Symptoms of Summer Cold in Children .. 9Tips For Treatment

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Description: Some children suffer from colds during the summer, due to the use of air conditioners and fans, especially with the high temperatures that the count
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Symptoms of Summer Cold in Children .. 9Tips For Treatment
Colds in children in the summer - archive


Some children suffer   from colds during the summer, due to the use of air conditioners and fans, especially with the high temperatures that the country is currently witnessing. the child directly to the fan air, and there are several other reasons that can cause colds, and if your child is suffering from so you have to read the next lines to learn methods of treatment and prevention, according to the published site "" Babydoppler ".

Summer cold symptoms

If your child has these symptoms, he may have a cold in the summer :


-sore throat.

-Runny nose.

- Sneezing.


Colds usually go away within a week and there is no need to seek medical help, but you should contact your doctor if your child :

He suffers from a high temperature.

The cold does not go away after about 10 days.

He neither eats nor drinks.

He has trouble breathing.

Swollen glands.

9 tips to treat the summer cold for children


nasal aspirator

A stuffy nose can make it difficult to breathe, making your baby feel uncomfortable. You can remove the mucus through the nasal aspirator. It is easy to use. Just insert one end into your baby's nose and the other into your mouth. Sucking the nozzle like a pacifier to draw the mucus out of your baby.

Although it doesn't look cute, the filter prevents mucus from flowing out, keeping it clean and effective. To make it easier, some parents add a few drops of saline solution to their children's nose to thin out the mucus beforehand. If you don't have drops, you can make your own by Mix half a teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water .

Encourage him to sleep

When your baby is suffocating, it may be difficult for him to fall asleep, so be sure to clean his nose before bed.

Water vapor

Sitting in a warm, steamy room can help your child breathe. Close the bathroom door and run hot water for a few minutes so that steam forms. Sit with your child indoors to allow the mucus to loosen and use a nasal aspirator to remove the mucus.

head up

If you are carrying your baby, tilting his head up will allow him to breathe easily. You can try placing a rolled-up towel under the mattress where he will place his head to raise him. Do not put pillows, towels or blankets on the mattress because it increases the chances of SIDS.

Stop direct and indirect smoking

Everyone knows the dangers of direct and indirect smoking to children, but the problem gets worse if they catch a cold. Inhaling smoke can increase recovery time and risk of bronchitis or pneumonia.

petroleum jelly

If you notice redness and dryness in your child's nose, apply a small amount of Vaseline under the nose .

 More fluids

A cold can deplete your baby's fluids, so be sure to continue breast or bottle feeding. If you're serving foods, try adding chicken broth to a drinking glass. Foods rich in vitamin C can give a big boost to recovery .

calm the baby

Your baby is having a hard time fighting off a cold, to help him cool off, more cuddles should be provided.

Avoid medications in general

Although children and adults can benefit from cough syrup or other cold medicine, they are not safe for babies. Most colds can clear up without medicine, so talk to your pediatrician before giving your child anything or any medicine.


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