The Era of AI .. FIFA 22 Completely Changes The Standards of Gaming With HyperMotion Technology!

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Description: At the same time every year, the same scenario is repeated as we write to you an article that collects all the new details about the new part of the n
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The Era of AI .. FIFA 22 Completely Changes The Standards of Gaming With HyperMotion Technology!

At the same time every year, the same scenario is repeated as we write to you an article that collects all the new details about the new part of the never-ending FIFA series. Exactly so that our shock is great, unfortunately, when the final version of the game is released and today? It is the same timing for the usual FIFA article, but this time the role was on the game FIFA 22, which EA revealed officially a few days ago, sharing with us the first details about it that some liked and others did not like, but perhaps what caught the attention of the players is the HyperMotion technology that EA sang about. The key to truly rejuvenating gameplay? Do you really break the fork of repetition?

This is what I will discuss with you during today’s article, which will analyze FIFA 22 in detail with you in terms of gameplay or gameplay, the changes that have occurred, an explanation of HyperMotion technology and how machine learning has finally begun to make its way, little by little, into the new generation games. Are truly revolutionary changes waiting for us in the way play or not?

Strong changes to the style of play, but not for everyone..!

Well, in fact, the beginning of my words may be discouraging or it may be a bit bitter truth, but it remains the truth, EA has dedicated the gameplay changes in FIFA 22 and limited them to HyperMotion technology only and what it offers, and since this technology will be exclusive to the new generation platforms, whether PS5 or Xbox Series X to benefit from their capabilities, this means that all of the following will not be supported and will not be available not only in the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but also on the PC, which is the link behind the controversy here, but...there remain, of course, changes for the last generation and the computer on the one hand. The gameplay but not the same momentum as the new generation versions as you've seen in EA's campaigns.

HyperMotion Technology puts FIFA 22 on the path to revolutionary change!

EA has always come out to say that the change will start here, but I can assure you that the actual start will be with FIFA 22 because it finally knocked on the door of future technologies by enhancing the gameplay with major changes to artificial intelligence and following the principle of machine learning for the first time in the history of the series, which means a lot.

What is HyperMotion Technology?

First, it is a technology for the new generation platforms, whether PS5 or Xbox Series X, and EA told us during the special event in which Arab Hardware was present that it has worked on this technology for years now and it will be the cornerstone in building the next FIFA parts for the next five to ten years, which is a big thing. naturally.

So, are we facing a new engine? No my friend, FIFA 22 is still on the Frostbite engine but HyperMotion is nothing but an augmentation technology for the engine and aims to use the principle of machine learning to revolutionize artificial intelligence and provide the most smooth and realistic experience that FIFA has ever had.

Hey, what does machine learning mean?

The principle of machine learning is simply the direction that developers want to go with games in the future by enhancing the ability of artificial intelligence in any game, which may be represented by side characters, for example, or in the case of our game today FIFA 22: the players themselves and this is in order to increase their ability to respond And interacting with you inside the game in a more realistic way so that they do not appear to the stupidity of the current AI and through complex processes that our hardware team will certainly explain better than me, this AI will not only be able to develop but learn from the vocabulary around it to develop itself, certainly under the control of a program developers, but there is still a lot of freedom for the machine to develop on its own.

Of course, you want to know exactly what this means with FIFA?

What this means is that you will deal with players who are almost aware of what they are doing on the field, you will not feel like you are playing with ten sticks as we say in Egyptian colloquial, you will find that the attacking player moves more in the space to receive the ball on his own, you will find him understand your mentality and tactics on the field and act accordingly And you will find realistic movements of the players themselves inside the field to resemble what is happening in reality as closely as possible, especially since this technology allowed developers to increase the number of Animations tremendously. Therefore, you will not see the automatic effect that appears on the player during the transition stage from Animation to another when shooting the ball, for example, that process It will go smoothly..

EA has shown us how HyperMotion will fundamentally change FIFA 22 by providing two major game-changers:

Enhanced Kinetic Pickup for 11v11 players!

Thanks to HyperMotion technology, EA uses a new feature in player motion capture or motion capture (the company calls Xsens), which allows developers for the first time to record and capture the movement of 22 players simultaneously and in real time on the field with a high degree of intensity and accuracy.

Previously, EA relied on the method of Optical Motion Capture, which is done in specialized studios that make Motion Capture for the most famous players only, and the player had to be stopped at a certain point to capture his body movement, but now with Xsens, EA can record those movements with infinite accuracy While the players perform it on the field through a special suit and the result is a huge amount of information that makes the player's movement unprecedentedly realistic because it records even the smallest movements and details.

Machine learning!

HyperMotion includes, as I mentioned, the principle of machine learning, and according to EA, FIFA 22 will contain an AI capable of learning 8.7 million motion capture frames to reproduce them as real-time animations.

Under these two segments, HyperMotion technology will introduce six new gameplay additions:

Full Team Authentic feature:

This feature records every movement, running, and obstruction of each of the 22 players on the field and the result is a sum of 4000 different Animations and more than three times the normal number of Animations and thus, will increase the intensity and realism of the game to the maximum degree, according to EA's claim.

The ML-Flow:

This feature uses machine learning to fine-tune the movement of players to become more smooth, especially in zigzag Animations or that lie between two different Animations, such as receiving the ball and then preparing to shoot it and the stages before that to get the necessary momentum before paying and accordingly, the transition will become from a movement The other is very smooth and its zigzags are not noticeable to the eye, and this is what the machine learns to apply itself in other situations.

Tactical AI:

Because of the improvement of the AI ​​in general, EA was able to develop the tactical AI of the players in FIFA 22, especially in the offensive or defensive tactics, for example, in the case of attack, you will find that the decisions of one player increased by six times, which means that he can build the attack constructively On his own and faster, you will find his response to your commands better, as you will find the extent of his awareness of the match and his focus in it has become better, meaning more correct.

On the defensive level, the players will move for the first time as a single block, whether horizontally or vertically, you will not find a player also lost from your defensive wall, but all will move together, thus maintaining the tactical form you set for them before the match and reducing the large areas on the attackers, which is excellent.

Kinetic air skirmishes:

Also, using HyperMotion, you will notice a big difference in the cross and air balls and in the way you interact with them, you will find two heads that collide with each other and fuse to reach the ball, you will find players arguing and hitting each other with the elbow, just as it happens in reality exactly when you go out to receive a high ball and also realistically.

spherical control:

Includes improvements to long animations in the first and second touches of the ball and how to exit and dash for example 

Player Humanization:

They are some small frills that make the game more realistic as they embody some of the human behavior of the players and what they do involuntarily on the field such as wiping over the race, arguing with the rest of the players about a free kick for example, the behavior of coaches and even players from directing to each other and referring to body language etc.

On the other hand, here are the changes that will happen to the Gameplay, which will be present on all platforms without any exception:

Rework the goalkeeper!

EA has also tweaked goalkeepers, giving them their own decisions and specific animations that shape their personality, behavior with the ball and how they kick it, with improvements to AI to better interact with blocking balls.

As usual every year, FIFA 22 includes some beautiful touches on the physics of the ball itself and the factors that may affect its speed, strength or direction, taking into account the factor of friction with the ground, air friction and other factors that may change the course of the ball to make the game realistic as well.

The ability of the Explosive Sprint!

You can use this new feature, whether you are an attacker or a defender, where the player gets a sudden overspeed boost when pressing the R3 button at a certain time to be able to pass through the defender in the case of 1v1 or to catch the player with another in the case of a defender and this is considered A new addition in the world of FIFA.

New offensive tactics!

FIFA 22 introduces some new offensive tactics that you can change between in the middle of the two halves to suit your playing style such as keeping the ball in your half and playing on the rebounds more or playing normally and the latest strategies and unfortunately there is nothing similar to defense.

Life improvements in FIFA 22!

EA has revealed to us some of the life improvements that you would like to include in FIFA 22. We mention them in points:

- The pre-match experience will be radically different, due to the power of the new generation, EA can create a lot of important pre-match scenes and this includes entry months for the most famous teams such as You will never walk alone singing with Liverpool and Hala Madrid with Real Madrid, as well as improvements to the firecrackers motorcycles, etc.

- FIFA 22's colors have been improved to become more vibrant and thus better reflect the audience's interaction and the beauty of the pitch green

- The behavior of the audience in general has also been improved, their voice has become more heard than before to keep you in the action and enthusiasm, and the audience will even follow the principle of dynamic behavior according to the course of the match, whether from additional encouragement when winning or feeling heartbreak when losing to really feel that the audience is an integral part of the match

- FIFA 22 will use the 3D audio technology provided by PS5 to enjoy the audience as mentioned above

- The game will be supported by the Haptic Feedback feature of Dualsense so that you feel the ball hitting the back of the net after scoring a goal, and the flexibility of the net and the way it behaves from the goal has increased to give you a better sense of realism

- Some tattoos of top players like Icardi and Firmino will be included because they distinguish the players a lot

- Work was done on the sizes of the players' bodies to match their shape on the ground, starting with the size of the head, chest and legs.

- Alex Scott returns to the comment window, along with improvements to the commentary team, so that he becomes even more sign

- The focus was also on the celebration scenes of the most important goals, whether at critical moments and others, to reflect the excitement that occurs on the field, as well as adding some scenes of the celebration of the most famous players, and even the way some coaches deal with winning or losing, such as Pep Guardiola.

On the other hand, EA revealed to us some recent additions to the game, which we mention to you in the points below:

- The company will focus its utmost on fair play and work on players' complaints such as not recovering the ball even after a foul and other technical problems that will ensure a clean and fair playing environment.

- FIFA 22 will include four new skill moves, including a modification to the Bridge skill (the bridge we have in Egypt) with a newer animation

For the first time, the Pause list will include multiple and complex statistics on each player’s performance in percentages, the accuracy of passes, the expected winner according to the current performance and the first candidate to score a goal, in addition to introducing the principle of heat maps for the first time, thus identifying the course of the match and observing the most frequent places Action.

So is FIFA 22 showing good technical signs?

I will say my humble opinion here and according to what I saw from the clips that EA showed us during the event to say that yes.. the principle of machine learning and HyperMotion will change the game radically, FIFA will become less and more flexible than before without any exaggeration and all the mentioned improvements are benign so don't worry In this regard, because the gameplay will really change completely according to what I saw, which is a promising thing for the future of the series, but..

My Opinions on FIFA 22..The New Generation Upgrade, HyperMotion Advantage and Injustice for PC!

We may talk about these things in upcoming articles, but the idea of ​​​​limiting HyperMotion to only new generation platforms still worries me very much, because it will simply cause an imbalance in playing between platforms, so whoever has a PS5 will have an absolute advantage and I am talking about an advantage that actually affects playing versus a normal player On the PS4, especially since the feature of cross-play or cross-play is supported for science, and I understand that it is time for the new generation to launch and exploit its capabilities and leave the past behind us, of course, but EA had to market a completely new feature or mode in FIFA 22 added with HyperMotion technology so that it tries To be fair between the two parties at the very least.

But to make your main concern is HyperMotion and build your marketing campaign around it is only as the most prominent change that will happen to FIFA 22 and as a change limited to certain platforms and will not be enjoyed by the majority of players. Buy his satisfaction with any other features provided they don't come at the expense of gameplay.

Another point that I do not understand until now is the support for the new generation features of the PC, why does the series continue to lack support for the PC platform, although it has the capabilities that easily qualify it to have HyperMotion technology and machine learning as well, but to become the PC version like the PS4 or Xbox version One, it is a bit unfair and I do not understand it, especially since there is a large segment of FIFA players playing on the PC, and they waited for a special article from us on this issue because it has become a habit now!

Finally, my last problem is with the policy of upgrading the game to the new generation through the FIFA 22 version only, which will cost you $100, which means that you will disregard the $60 PS4 version if you intend to upgrade the game to PS5 in the future, otherwise you will have to pay another $70 of New as if you are buying the game for the first time, either that or costing yourself the entire $100 in a copy that may be indispensable in the first place in a truly unhealthy move.

All in all, we still have to talk about the rest of FIFA 22 and we still haven't got the rest of the rest of FIFA 22 info for a moment so it's not right to judge definitively and let's say that was just a chat with some of my thoughts.

Release date!

FIFA 22 launches on October 1 for all platforms, whether PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Stadia, and you can pre-order from now through the game's official website, and you can get early access to the game starting from September 27 if you are a subscriber to the EA Play service. .

Source  arabhardware

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