The Most Beautiful 7 Wonderful Children's Stories Written Before Bed

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Description: Here are children's bedtime stories written purposefully with pictures that express the content of the stories.
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The Most Beautiful 7 Wonderful Children's Stories Written Before Bed
Children's Stories


Here  are children's  bedtime stories written purposefully with pictures that express the content of the stories.

What makes children most happy is telling them   short stories written in full before bed on their ears 

It makes them enjoy and feel close to their parents and share their little interests.

Do not skimp on your children by reading  children's  stories, short, purposeful, written children's stories

 Because that is what makes them happy and makes them feel loved, reassured, fun and entertained, and you share that with them.

Babies are usually tired and anxious before bed, which sometimes makes them come to you late at night until they sleep near you.

The most effective treatment for this problem that most mothers suffer from with their children is to read   long, purposeful written children’s stories before bed to put them to sleep in order to hypnotize them.

In these cases, parents resort to reading   written children's stories with purpose in order to instruct their children indirectly through children's stories.

On our distinguished website, Story Me Children's Stories, we offer you a   collection of purposeful written children's stories with pictures that express them

 And the most beautiful thing about it is that it is interesting and entertaining, stories written for children before bedtime. 

A children's story written  

The story of the landlord and the seller

It is said that in the town a man went to look for land in order to buy it to build a house on it.

The man kept asking about lands for sale until he found land that the owner wanted to sell.

The man spoke to the seller and said to him: They told me that you want to sell that land

The seller replied: Yes, that's right

The man spoke with the seller and they agreed on a price and the land was sold.

The man who bought the land started building, and suddenly he found something shining underground.

The man was surprised and said: What is this thing here?!

The man carefully dug the ground and took out a jar full of gold and gold coins.

The man thought and said: This meager money is not mine and it is not my right to take it..

The man went to the owner of the land and showed him what he found and told him what had happened. 

The owner of the land was astonished and said: You see who put this meager money in my land.

The man who bought the land said to him: It is not important who put it, but it is yours and your right.

The man said to him, refusing to say: The land became yours, and what you found in it becomes yours too.

The two men did not agree, so they went to the town judge to solve this problem for them.

The two men told the judge what happened, so the judge thought and then asked the two men a question: Do you have children?

The man replied: Yes, I have a daughter.

The man, the owner of the land, said: Yes, I have a son.

The judge suggested to them that they introduce their two sons to each other and get married if they are accepted, and thus they spend that money on their marriage, and what is left, let them spend in the way of God.

The two men liked the idea, and each proposed to his son to marry. The two sons understood each other, got married, and lived happily ever after.

The mother of the two men, they became friends, and each valued the sincerity and sincerity of the other, and they gave alms of that money to the poor and needy, and everyone lived in peace.

Children's hadiths written 

sad clown story

Yazan the clown used to work in the most famous circus places in the world, and all the children crowded into the circus every day to watch his entertaining and interesting show, and the clown was happy with his work because he draws a beautiful smile on the faces of young children with his works.

The clown Yazan worked in this profession for several years, and his works were wonderful, admiring all the attendees and viewers, especially young children, shouting his name: The clown Yazan! The clown weighs!

Yazan was happy and he saw acceptance and love in children and they yearn for him every day.

But suddenly, the number of children started decreasing day by day, and the circus is not as full as it used to be, so that Mozn sometimes does not perform shows because the children do not come to watch it.

Yazan began to feel very sad and thought that the children no longer loved him, and after a long period of absence from the children and no one came to the circus anymore.

The circus owner decided to close the circus and fire the clown Yazan from work because no one came to the circus anymore. 

The clown Yazan returned to his home sad and worried. His young son met him and asked him: What is wrong with you, Father Yazan, why are you sad?

Yazan told him what happened, so Yazan wanted to relieve his father and hugged him tightly to ease his grief and said to him: You, my father Maher, and all the children love you, you should not give up your work because you make me happy and make all the children happy.

Yazan smiled at him and said to him: There is no trick for me, my son, I was fired from work and I have nothing to do and I have no place to display my work. 

The little boy sat thinking: How am I going to get my dad back to work and how I'm going to convince the kids to watch him.

The little son knew that all the kids love his clown dad Yazan, but they don't go to him because they spend their time at home watching movies and cartoons.

The son thought for a long time until an idea came to his mind and he decided to implement it.

The next day, the little boy asked his father for permission to use his phone, so he gave him the weight of the phone, and then the little boy asked his father to dress up like a clown, and do several moves like he does in a circus.

Yazan did not understand what his young son wanted, but he did what he told him to do.

So the young son took a picture of his father and then put the video on the Internet.

And it was only a short time before messages of admiration for the clown Yazan poured out on the Internet.

So Saad Yazan and his joy returned to him and since that time Yazan the clown and his young son help each other and perform circus shows on the Internet 

In a short period of time, Yazan the clown's fame spread in his town and throughout his country, and he had followers, viewers, fans, and all the children loved him and eagerly awaited his performances.

And all this thanks to the intelligence and cleverness of his young son.

Written children's stories 

The story of the rabbit with long ears

It is said that in the old days, there was a small family of rabbits living happily in a beautiful hole, and this family had two little rabbits, one of whom was named Arnoba and the other named Arnouba.

One day the mother said to her little rabbit: I'm going out to get some carrots, don't go out until I come from the field near us, the world is lonely and you may be hurt outside.

Arnouba replied, "Okay mom, count on us, we won't go out."

He also said to her, Arnoub: Listen, Mama, we will wait for you until you return.

The mother left reassuring about her two sons, Arnoub and Arnouba.

Arnoba said to Arnoub: Why don't we also go out, Arnoub, don't we have four legs, and a tail like my mother's tail, we are old, but my mother does not see that, let's go out and see a little this world that my mother always talked about.

Arnoub Arnouba agreed and said to her: That's right, that's what I say to myself, we are old enough and we can count on ourselves and go outside like adults.

Arnoub and Arnouba went out and jogged in the wide field, having fun and frolic, jumping all over the place without getting tired. 

Suddenly a rabbit's eyes fell upon a crate of fruits that smelled delicious. 

Arnoub said to Arnoba: You see those delicious fruits, let's go to them and eat them. 

Arnoub glanced at him, too, and replied: Yes, Arnoub, let's go. It looks delicious. 

They approached him and as soon as the two jumped on the cage, the cage fell and scattered what was inside. 

The two rabbits wanted to escape but were trapped and couldn't get out of the cage. 

A beautiful girl came and said, 'Oh, little ones, you have wasted all my hard work.' 

The girl took the two rabbits by the ears and lifted them up and said to them while shaking them vigorously: You are young, why did you leave the house so early, did you run away from your mother! 

The girl took the two rabbits and threw them in the garden of the house and said to them: Go to your house before the wild beasts eat you. 

The two rabbits looked at each other in regret that they had left the house before the time and without their mother's permission. 

The two rabbits returned to the inn and agreed not to leave the house until they grew up and were responsible. 

Written bedtime stories  

The hardworking story of Souad and TV

There was a girl who was smart, diligent and diligent in her studies. 

The teacher loved Souad very much and was proud of her in front of her colleagues.

Souad understood quickly and did not take time in math problems, and she learned quickly. 

The teacher said to the students: Look at Souad, she is diligent in her lessons, and you are too slow to do your homework. 

The school bell rang so that the students could rest, play and exchange ideas and opinions. 

The students sat near Souad and asked her how she works hard in her studies and how she manages to balance playing and studying. 

As for Hind, she stood from afar, staring at Souad with envy and jealousy, biting her nails from anger. 

Hind sat thinking about a way to stop Souad from studying, stop studying hard and diligently, and be lazy like her.

Hind approached Souad and asked her: Did you watch an animated movie that was shown on TV yesterday!?

Souad answered her, wondering: What movie is this? No, I did not see him! I don't watch such movies so they don't distract me from my studies. 

Hind said to her: What?! Do not follow the programs! What is this ignorance, don't you know that watching these programs and movies is a great pleasure. 

Souad said to her: What is the use of this pleasure, the television is only for wasting time. 

Hind replied, laughing sarcastically: Haha! Admit it is your mother who keeps you from watching TV until you do the boring housework and keeps you from enjoying shows and movies, admit it girl. 

Souad was annoyed by Hind's words and moved away, but Hind chased Souad as she beautified her television beauty and reduced the importance of boring study to her until Souad became inclined to Hind's ideas. 

Souad began to discuss Hind and began to take her words and be convinced of her ideas and work on her wrong advice until Souad neglected her studies and her duties and started watching TV a lot and watching all the movies until she almost left the TV only a little. 

Souad's mother noticed her negligence and neglect of studies, but Souad did not care what her mother told him and her advice bored her. 

Umm Suad was sad about what happened to her daughter, Souad, so she and the teacher decided to punish her until she realized her mistake. 

The teacher interrupted Souad in class because of her neglect and failure to study, and her mother also interrupted her at home because of her neglect.

Souad felt very ashamed of her mistake and was embarrassed in front of her classmates and her brothers at home

But she decided to stay away from Hind because she is a bad friend and Souad returned to her former nature

 And soon she regained her academic activity and won the approval, love and pride of her mother and teacher. 

Written short children's stories

The story of Saad Al-Kazoul, the goalkeeper

There was a boy named Saad who was known to be lazy and not diligent in his work, and Saad was the goalkeeper for the team

All his friends were working and training and working hard while Saad was lazy and was sleeping in his house not interested in his role as a player and goalkeeper. 

All his friends wished to reach the final and win the World Cup. Uday Saad, was lazy and did not care about the team and winning the cup.

When a match came between his team and another club, Saad did not care and did not train for the match, and he was sleeping all the time dreaming of winning without making any effort for that.

Unlike his friends who kept training hard and diligently and non-stop in order to acquire new skills and be skilled players in order to win the cup. 

The match approached and Saad did not continue training as a goalkeeper, and he thought that he would win without training and without work, and he was satisfied with dreaming and wishing only. 

The match came and the game started, and all the players did their best, except for Saad. He was leaning against the wall, sleeping and dreaming of his team's victory. 

A friend of his came and hastened to say while calling Saad: Hey, wake up, don't you see that you are in the match!? 

Saad woke up, but quickly fell asleep, so his friend called him again: Oh, did you sleep again? Aren't you shy!? 

Saad woke up but quickly fell back to sleep and the situation continued as it was until the other team scored eight goals against zero due to Saad's laziness. 

The coach was angry at Saad's reckless behavior on his laziness, so he took him out of play and Hassan entered the other player instead. 

The team played and goalkeeper Hassan worked hard with his activity and vitality 

The result changed and became eight to eight and the game continued until Hassan's team won and scored nine against eight and the match ended with the success of Hassan's team, so everyone missed the player Hassan because they won thanks to him. 

The coach rewarded the player Hassan as a goalkeeper and rewarded all the other players for their efforts. As for Saad, the coach kicked him out of the team because he was lazy and lazy and never worked hard. 

Saad was saddened by his laziness and complacency and decided to rise again and change all his behavior and become the best player in the world, and indeed this is what happened. 

Saad became active and agile because of his continuous training and he trained every day with determination and activity until he became a skilled player. 

Saad went to the coach and asked him to return him to the team, but the coach refused. 

Saad assured the coach that he had changed and had been training hard and vigorously until he became much better than before. The coach agreed on the condition that he would not return to his laziness and sleep on the edges of the goal. Saad promised him and started playing hard and working hard until he became a big star recognized by the whole world. 

Written children's stories 

The story of the sulfur girl

There was a girl who sold matches, and everyone in the neighborhood called her the girl who sold matches.

The girl was selling sulfur in order to buy medicine for her sick grandmother. 

The girl leaves her grandmother at home and then goes outside and keeps spinning in all the streets of the city saying: Who buys matches.. I sell matches.. 

It was very cold, and most of the people were in their homes. 

The Match Girl sold nothing that day, and the Match Girl came home sad because she had no money to buy food for her grandmother. 

The match seller entered and went to her room crying deeply. 

Suddenly I heard someone knocking on the door with a faint sound. 

The Match Girl opened the door, and there was no one in front of the house, but she found a tray of hot soup, and good bread, and a few fruits. 

She brought the Chinese matches, happy, and then took the tray to her grandmother, and she and her grandmother ate the food, and then they slept in contentment and comfort. 

A week passed and the girl who sold matches finds the same tray at the door every day and the food in it. 

The Matcheswoman became happy with the good that she finds every day at the door, and her grandmother began to get better and get ready. 

The grandmother decided to go back to work and help her granddaughter, a match seller, to sell it too. 

The two went out and started calling: Who wants sulfur.. We sell sulfur.. 

The match seller and her grandmother were wandering the streets looking for someone to buy matches so they could earn money. 

As they were walking, an old man with his horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of her. 

He got out of his carriage and walked over to the girl who sold the matches and her grandmother and invited them to share food with him at a nearby restaurant. 

The restaurant he was referring to was very luxurious, and the girl was hesitating whether she would agree or not, but the man insisted strongly, so she agreed and escorted the man to the restaurant with her grandmother. 

They sat at the table. Then the man asked the girl: Are you not studying, my daughter? 

The girl replied: No. 

The man asked her again: Why?! 

The girl told the man why she did not study, and told him that she did not get enough money to study. 

The good man told her that he was with her to help her, and that he had a daughter of the same age but she died, and that he would take care of her and treat her like his daughter, and would bring her back to study until she completed her studies and would provide her and her grandmother with everything they needed. 

The girl and the grandmother were happy for what God had bestowed upon them and thanked the good man. Since that time, the grandmother and the match seller have received help from the good man and knew that he was the one who delivered delicious food to them every day. 

Short children's stories written 

Fake Friends Story

In one of the woods there was a little rabbit who had a lot of friends and he was so proud of it. 

One day the rabbit was wandering here and there enjoying his time, suddenly he heard the sound of dogs barking from afar on their way to chase him. 

The rabbit felt very afraid and ran to one of his friends to ask him for help and help him to hide. 

The rabbit went to his friend the deer and asked him to protect him with his hard horns, but the deer apologized to him and said to him: I am sorry but I am busy, go to someone else. 

The rabbit ran to the bear and told him that the dogs were chasing him and asked him to help him and hide him with his thick hair. 

But the bear apologized to him, saying: I have no business and I have no time for that, I am tired and I want to eat my food and rest, go to the monkey, may it help you. 

The rabbit went to the monkey, all trembling in fear, and asked him for help and help, and told him what happened to him

But the monkey did not care about him and went away after he said to him: Go to the elephant, I have nothing to do for you. 

The rabbit went to the elephant and asked for his help, but he also refused. 

The rabbit was sad because everyone abandoned him and no one helped him in his distress, so he decided to take an adventure and rely on himself, and this is what actually happened. 

The rabbit went terrified and hid among the small trees without any movement. 

The fierce dogs passed by the tree in which the hare hid, but they did not notice him, did not see him, did not feel his movement. 

The dogs kept running and attacked other animals. 

The rabbit laughed and learned that he has no friends and all his friends are fake, and he learned to rely on himself and not rely on the help of others because in times of trouble they leave him and abandon him.

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