The Story of Baba and The Forty Thieves For Children, A Purposeful Short Story

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Description: A wonderful short purposeful story for children, one of the best that you can tell your little one from children's stories , a purposeful and useful
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The Story of Baba and The Forty Thieves For Children, A Purposeful Short Story
The story of Baba and the forty thieves


A wonderful short purposeful story for children, one of the best that you can tell your little one from  children's stories , a purposeful and useful story for children. 

Tell this story to your child every day, a meaningful story for children that is useful and look at its significance and how it will positively affect your little one.

Short stories targeted for children promote the right values and concepts in children simplified and grainy and interesting way and all that we seek to offer our distinguished  children 's stories .

The child gives all his attention and attention to the purposeful short stories that you tell for children and gives you all his listening that makes you feel happy as you see the benefits of the stories transmitted to his small brain and how he will benefit from the lessons in the  children’s stories and  apply them in his life. 

Here is a short, purposeful educational story. The story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is a wonderful story, and who does not know it, we have heard it from our fathers and grandfathers and watched it in many meaningful episodes because it is a heritage story that most peoples know.

A short story for children with a purpose, the story of Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba was a poor man, and he used to live the hard life of the poor, while his brother Qasim, a rich man who lives the life of luxury, eats what he desires, sleeps on the best bedding, smells the best, lives in the most beautiful houses, and does not care about his poor brother who does not even find anything to eat.

Ali Baba had a maidservant named Morgana, and that slave girl cared a lot about Ali Baba and comforted him a lot in his condition and in his poverty.

One day, Ali Baba went on a trade for him to earn a living, and when it got dark he came home tired, and on his way Ali Baba found a huge rock and decided to rest next to it and take cover from the cold and spend his night there.

Ali Baba lay next to the rock, and at some point Ali Baba heard a voice. He got up from his place to see the source of the sound. He saw a group of thieves standing in front of a closed cave on the mountain opposite him.

Ali Baba approached them so that he could listen and know what they were doing there at that late time of the night.

Ali Baba waited for these thieves to go, and after they left, Ali Baba hurried to the cave and entered it and carried as much gold as he could, then returned to his home rejoicing and full of happiness because he saw his life would change and he would enjoy well-being and a luxurious life.

The next day, Ali Baba sent his maid Morgana to the house of his brother Qasim the rich, so that he could borrow a measure of gold.

Morgana went and did what I ordered and told Qasim's wife about it, but Qasim's wife did not believe what she said and doubted about Ali Baba, because he is poor and has nothing to support him.

Qasim's wife daubed the scales with honey so that the remains of what he weighed would be hung in it, and she would know the secret that Ali Baba was hiding.

Ali Baba weighed the gold and returned the bushel from Ali Baba's house, in which remnants of gold were hung with coins.

Qasim's wife told her husband the whole thing, so Qasim decided to watch his brother until he knew the secret of that gold to him.

Qasim watched Ali Baba closely, and then knew the secret of the cave, and that Ali Baba took the gold from it, so Qasim went to the cave to take the gold from it too, but his greed prevented him from leaving, until the thieves came and found Qasim inside the cave and arrested him.

They asked him who told him the secret of the cave and they refused to let him go until they know who discovered their secret, so Qasim told them about his brother Ali Baba, and that he was the one who discovered the secret.

The thieves went to Ali Baba with Qasim in the form of merchants. Ali Baba welcomed them and asked his maid, Morgana, to prepare food for them, but Morgana told him that the oil had run out, so Ali Baba sent her to the thieves’ proximity to bring the oil there.

The maid, Marjana, went to get the oil from the nearby and discovered that the thieves were hiding there, so she told Ali Baba about them.

Ali Baba understood the matter and ordered Morgana to weigh the graves with stones, and when their leader ordered them to leave, none of them came out, so they knew that their matter had been revealed.

Ali Baba began to eliminate them and found his brother Qasim among them and knew that he was the cause of everything that happened.

Qasim asked his brother Ali Baba to forgive him, so Ali Baba forgave him because he is his brother, and Ali Baba married his maid, Morgana, because she was the reason he survived these thieves.

The moral of the story: greed destroys its owner, and contentment is a treasure that cannot be compensated or negated, and that a person has to be kind to his fellow human being, and that greed leads his owner to destruction. 

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