The 10 Most Beautiful Short Children's Stories Written For A Quiet Sleep

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Description: Do not skimp on your children by reading children’s stories to them, children usually get tired and anxious during sleep, which leads to sleep bein
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The 10 Most Beautiful Short Children's Stories Written For A Quiet Sleep
Top 10 most beautiful children's stories

Do not skimp on your children by reading children’s stories to them, children usually get tired and anxious during sleep, which leads to sleep being lost late at night, and many mothers resort to small and purposeful children’s stories for their children in order to put them to sleep, in our article today.

Since few We will show you a beautiful collection of children's bedtime stories.

Children's bedtime stories written

There are many children's stories, including short and long ones, and these stories are usually purposeful and loved by children, especially during their sleep time. In our article today, we will inform you of many stories for children before bed:

wolf freedom story

Once upon a time in one of the remote villages, near the forest, there was a hungry wolf that had not tasted meat for days and was feeling very hungry. He was hungry, and there he found a very fat dog, and he was very happy, and he was sitting and guarding the house of its owner.

The wolf thought to pounce on the dog and devour it, but the dog was very fat and huge, so the wolf was afraid of the pounce, approached him and said to him, Good morning, handsome dog, what a wonderful fat and beautiful dog you are, you must eat a lot.

The dog replied proudly, saying: Good morning, wolf. Thank you. Would you like to eat like me, eat a lot, and be healthy, instead of emaciation and weakness in your body?

So said the wolf with great enthusiasm, and how can I be like you, fat dog, tell me, the dog replied proudly, you will do nothing difficult, you only have to chase thieves and intruders into your master's house, and please your master and follow him constantly, my friend, and he will give you all the leftover food and meat and some fun and you will not Nothing prevents you.

The wolf started imagining the happiness he would be in, with a lot of food, drink, play and rest, and no one bothered to eat a lot and a lot of leftover food for his owner.

Then the wolf saw the dog’s neck and it was completely devoid of hair, so he said to him, “What is this dog in your neck, when it is free of hair?” The dog said, “It is something that is not important at all.

The wolf said this means that you will not run whenever you want the dog said no, but it does not matter my run when my master wants to run, you emaciated wolf, and here the wolf came back quickly and ran fast saying: No, freedom is a very important thing, you fat dog, and I will not exchange my freedom for what remains Food, hunger is much better than satiety with lack of freedom and restraint, and then the wolf ran away from the dog back to the forest to find any food to fill his hunger.

The story of the monkey and the turtle

Once upon a time there was a beautiful monkey living in the kingdom of monkeys and ruling, but a young monkey came and expelled the monkey from ruling and took his place and then expelled him from the monkey house forever, and the old monkey went to live on the bank of a river above a tree, and while eating figs a large fig fell from the His hand, and he liked the sound of it hitting and falling into the water, and he started throwing more figs, laughing, enjoying the sound in the water, and at that time a turtle was in the water.

So the turtle was accompanied by the monkey, so she went out to him and befriended him in affection and love, and the turtle did not return to her home, so the husband and her children worried about her. I found the husband sad and one of her children is sick, the husband said that one of the children is sick and needs the heart of a monkey to heal, so the treating doctor said that, and here the turtle thought about what the husband was saying.

How do you get a monkey's heart for her child, I thought, should I betray my monkey friend and kill him to get his heart, for the sake of my only child and my husband, but she thought that she had pledged to fulfill, so the turtle said to herself, This is impossible I will not do, but what about my only child will die, so she decided to kill Monkey and take his heart.

She left her husband and her sick child, so she went to the monkey on top of the tree and said to him, How are you, my friend, I invite you to visit my house on the island of fruits and you will like it very much, the monkey replied and was happy and went over the back of the turtle in the water, and when he saw her very distressed and sad the monkey asked her, "Are you my friend why?" You are sad, said the turtle, I am sad because my son is very ill and will die, if I do not treat him.

The monkey said and what is his treatment, the turtle said, the doctor said that his medicine is a monkey’s heart, and I am ashamed of you, my friend. Before I leave my house and my tree, don't you know that we are monkeys, if we travel we leave our hearts with our families or in our homes, the turtle said: Where is your heart now, monkey, said the monkey, my heart is on the tree, my friend, the turtle said with joy and she believes the monkey, let's go So let's take him back, the two of them returned together, to the tree and the monkey climbed up, so the turtle shouted out loud: Come on, my friend, bring your heart and come down, my friend, and here the monkey laughed loudly and said: Hey, my friend, you deceived me and wanted to kill me and betrayed my friendship, so I deceived you the other We will never go back to what we were before.

Why did the rabbit have long and short useful ears?

In the old days, he told about a small family of rabbits living in a beautiful den, and they had two children: a rabbit and a rabbit.. One day the mother said to her two sons: I am going to bring you a big carrot from the field near us.. My advice to you both is that you not leave the house because you are young.. and the world Who around us is great.

And as soon as the mother moved they hurried to the door, looking through its hole..a rabbit said to his sister, Arnoub: Our mother is right, the world is big, and we are still small.

Rabbit replied: This is true.. but we are like our mother, we have large legs, and a tail like hers.. Let's go out to see a little bit of this world, and a rabbit agreed with her.. and they went out.. Then they ran in the wide field, frolicking and jumping everywhere among the greenery. and fruits, and suddenly their sight fell on a cage of delicious smelling fruits.. They approached it. Arnouba said it's carrots..come, rabbit, hurry's an irreplaceable opportunity.

As soon as the two jumped on the cage, he fell and scattered what was inside. He wanted to escape quickly, but they were surprised by a beautiful girl in front of her.. She caught them.. She lifted them up by their ears and shook them vigorously: You have wasted a whole day's hard work..

She threw them in the garden of the house, saying: Stay here.. And remember that you two went out into the world. early.

That's what the girl said.

And the two looked at one another, their ears were lengthened. For the first time in their lives they heard a slight whisper around them, then they heard the garden door open then.. and in a blink of an eye they were outside the garden jumping hard on their way home.. and

here they realized that their ears had become long and began to jump for the slightest movement.

The story of the cocky chick brings sleep

A naughty chick, despite his young age, opposes his brothers, and cannot stand staying at home, and his mother warns him not to go out alone, so as not to be harmed by large animals and birds.

He was oblivious to his mother's voice and went out of the house alone, and said to himself: It is true that I am small and weak, but I will prove to my mother that I am brave and bold.

He met the chick on his way to the big goose, and he stood in front of her, so she stretched her neck and said: Kak Kak.

He said to her: I am not afraid of you.. He walked on his way and met Sow after that the dog, and stood in front of him steadfastly as well.. So the dog stretched his head, and barked loudly: He.. He.. The chick turned to him and said: I do not fear you.

Then Susoo walked until he met the donkey.... And he said to him: It is true that you are older than a dog, but I .. as you can see, I am not afraid of you! The donkey brayed: Eh.. E..! Leave the chick and go away.

Then he met the camel after that, and he called him at the top of his voice and said: You camel are greater than the goose, and the dog and the donkey, but I do not fear you.

Chick walked happy, happy with his boldness and courage, all the birds and animals he met, turned away from him and did not harm him, perhaps they frightened his boldness.

He passed by the bee's house, and he entered it steady and reassuring, and suddenly he heard a disturbing buzzing, and a small bee attacked him, and sting him with its needle in the head, so he ran quickly while she was chasing him, until he entered the house, and closed the door on himself.

Umm Suso said to him: The big animals must have frightened you. Panting, he said, "I have challenged all the adults, but this little bee has shown me the value of myself."

The goalkeeper is one of the children's stories

Saad is a lazy boy, idle, his friends are working hard while he is sleeping, and all his friends wish to reach the World Cup, but he is not interested in what they say, and is oblivious to what they are doing.

But when their match came with another club, everyone trained except Saad, as he was asleep, dreaming of winning, but without making even an iota of effort, the match came close, and it came close, but Saad did not keep training as a goalkeeper.

The match came and Saad did not train for his work, because in the match he was leaning against the wall and sleeping and dreaming of his team's victory.

Then his friend Badr comes and says to him: Hey.. Saad wake up, don't you see that we are in a match?! So he wakes up and then goes back to sleep, and his friend Rashid comes and says to him: Oooof, are you still sleeping? Oh my God... when will you wake up?

He wakes up and then goes back to sleep, and the situation continued like this for a period of the match until the opposing team became eight and they are zero .. Even the coach got angry at Saad's reckless actions, so he took him out, and entered in his place the player Hassan, because he is active and full of vitality as usual.

The result was adjusted, and it became eight against six... until Saad's team became nine and the other team eight and the situation continued until the match ended, and then the coach rewarded the player Hassan for his wonderful performance as a goalkeeper, and of course he rewarded the rest of the players for their efforts, including Rashid, Badr, Mohammed and others.

Several matches continued in this situation, and Saad was replaced by another player, but the coach was fed up with Saad's unenviable behavior.

He was expelled from the entire team, and Saad was saddened by those actions he was doing in front of the audience, so it is certain that half of the audience was laughing at his actions, no, and why only half of the audience? Rather, the whole audience laughs at him, as he always hears in the news the victory of the Tigers team, he is his team, but he wanted to feel that pride and pride in front of everyone, which his friends feel now, but now he has changed after the coach expelled him, he has become unusually active, agile movement unlike Of course, he started training with determination and vigor. He stayed up all night training for his team's next match.. So he went to the coach and asked him to return him to his place, so the coach accepted, but... on condition that he not return again and sleep on the edges of the goal, and indeed Saad changed a lot and became a star.

The story of Souad and television for children before bed

Souad girl smart, studious in her classes, you love her teacher so much, and boasts her in front of her colleagues, the one issue in mathematics, does not take with them only a short time, precedes her colleagues solved, smiles her Mwalimtha encouraging and patting her shoulder , saying to her colleagues:

- I wish I could Tguetdan Bzmilletkn Souad And compete with her in lessons and achievement, for you are not less intelligent and clever than her, but she is active and diligent in studying, and you are slack in performing the duties that you have to do.

The school bell rang, so that the students would spend a short time, resting, playing, and exchanging opinions and ideas with each other.

The students gathered around Souad, this one asked her about a difficult issue, and the other asked her how to reconcile between playing and studying.. From a distance, Hind stood staring at Souad with envy and jealousy, biting her nails out of anger, and thinking in a way that distanced Souad from seriousness and diligence, so her friends alienated her, and her teacher distanced her from her. So they leave the air for her, to take Souad's position...

Hind approached Souad and asked her:

What do you think of the cartoon movie that was shown on TV yesterday?

Souad answered a question:

What movie is this? I don't watch such movies so as not to waste my time.

Hind laughed and said:

- What.. What are you saying, you don't watch TV programmes. What is this ignorance?! Don't you know that there is great fun in these programs and...

Souad interrupted her:

- Great fun and little benefit..

Hind replied, laughing:

- Your mother must prevent you from watching TV, in order to help her with some cleaning work, and deprive you of the pleasure of TV. How I pity you, my friend.

Souad was annoyed by her friend’s words, and she preferred to leave her and go to another place.. But Hinda started chasing her from one place to another, adorning the television and its beautiful entertainment, and decreasing for her the importance of the tiring duties that the teacher mastered in increasing and difficult…

Souad began to lean towards Hind and her ideas and discussions...

Gradually she became convinced of her sweet words and her wrong advice, so she neglected some of her homework and homework, and followed the first movie on TV, then the second movie and so on, until she almost left the TV only a little.. Her mother noticed this shortcoming and neglect So I advised her, but she did not care about her mother’s advice, so the mother had to reprimand and punish her, but she did not succeed. As for Souad’s teacher, she suffered a lot due to Souad’s regression in her studies, and she tried to advise her, but to no avail.. Then the teacher decided to interrupt her in class, and her mother also interrupted her at home and neglected her..

Souad felt She was very ashamed and embarrassed in front of her classmates and her brothers at home, so she realized her big mistake and decided to stay away from Hind and her whispers, and she won the approval and love of her mother and teacher.

The story of the turtle that lost its shell

There was a turtle eating a lettuce leaf thrown in a field, and suddenly I heard a snarling voice:

Finally.. I knew who destroyed my field for me..!

The tortoise looked up, and saw a man with a frowning face, and said:

Please, sir, forgive me, I was very hungry.

Hungry.. huh.. you are a thief, even if you only ate a small lettuce leaf.

You stingy man.. the

turtle growled.. and here is the man's anger at hearing these words.

And before the tortoise could open its mouth, the man snatched its shield harshly, laughing, while the tortoise was crying, and crawling, shivering with cold and fear, towards the nearby forest, where it began sobbing with a trembling voice, awakening the crow and the hedgehog who were sleeping near her..

Why are you crying turtle?

The hedgehog asked her..the turtle wiped her tears with her hand, and started telling them her story with the cruel man who took away her shield..and when she finished telling her story, the crow said to her:

It's okay..I will go right away to the lettuce field..and bring you your shield.

As for the hedgehog, he said to her:

As for me, I will sew the shield for you again, with one of my strong needles.

A little while later, the tortoise returned to her beautiful carapace, and she was elegant again.

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