The Story of Shater Hassan And The Beautiful Princess

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Description: The story of Al-Shater Hassan for children, a beautiful, wonderful, meaningful, useful and interesting story about the time of Al-Shater Hassan.
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The Story of Shater Hassan And The Beautiful Princess
The Story of Shater Hassan


The story of Al-Shater Hassan for children, a beautiful, wonderful, meaningful, useful and interesting story about the time of Al-Shater Hassan.

Children's stories  give the child the ability to understand and focus in his mind before bed, and give him a feeling of happiness because one of his parents is next to him.

The child needs before bedtime to feel comfortable and reassured, and the parents give him that by telling  funny, literary or religious stories that suit his age and thought so that he can have quiet hours of sleep.

Every child of any age needs  children's stories  so that he can visualize its events and imagine the heroes of the story and the people and people in it, such as the story of Hassan Al-Shater.

Children's stories  are a way to educate children, inculcate moral values ​​in their actions, expand their intellectual horizons and enhance their ability to focus and understand.

Children's stories are considered one   of the most important things that children love to the point of adoration, and whenever they listen to the story, their hearts flutter with joy as he imagines what is going on in it as if he is inside it and is curious to know what will happen at the end of the story.

The goal of writing the story of Al-Shater Hassan is to entice the child, arouse his interest, and attract him to live the events of the story and understand its useful meaning.

What children benefit from the story of the good boy, the good and the beauty, is patience, diligence and diligence from eating to get a livelihood, activity, not despair and sincerity in work, from our distinguished site  Children's Stories .

My stories before bedtime, the good man and the beautiful princess, tell them to your child and make him feel your love and tell him the lesson in it and note the extent to which he is affected by it and how happy he is to have you with him while you share his hobby and his love for the world of stories.

Hadwa before bed, Shater Hassan

What is told in the story of the good boy Hassan, there was a young man named Hassan who was a young man who worked in fishing and earned his livelihood from sea fish.

One day, Al-Shater Hassan went to his work to practice it as usual, but he was surprised by the presence of a very elegant and beautiful girl, surrounded by men who accompanied her and surrounded her to protect her and guard her from any danger.

Al-Shater loved her external beauty and felt attracted to her, and Al-Shater Hassan saw her every day, so much so that he used to see her until she became a part of his life.

Shater Hassan was happy to see the girl every day and he looked longingly and watched her with love and did not leave the place until she left first. 

It went on as it was every day, until the day the girl disappeared and did not come back to the place where she was used to by Shater Hassan.

Al-Shater Hassan grieved greatly and began to feel a deficiency in his life and a great emptiness that took over him.

A few days later, Shater Hassan sat in the place where that beautiful girl was sitting, imagining her being with him.

Moments later, Shater Hassan heard the voice of a man calling him, and Shater Hassan was surprised, because that man was the guard who was accompanying that beautiful girl.

Shater Hassan responded to that man's call, and the man told him that the king wanted to meet him in his palace.

Chatter Hassan was shocked by the king's invitation and learned that the king and the palace had a relationship with the beautiful girl.

Al-Shater Hassan accepted the king's invitation and there his story began with him. Al-Shater Hassan knew that the beautiful girl was the king's daughter and that she was now in a critical health condition and that she wanted to see Shater Hassan.

Al-Shater Hassan was surprised by the princess's request and at the same time he was very happy because she reciprocated the feeling and wanted to meet him too.

Al-Shater Hassan went to the beautiful princess’s room, and the princess was happy and felt much better, and the doctors advised her to go to the sea so that she could rest when she saw the water.

Al-Shater Hassan took the girl to the sea and took her on a little fishing trip with him, which helped her a lot in improving her condition.

Al-Shater Hassan is a good young man, and his kind treatment comforted the beautiful princess and made her feel safe and secure.

The princess was happy to be with Shakir Hassan and recovered thanks to him, and after a few days the princess told her father, the king, about her love for and attachment to Shakir Hassan.

The king was saddened by this, as he saw that the young man, Hassan, was not suitable for his daughter, the princess, from a financial and social point of view.

The king asked young Hassan to bring him a precious jewel to agree to his marriage to his daughter, but young Hassan does not have anything to buy the jewel with, as even food is not available to him and he has no money to buy what to eat.

Shater Hassan went on a fishing trip to catch something to eat, but that day he only caught one small fish.

Shater Hassan returned home and was saddened by his poverty and extreme hunger. Shater Hassan took the fish he had caught to clean and cook it until he could eat it. Then he found the fish containing a very precious jewel as requested by the king.

Saad Al-Shater Hassan with the provision that came to him from God, so he took out the jewel from the fish and presented it to the king, so the king agreed to their marriage, and Al-Shater Hassan and the beautiful princess lived happily and happily for life.

The lesson from the original story of Al-Shater Hassan: Do not despair of God’s mercy, seek sustenance and make an effort in that, and do not despair, be patient, and you will find that God is with you.

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