coming lines.

Journey to space for kids

Space trip with the strange genie

There is a young girl named Sarah, who loves imagination a lot and was imaginative to the extreme.

Sarah loved reading fairy tales, interacting with them a lot, and watched a lot of films that sent her to another world.

Sarah used to watch a fictional movie every day, and read a fictional story before she went to sleep, which made her feel that she was also living those imaginary events with those fictional characters that she read in stories and watched on TV.

One day, Sarah, as usual, was watching a fictional space movie on TV and lived the events with the film's heroes. 

After the movie was over and by the end of the day, Sarah went to bed to sleep and the effect of the movie was still on him about space.

And while she was thinking about the events of the movie and looking out the window, she was absent-minded

For a moment, she felt the presence of shiny silver stars in front of her in the sky, approaching and shining around her, until suddenly a giant with three eyes and four hands appeared in front of her, and its color turned silver.

Sarah has always wished to see space and stars up close and discover that distant hidden world.

Sarah thought and said maybe this genie is standing in front of her in order to realize her dream, but despite that, Sarah is still shivering in fear of his appearance.

He is a giant genie with six hands and three eyes, and his appearance is different from that of normal humans.

Sarah took refuge in the nearest wall to hide from it, but the genie spoke and uttered words that made her feel reassured.

The genie said that he has good morals and that he is in front of her to fulfill her dream of roaming in space, and that he will not harm her but will help her to achieve her dreams in living events such as the ones she watches on TV and follows in stories.

Sarah felt happy when she knew that the genie had come specifically for her and that he was in front of her to carry out what she wished for and take her on a space trip to explore space and see the stars as closely as she liked.

Sarah's joy was indescribable, accompanying the genie to the spaceship so that he could take her on a trip and see the stars before morning came.

Sarah went on an alien space flight and is happy because she lives what she sees in her imagination and sees all the strange things happening in front of her.

Sarah saw the stars and talked to her a lot while she was asking her about her mission in space, seeing their beautiful forms, small and large, and living her expedition with her genie friend.

The genie has become her friend, and everything Sarah asks of the genie will achieve for her. Thus, Sarah lived everything she read in the stories and watched on TV.

She made new friends in space and in different other worlds, and every night Sarah lived a different fairy tale with her genie boyfriend.

A story about an astronaut for children

The story of the Mars man and the spacecraft 

There was an old man who lived on Mars, and he took a picture in front of a cave on the surface of Mars and shared it with the people of Earth via the satellite internet.

The inhabitants of the Earth were confused about this old man and how he could live on the surface of the lifeless planet Mars, and how to live alone there.

This man was astonishing, baffled all the inhabitants of the earth and his news spread all over the world, as they wonder how he lives on the surface of a planet on which there is absolutely no life.

A person named Hazem and a group of his friends decided to travel to Mars and see the old man for themselves and hear from him his story, the way he lived on this red planet, his way of speaking and his way of living.

Hazem was curious and impatient until he reached Mars and met the old man face to face.

Hazem arrived on Mars with a mixture of fear and terror, and feelings of curiosity, exploration and learning more.

Hazem descended from the ship to the lifeless planet of Mars, but he feels that there is something there watching him.

Hazem's curiosity was enhanced and he was eager to discover and meet that old man to talk to him and accompany him.

Hazem left his friends who came with him in the spacecraft that took them to Mars and started walking alone to explore the planet and search for that old man.

Hazem found the cave that the old man had taken a picture with. He hesitated to enter. He first told his friends who were with him through the communication device he carried with him.

He told them that he would enter the cave, and he was hesitant and afraid, but he was encouraged to do so and approached him.

As soon as he entered his foot, they all felt a strong earthquake that hit that area, which made all the rocks shatter and break.

The team moved away and removed that spaceship. Hazem stayed inside and no news of him.

After the earthquake subsided, the friends came back to take Hazem, but he disappeared from view, they could not find him or contact him.

After a long search, they did not find him, and they got tired of searching, so they went and left him after his tracks disappeared.

After a while, Hazem appeared with that old man in another picture, while they were on Mars.

The team returned to Mars, but they did not find a trace of the old man or Hazem, which increased the world's confusion and astonishment about the strange events that occur on the surface of the planet.

Note that the team did not enter the cave so that the earth would not shake again and what happened to Hazem would happen to them.

Everyone is wondering how Hazem and the old man can live on the surface of a lifeless planet, and what is the secret of that strange and frightening cave, and whether that cave is devouring humans.

To this day, no one has dared to go to Mars and enter that cave so that he does not end up staying there and having a firm fate.

The story is still a mystery to this day.

Space stories for kids

The story of the little boy and the queen of space

There was a young boy named Munir, who did not stop fighting his little brother, and his brother used to bother him a lot and annoy him, and he always wished that he would wake up one day and not find him near him.

One morning Munir woke up from his sleep and found himself alone in a strange place.

He called out loud: Is anyone here? 

But no one answered, after a moment and after he repeated his call: Is there an answer, can anyone hear me?

 A shining star approached him, with a little fairy in it.

Munir said to her: Who are you? And where am I! And what am I doing here!?..

The fairy replied: I am the star of wishes, and I am responsible for fulfilling the wishes of children

 It is your turn to make your dream come true. Now answer my question, what was the last thing you developed yesterday before you fell asleep? 

Munir replied: The last thing you developed, star, last night, was to disappear from my house and go into space because my brother annoys me a lot.

The fairy said to him: And here I am, who fulfilled your wish for you, and you are now in space, and in it you will complete your life, and no one will disturb you.

At first, Munir liked it, and the star roamed with Munir around the space to show him the beautiful forests, crystal palaces, wonderful flowers, shining stars, and fruits different from what he sees on earth.

He was happy with his circumambulation, so the fairy took him to a large palace where there was a queen and her son, and the queen was petting her son and kissing him and telling him how much she loved him.

Mounir's eyes filled with tears and feelings of loneliness surrounded him and feelings of longing for his mother and brother. He knew the value of the family and the value of the mother, father and brother.

He realized that he would not be able to live alone all his life in space without a family, even if everything was in his hands, the family is irreplaceable and priceless.

Munir asked the queen to bring him back to his normal life, and to his family with members of his family, so she agreed and said to him: Ok, but on one condition!

Munir asked her: What is this condition?

The queen said to him: To appreciate your mother and understand your little brother and realize that you are the oldest and wisest, and that you should not oppose him, but befriend him and create feelings of cordiality, love and brotherhood between you, and be for him a good example.

Munir agreed to the queen's request, and promised her that he would not contradict his brother no matter what, but would work on her advice and set a good example.

The queen was happy, so she brought him back to his home, and when Munir woke up from sleep, he found himself on the bed, so he flew with joy and happiness and went quickly to his mother's lap and fell on him and kissed her hands and told her how much he loved her

Then he hugged his brother a lot and kissed his head and said to him: I love you, brother, and I promise that I will not oppose you after today, and I will be your best brother and a good role model for you, God willing.

Munir appreciated the family's blessing and since that time he has accompanied his brother and listened to his mother's words and never angered her, and he thanks the Queen and the star because they made him appreciate the blessing of the family that he has.

Children's stories about space

Space girl and alien creature

There was a young girl who loves space, loves planets and stars, and her biggest dream was to be an astronaut and discover those mysterious and exciting worlds.

The girl dreamed every day of visiting space, and she hoped that one day she would meet one of the aliens and take her on a trip to space, as she always reads in fairy tales.

One day, while the girl was returning home from school, she met a strange creature and was laughing a lot.

The girl asked him who are you? Why are you so different from us?! Why do you giggle so much and don't stop laughing!

The strange being said to her: I am laughing from outer space, and I am here to spread happiness and make the people of the earth smile and laugh and create smiles on the faces of children.

But my car broke down and I can't go on a walk without it. Can you help me, beautiful, so that we can fix it?

The little girl agreed, but on the condition that he would take her on a trip to space, so the laughing creature agreed.

The laughing creature gave her a small fruit, but it was strange in shape and color. The girl ate that pill, and as soon as her stomach reached her stomach, it shrunk in size and became as small as the laughing creature.

The girl entered the spacecraft with the being Dahuk, and they went on an interesting journey to explore space and moved between planets from one planet to another and saw different flowers, beautiful colors and many different creatures and got to know them and all of them loved her.

Then she returned to Earth and the being Dhhouk brought her to her home without anyone seeing them, and the girl was extremely happy because she had fulfilled her beautiful dream of visiting space.

She was happy to learn about the different planets, alien creatures, shining stars, and a beautiful, shining moon. 

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