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Stunning Epoxy Resin Crafts || Soap and Candle Making ideas..Video

Monday, August 23, 2021


Amazing ideas with epoxy resin, wax and soap

Hello craftsmen! Are you ready for this collection of awesome crafts? We show you many ways to use epoxy resin and how to make soap and candles in unique shapes! Beautiful handicraft with epoxy resin, soap and wax. Do you want to surprise your friends or family members with a special soap in your home? Put your foot in the silicone liquid and let it dry. Then fill the hole with soapy substance and get beautiful soap in the shape of your leg!

You don't have to repeat our same ideas, you are welcome to turn them into something new! For example, you can cover random objects with epoxy resin to make earrings! We did it with a portion of a chocolate bar and there are so many unexpected things you can use in this! This trick can also be used when making candles. We filled the banana peel with paraffin and got a candle that looks like the fruit of this fruit ;) Then you have to cover the candle with wax and light it!


 00:13 - Great decoration for your phone case

 01:20 - Nice idea with soap

 02:50 - Chocolate earrings

03:02 - Banana candle

04:39 - Soap making idea for parents

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