The interesting And interesting Story of The Gingerbread Man For The Child

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Description: It is one of the interesting and interesting stories for the child, which attracts his attention and helps him to expand his imagination, because he e
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The interesting And interesting Story of The Gingerbread Man For The Child
The gingerbread man story


It is one of the interesting and interesting stories for the child, which attracts his attention and helps him to expand his imagination, because he expects the rest of the events of the story, and he is even happy with the beautiful end of that story .

The events of the story : It

is said that an old lady was skilled in baking distinctive gingerbread cakes, in the form of dolls of different sizes, which were distinguished by their wonderful taste and distinctive smell, so all the children of the neighborhood gathered around her, to eat delicious cakes, and enjoy the beautiful shape of the dolls .

Whenever the lady made the cake, and left it by the window to cool, and then came back again to find it had disappeared, she thought that the children were eating it, and she was so happy. Cakes are formed and then placed inside the baking tray, and formed in the form of large-sized dolls .

But a small part of the dough remained, so I had to make a gingerbread cake, in the form of a little doll, and put it inside the oven and then left it by the window to cool .

Gingerbread turns into a gingerbread man : A

beautiful butterfly, with blue wings, came to look at the shape of the wonderful gingerbread, and enjoyed its fragrant aroma, and then the butterfly approached the little gingerbread .

And she whispered, "Come on, let's have fun together." Indeed, the little gingerbread rose, and looked at the beautiful butterfly .

And he said to her: Come on, I want us to play together .

The butterfly flew out of the window into the garden, and the little gingerbread man followed, with his little feet helping him to jump all over the place .

When the children saw the little gingerbread man, with his beautiful shape and sweet smell, they jumped after him, trying to catch him, to eat them  .

But the butterfly cried, 'Come on, little one, before the children catch you,' and the little gingerbread man kept jumping, hurrying away from the children, until they came into the garden next door .

And the little gingerbread man lay tired on the ground, while he and the butterfly were resting. They heard the barking of a dog approaching them, and the butterfly was very frightened  .

"Come on, little man," she said, "the dog has smelled you and is approaching you to eat you." So the little gingerbread man got up, rushing past the butterfly .

Then the dog started following them, until they reached the edge of the lake .

The gingerbread man shouted: What am I going to do now, I can't swim?

The butterfly said: I will carry you on my wings and fly .

The gingerbread man said: How can you carry me on your thin wing, it will not bear me?

Butterfly said: Trust me, I can carry you .

During the conversation there was a fox, swimming and playing with the water and listening to the conversation .

Then he said to the gingerbread man, "Come on, jump on my tail, and I'll carry you to the other side ."

The butterfly shouted: Do not believe him, he is the cunning fox, and he will eat you  .

But the gingerbread man said to her, "I'll keep his tail out of his mouth so he can't eat me ."

Indeed, he ran on the fox's tail, and swam with him in the water, and the fox began to tilt the tail right and left, then said: I jump on my head now. The tail is swaying, and it may make you fall in the water .

So the gingerbread man jumped quickly, on the head of the fox, and the fox opened his mouth, so that the gingerbread man ate the gingerbread man, and he jumped on his head .

The little gingerbread man was frightened, and

said to her: Where can I hide, and everyone here wants to devour me? .

And she said to him, "Don't worry, I'll take you to a safe place."

So the butterfly flew carrying the little gingerbread man, until it came to a small island full of trees in the middle of the lake .

And the little gingerbread man said to her: Where are we going? .

And she said to him, I have carried many gingerbread men, women, and children into this place, and made a house for them to dwell in, instead of being eaten by children or animals .

So the Little Gingerbread Man went down to the island, and he found many gingerbread children, frolicking and playing, and he was glad that he would join that beautiful island, undisturbed by anyone, and the Little Gingerbread Man thanked the Butterfly, for what she was doing, and said goodbye to her sadly, but she promised him that she would come to play with him. soon .

Storyline: The Little Gingerbread Man

Written by Carol Morey.

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