The Story of The Prince And The Pauper is A Fun Global Story

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Description: One of the children's stories is the story of The Prince and the Pauper, a world-famous novel that belongs to American literature , and it summarize
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The Story of The Prince And The Pauper is A Fun Global Story
The story of the prince and the pauper

One of the  children's stories is the  story of The Prince and the Pauper, a world-famous novel that belongs to American literature , and it summarizes the story of the Prince and the Pauper. 

It is that the story tells of a simple young man from a common class who exchanges his role with the prince, the son of the king, and they live each other's lives

The story of The Prince and the Pauper is one of the most beautiful   international children's stories , and this story is available in The Prince and the Pauper pdf 

For those who like to read it long, here we summarize it for you on our distinguished site,  children's stories .  

Children are known to enjoy listening to  children's stories  before bed, and all stories have the advantage of being a kind of artistic literature for children.

Especially if  children's stories are  inspired by events from reality and fiction, because they are a means of educational education and mental development

 It enhances their ability to imagine, visualize and live useful, entertaining and interesting events.

The story of the prince and the pauper

The story of the Prince and the Pauper revolves around a poor young man who lives with a poor family in a kingdom, and the family lived in a very small, old and bad room, and they were suffering from extreme poverty.

The father could not get enough food for his children, and he worked hard but the money he earned was not enough for him to live and pay the rent for the room.

The father resorted to stealing in order to get enough food for his young children and money to pay for rent so that they would not be stranded in the street.

The father had a young son who learned this lousy profession from him, and he also stole, and whenever he wanted or craved something, he resorted to stealing until he satisfies his desires.

This young son was very similar in appearance to the son of the wealthy king of the kingdom, who lived a life of comfort, pleasure, luxury and prosperity.

The son of the king wore the most expensive clothes, ate the most delicious food, perfumed with the best perfumes, lived the most affluent life and never knew the meaning of poverty.

Once, the young man, Ibn al-Faqir, went to the neighborhoods surrounding the king's palace, and was fascinated by the beauty of the palace and wished a lot to visit it and watch its interior and see how his people live inside this huge palace.

While Ibn al-Faqir was wandering in a neighborhood close to the palace, if a soldier beat him because he saw him in shabby clothes, the young man saw the soldier prince hitting Ibn al-Faqir

 From the palace window, the prince shouted to the soldier to leave the poor young man, and reprimanded that soldier for his behaviour.

The poor young man thanked the king's son, so the king's son invited him to enter the palace and go to his room.

 Because the prince hosted him, and because his desire to visit the palace and roam inside it was fulfilled.

The prince and the son of the pauper sat talking to each other, the prince liked that, as he was sitting talking to a poor son of his people for the first time, he always wanted his people to know how to live in the kingdom

Since his birth, he has lived a life of luxury and has never met a poor or young man of the general class to tell him about the vanguard of life.

They talked together, so Ibn al-Faqir told him about his life and told him that he lived in extreme poverty with his family and the amount of contempt he received every day because of his misery and the inheritors of his clothes

 He describes to the prince the suffering of the poor in order to obtain food and the lack of sufficient money for the means of living such as food, drink, clothing and renting a house. 

The prince was affected by what he heard from Ibn al-Faqir, as he did not know about poverty and did not know that his people were suffering to this extent.

The prince had an idea to take advantage of the similarity between him and the poor young man, and exchange clothes so that the poor could enjoy the wealth of the palace and the prince would experience the suffering of poverty.

The prince and the poor young man implemented the plan and exchanged roles and lived each other's lives, so the poor young man remained in the palace

 The prince, dressed in tattered clothes, went out of the palace and went to the poor young man's house, where he mourned him.

The next day, the prince, disguised in his shabby clothes, went to the poor young man's school, and when he told the poor students that he was the prince

They all laughed at him, and when they left the school, the students threw water and mud at the prince and despised him with offensive words.

The prince grieved and felt the misery of the poor in his hard life, and he noticed the vast difference between the luxurious life inside the palace and the hard and desperate life that the poor live outside the palace.

The prince returned to the palace and again he and the poor young man exchanged clothes, then the poor man left and went to his house and to his miserable life after he experienced the life of luxury 

He was comforted in the palace, all kinds of food and drinks were served to him, and he had a wonderful and unforgettable day.

After a period of illness of the king and he died after he was decimated by the disease, the prince was sworn in as king of the kingdom after the king died and the prince became the one who rules the palace and the kingdom.

The prince showed great concern for the poor and was keen to help them and provide what they needed, as he knows how hard the life they live in.

The prince helped his poor young friend and secured a home for him and his family, and helped the unemployed find work so that they would not resort to theft.

 And all the people of the kingdom lived happiness and contentment since the prince ruled it, and everyone lived in great peace and security. 

The moral of the story: A person does not feel the value of his blessings until he loses them, and humility brings people closer to each other.

 The ruling class has to help the poor and feel their suffering. Not everyone lives a life of luxury, and not everyone finds something to eat.

There are those who die of starvation, and there are those who do not have a home to take shelter in, and there are those who are forced to go home on the street.

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