To Protect Your Eyes From Heat and Light. How to Choose The Right Sunglasses


To Protect Your Eyes From Heat and Light. How to Choose The Right Sunglasses
The dangers of sunlight on the eyes

Many use sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays in the heat of the weather that makes looking at the sun one of the most annoying things of your day, but choosing sunglasses can be a risk to your health, if some health requirements that may pose risks to your eyes are not taken into account.

According to a report on Medical Express, wearing sunglasses that do not give you full protection from UV rays that pose a significant risk to eye health, because they allow these rays to pass through your eyes and therefore may result in eye tumors, cataracts and some cancers.

The report set out some criteria to adhere to when choosing your solar glasses to keep your eyes healthy:


1. Sunglasses must be protected up to 100% of UV rays of various types such as long and medium waves.

2. Try choosing large lens sunglasses that give you greater UV protection while avoiding wearing small lenses.

3. Try choosing dark lenses that protect you from strong rays and enable you to drive and engage in everyday activities.

4. Choose sunglasses based on the wrong step price where cheap sunglasses provide effective protection from the eye.

5. Avoid wearing sunglasses in shadow areas as your eye may not need UV protection, wearing them all the time can damage your eyes in the long run.

6. Avoid wearing them in closed areas because it causes fatigue in your eyes and results in eye strain, headaches and increased sensitivity to light.

Source  youm7