The Story of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Written

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Description: The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most beautiful international children's stories that achieved imaginary fame, the story
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The Story of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Written
The Story of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Written


The story of  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most beautiful   international children's stories that achieved imaginary fame, the story of the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White. 

Snow White stories are told for children with the aim of conveying an idea in the minds of children that a kind heart and pure morals will never be disappointed, no matter how evil surrounds it from the hearts of the envious and haters.

 And that vanity is a bad trait that takes its owner to death, as happened in this story, the story of the Snow Girl, the most beautiful  children's story .

The story of Snow White fella is told with the aim of giving the child the value of honesty and morals, and that goodness is beauty in good words and beautiful actions, and the love of goodness for people. 

As is the case with the story of Fulla and the dwarves and her evil stepmother.

The story of Snow White is written. We present it to you on our distinguished website,  children's stories, and  we invite you to browse more stories, we love and wish you well. 

The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

Introduction The story of Snow White, there was a very beautiful beautiful queen, who lived in her big kingdom, and the queen loved sewing and handicrafts.

One morning she was sewing a dress for herself by the window of her big room, and suddenly while she was sewing with a sewing needle, the needle entered her finger and drops of blood fell from it unfortunately, and the blood mixed with the color of snow.

The queen looked at the snow and was impressed by its whiteness. At that moment, she wished to have a beautiful girl, whose face was as white as snow, her eyes were big and beautiful, her lips were red as blood, her heart was as pure as white, and her hair was black as night.

After a while, the queen knew that she was pregnant, so she was very happy and wished throughout her pregnancy to fulfill her wish and have the girl she wished for.

When the time for her birth came, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, exactly as she wished, and she was looking at her happy, for her baby had all the characteristics she wished for, her face as snow-white, her mouth as blood-colored, and her hair as black as night.

But the joy did not last long, as the queen died, leaving her daughter alone without a mother, and without enjoying the beauty of her daughter that she had long dreamed of.

After the death of the queen, the king married another woman, but the second woman was not like the queen, although she was also beautiful, but she was spiteful and her heart was full of evil.

The second woman was very beautiful and conceited with her beauty, and she had a magic mirror that she hung on the wall of her room and asked her mirror every day, who is the most beautiful woman ever?

The mirror would give her the same answer every day: You are the most beautiful, my mistress, and there is no other more beautiful than you.

The new queen was rejoicing at this answer, which she always hears, and was reassured because there was no other more beautiful than her.

The years passed, and Snow White, the daughter of the queen who had passed away, grew up, and she was very beautiful.

One day the queen went to her room and asked her mirror, as she used to: Who are the most beautiful women?

But this time the woman did not give her the answer she was accustomed to, and she did not say to her that you are the most beautiful, my lady at all, but said to her: Snow White is the most beautiful woman ever. 

The Queen was very angry at the woman's answer and did not accept that there were other women more beautiful than her, so she decided to get rid of Snow White and remain the only beautiful woman.

The queen ordered a hunter to take Snow White and take her to the woods and kill her there.

The hunter heard the Queen's words and took Snow White with him to the forest to kill her there, and when Snow White knew what the Queen wanted to do with her. 

 Snow White begged the hunter to leave her in the forest and keep the secret between them, so the hunter agreed because he did not want to kill Snow White because she is beautiful and kind-hearted

And he left her in the woods and recommended to her herself, then returned to the kingdom and told the queen that he had done her order.

The Queen rejoiced and thought that she had really gotten rid of Snow White and that she was the most beautiful woman ever.

As for Snow White, she remained in the forest alone, frightened, and walked with her hands clasped for fear of the fierce animals. Suddenly she saw a hut in the forest, and entered it.

I found seven chairs in the hut, so I knew that there were seven people living in this hut, so she cleaned the whole hut and cooked delicious food, then fell asleep after feeling tired.

In the evening, when the dwarves entered the hut, they were surprised by the cleanliness of the hut and by the delicious food that had been prepared.

They ate the food, wondering who had prepared it, and when they entered the bedroom, they found Snow White sleeping on their bed.

They wondered who she was, and they were astonished by her charming beauty, and they knew that she was the one who cleaned the hut and prepared the food, so they decided to let her sleep until she rested, for signs of fatigue were evident on her face and she is now immortal in a deep sleep.

The next day, Snow White got up and found the dwarves eating the item for breakfast, so she sat down beside them and apologized to them for entering the hut without permission.

The dwarves thanked Snow White for what she had done for them and for the good food she had prepared, and then asked her why she was in the hut.

Snow White told her story to the Seven Dwarfs and told them that her stepmother wanted to kill her because she hated and envied her beauty.

The dwarves grieved at what had happened to the beautiful Snow White and suggested that she should live with them in the hut and be safe among them.

Snow White rejoiced at the dwarves' suggestion and agreed, reassuringly among them, and Snow White lived with them in the hut.

She cleans the dishes for them, arranges the family, prepares the food, and lives with them while providing them with house services, while they work outside the hut.

One day the Evil Queen came back to her room and asked her mirror: Who is the most beautiful woman ever?

The mirror's answer, which the Queen did not expect, was: Snow White is the most beautiful woman ever.

The queen was enraged, and she wanted to kill the hunter who had lied to her. Then she disguised herself as an apple seller and went to the woods where Snow White lived.

The Evil Queen, disguised as an apple seller, met her and gave her a poisoned apple. She thanked Snow White and bit the apple, and she fell to the ground fainting because of the poison in the apple.

When the seven dwarfs came and found Snow White lying on the ground, they thought she was dead, and they grieved greatly, and put her in a glass coffin.

While the dwarves were taking turns sitting next to her to guard her, a handsome prince passed by and saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and he was impressed by the beauty of Snow White and everyone admired her.

The prince asked the dwarves or give him the coffin and ask for anything they wanted, none of the dwarves wanted that at first, but they took pity on the prince who kept begging, so they agreed, and the prince took the coffin.

The prince's guards reddened that coffin, and while they were transporting the coffin, they stumbled upon a tree trunk in the way, and the coffin shook, and the poisoned piece of apple came out of Snow White's mouth, and I woke up from the coma.

Snow White lifted the lid of the coffin from her and asked the guards: Who are you, and what happened to me! Why am I on the coffin?

The prince couldn't believe his eyes and the guards and all the dwarves were all amazed and happy that Snow White was alive.

The Prince approached Snow White and asked her to marry, and Snow White agreed and they held a big party. The Prince invited all the kingdoms and their families, including the Queen, her stepmother.

The bride, Queen Snow White, appeared, and the queen was so amazed by her wicked stepmother that she had a heart attack, and she fell and died.

Snow White lived in safety and peace and is in complete happiness with her husband, the Prince, and with her dwarves friends. The Seven Dwarves moved to live with her in the Kingdom. Snow White Queen did not abandon them because she appreciated the help they provided her in her time of need, and everyone lived in happiness and peace.

The moral of the original Snow White story: Vanity is a very bad quality that brings evil and leads to its destruction.

Those with good hearts and beautiful morals are classified by days, and they are blessed with good people like them, and their days are filled with joy, bliss, happiness and happiness. 

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